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America for Sale: Politicians gather massive wealth selling our Republic

Written By | Jan 31, 2020
America for sale, democrats, Clinton

Capitol Image – Courtesy BMI Youtube –

WASHINGTON: Graft, corruption, theft, you-name-it, it seems to be a smorgasbord money-buffet for the Washington so-called “elites.”  The stories are out there about the Bidens, the Sanders, the Clintons the Obamas et al. Even Elizabeth Warren, who could have invented the popular barroom game, “Liar’s Poker” has made some minor millions. You go, girl!And to make it bipartisan (as they say) Mitch McConnell et Republicans gnaw at the taxpayer teat. Republicans, too, rob the roost.  For decades, politicians have had an America for Sale sign outside the Capitol.

Peter Sweitzer has drilled as deep as anyone into this larceny. Sweitzer is to writing and journalism that which Mike Rowe is to the working man of America–straightforward and to the point.

But it is not so much a revelation as it is a common discussion that everyone seems to be aware of. It is out there for all to see.

Meanwhile, the phony, fake, media, belittles a billionaire who earned money, while this same crowd of Don Lemons 4th grade-style gigglers; pretentious sophists in a half-assed Grecian one-act play promote a bunch of political pirates like the soulless slime mentioned above.

Not to mention the pseudo-mindful Rick Wilson Republican types who are political parasites disguised as some sort of intelligentsia. Ticks and leeches who love the taste of green blood and themselves become bloated in the belly, shrunken in the mind.

All of the same above politicians with rare exceptions had no money to speak of until they took office. But their fraud and monetary venality make Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham look like Mr. Rogers and Billy Graham.

America for Sale – Bill and Hillary Clinton, Obama, Sanders and Warren

Hillary and Bill, with no more than average intelligence (if that), have proven that anyone can obtain vast amounts of money. Bill the talker, Hillary the babbler. Not wealth, just piles of money. Wealth is a reflection of profit from a productive enterprise. Money is something that most anyone can have given the “opportunity”: Al Capone, Pablo Escobar, George Soros notables.

Hillary (she of Sir Edmund fame and name) giggles and cackles (and whines) before cameras while she and Bill have used their political offices to bring millions of dollars to supplement their 15-million-dollar debt on leaving the White House.

Bill and Hillary Clinton and the aphrodisiac of power

Her position as Secretary of State and Bill’s electrifying (yawn) speeches opened the golden flow. This White House debt, of course, was accrued as they swept their way along life’s trail of Bill’s sexually mischief exploits, which included at least one rape charge.

And more legal bills had piled up earlier in their “careers” with Hillary’s Whitewater nightmare for which some were ruined and others went to jail.

This is a woman for whom tears were shed when she lost an election.  This supplement of high-office influence had brought them not only out of debt but upward to the 100-million-dollar class.

A rapist and a loser, Bill and Hillary have, via public exploitation
accumulated over 100-million dollars.

A key point that Switzer makes in an interview with Bret Bair of Fox News is that while corruption is not new, what is somewhat more contemporary is so many poor politicians get rich after winning office.  (BREAKING: Author Peter Schweizer Drops Biden Corruption Documents – Shows Hunter Involved in Sale of US Company to China with Potential Military Applications)

Joe Biden has been in office for 40 years and not only he but at least five members of his family have latched onto the taxpayer money train. Untold millions to this entitled and privileged family.

Bernie Sanders did not even have a job until he was 40, at which time he went on the public payroll and now is worth over 2.5 million. (How Bernie Sanders — and His Family — Got Rich Via Government) That, of course, doesn’t include the secret wealth his sweetheart Jane has accumulated through affiliated government “service”.  Her story makes Bernie look like a piker.  Fortunately, community property is a socialist policy Bernie loves.

Obama WH corruption: Rampant pay to play by Clinton, Kerry, and Biden

Obama? Good grief, a political organizer from Chicago (Capone territory) and a one-term Senator who never held a job outside a taxpayer-supported system, at the ripe old age of 59 is worth possibly 40 million.

Elizabeth Warren is another money grubber Sweitzer mentioned as wealthy via corruption. Not a big surprise, given her track record as a liar. Possibly upwards of 15 million without leaving the reservation. (Four Bombshells Revealed in Peter Schweizer’s ‘Profiles in Corruption’)

Orwell was wrong. Actually, it is worse than he imagined. Truth is, indeed, stranger than fiction.

“The Honest Working Man” by Marie Joussaye Fotheringham

As through the world, we take our way

How oftentimes we hear

The praises sung of wealthy men,

Of prince, and duke and peer.

The poets tell us of their fame,

They are lauded o’er the land,

But you very seldom hear them sing

Of the honest working man.


Capitol Image – Courtesy B1M Youtube –

Paul H. Yarbrough

Born in Mississippi, now calling Texas home, Paul H. Yarbrough is bringing his writing talents to the political arena. Yarbrough has completed three novels. He is also the humorist behind the weekly column, Redneck Diary.