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America’s failure returns: Joe steals the White House, but nobody is home

Written By | Jan 25, 2021
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In the first 24 hours of Joe Biden’s administration, he signed executive orders that raise costs, reduce energy independence, angered two key allies. Biden destroyed thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of jobs, strengthen unions, increased regulations before infuriating Catholic Bishops and raising the inflationary rates. From his first day, Slow Joe has returned America to the failed American policies of Obama.

In just 24 hours, Biden has begun repaying his $145 million dark money debt. (Joe Biden Rode Record-Breaking ‘Dark Money’ Donations Into The White House)  In addition, his firings at the National Labor Relations Board and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will result in massive new regulations and fines on innocent companies. Like Obama before him, Joe has declared war on America.

The thing is, Biden is just getting warmed up on his destruction of all we gained under Trump.

While he is returning to the business and employment destroying policies in this country, he also began inviting illegal aliens back into this nation to further take jobs, increase crime, and drain tax dollars through welfare programs for illegals.

As if that wasn’t enough, he further weakened America by rejoining the Paris Climate Accords,  costing more American jobs. The Paris Accords will also reduce Americans’ wealth as part of those accords specify that America pays third-world nations for our overuse of carbon, despite our leading in reducing carbon emission. All while China and India continue to be the worst offenders. (U.S. Emissions Dropped in 2019: Here’s Why in 6 Charts)

This is a lot to ingest all at once, but let’s try to break it down into manageable bits of information.

Information that is somehow missed by the mainstream news outlets. The most important two executive orders were canceling the Keystone XL Pipeline from Canada into the U.S. and on immigration.

Joe, and all Democrats, who have never opened a business, do not understand the wide-ranging implications that blocking the XL Pipeline act confers. Not only will it increase the price of gasoline and heating oil, but it also causes a larger carbon footprint.

If you believe that carbon emissions are a problem, then the pipeline is the answer. 

Shutting down the pipeline will cause the oil to be transported by train and truck to America from Canada. The pipeline is carbon emission neutral. Shipping oil sand via train or truck means using coal, diesel, and gas fuels. (Keystone XL Oil Project Pledges Zero Carbon Emissions)

Welcome to the Resistance 2.0: Biden’s call for unity is anything but

Shutting the pipeline down will also cause the loss of jobs, some estimate up to 100,000, on both sides of the border. Not only jobs in the oil fields, but support jobs. Everything from construction and restaurants, to steel companies supplying pipe, connectors, and strapping.

Of course, there are suppliers who cater to the sub-contractors whose investments are now lost.

Canada is furious. They claim the order violates the USMCA, and they plan to sue.

However, that single executive order also causes pain in the U.S., where states will lose tax dollars, gas prices will go up, and all kinds of jobs will be lost. But this isn’t the only inflationary executive order that he signed, he also closed off access to federal lands for most oil exploration and indications are that he will soon outlaw fracking.

In Utah, Biden has canceled drilling on Ute Indian lands, wrongly stating that they are “federal lands.” This will cause massive destruction, economically and to the Ute Indians.  We can anticipate they will also be suing the Biden administration. 

It is more than raising gas prices for cars and home heating oil.

Biden’s actions in rescinding the XL Pipeline and the Ute Indians’ sovereign right to use their lands,  will destitute hundreds of thousands of Americans, directly and indirectly. When gas prices rise, so then do food prices, as well as the cost to other goods. It will cost manufacturers more to create goods, which may chase those jobs back to Mexico and Asia. 

Biden didn’t stop there, he decided to stop building the wall on our southern border,

The Marxists in the Oval Office is ordering ICE to stop deporting illegals and to put a 100-day moratorium on all investigations involving illegal aliens. That cheered his base, you know, the Mexican cartels and sex traffickers.

But stopping the wall defaults on $3 billion of signed contracts. One estimate is it will cost $700 million, or more, to get out of those contracts, and there will be no more wall. Border patrol said that the ending of the wall will take us back to the days of Obama/Biden – drugs, criminals, and masses of illegals aliens competing for welfare benefits, health care, and jobs that Americans need.  

The Mexican government has indicated that they do not want hoards of illegals crossing their country on their way to America, but Joe’s executive order has caused migrant convoys to already form at Mexico’s southern border.

Mexican President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, is not happy about this change in American policy.

With the new orders, Texas has indicated that they will file a third lawsuit against Biden to stop the havoc in that state. In 24 hours, Joe has pissed off both nations we share borders with. Causing one state to threaten to sue the federal government.

Joe has gone crawling back to the Paris Climate Accords agreement.

By rejoining the Paris Climate Accords, Joe ignores just how much President Trump did to lower carbon emissions through his policies. The truth about the Paris accord, and carbon is, according to the Wall Street Journal, that under Trump, the U.S. lead the world in carbon emission reduction. It is now 25% below 2005 levels.

This is partly due to fracking, which produces massive amounts of natural gas that is cleaner-burning than gasoline. Speaking at the White House Tuesday night, Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed President Biden will follow through with campaign promises to ban new fracking on federal land.

“President Biden promised to end all new oil and gas leasing on federal lands when he was a candidate,” a reporter asked. “Does the administration still have that commitment today? To end that lease?”

“We do and the leases will be reviewed by our team we just have only been in office for less than a day now,” Psaki said.

So, according to Biden’s website, all oil leases and fracking on federal lands will be halted. As of today, 25% of all oil production in America are on federal lands. Halting them will stop our oil independence and place us back in the position of defending middle-east oil nations. A return to the days of neverending wars.

On the economic side of his orders, it is unclear how the Biden administration plans to address all of the job losses from every job-killing order. However, Biden’s $2 trillion clean energy infrastructure plan, with its goal of reaching net-zero emissions by 2050, aims to “create millions of good-paying jobs that provide workers with the choice to join a union and bargain collectively with their employers,” according to his website. Do you remember the money spent by Obama/Biden on the green industry? What are the chances Biden can do better now?  (Obama’s Green New Deal was a billion-dollar bust)

Biden is empowering unions once again.

The very same unions that all but killed manufacturing in the U.S., with no clue as to how green energy is going to succeed when it has failed to provide any meaningful good-paying jobs to date. Every attempt at green energy has failed. Maybe someday it will succeed, but those jobs are a left-wing fantasy today. What are we supposed to do about jobs until they succeed?  Oh right, those losing their livelihoods working in these fields can learn computer coding. (Biden tells coal miners to “learn to code”)

Biden’s executive order on immigration also lifted the travel ban from seven Muslim countries

These countries, also chosen by President Obama, are known to export terrorism to our shores. For four years under President Trump, we went without a terrorist attack, while Europe continued to suffer them. It wasn’t the ineffective FBI that stopped them, it was Trump’s policies that halted terror attacks on our land. You know, the policies that Biden just eliminated. We will be checking the terror rating scale every day, once again. 

Biden bad for America and Americans

We know that Biden’s order will invite more terrorism in American. His regulatory orders will cripple businesses, right from the start. What he is doing is a left-wing assault on cost controls and efficient operations for businesses. Our nation will suffer due to each one of those orders. It will be long-lasting suffering, as the effects of the new regulation will take months to feel.

Biden’s first few days a mix of lies, lost jobs and insults to the military

Over time, America’s profitable growth path under President Trump will grow weeds.  Individual and business profits will reduce,  the stock market will decline. And Joe is just starting. Joe has also mandated that the military recruit cross-dressers, who claim some sort of gender dysphoria. Destroying the dreams of millions of young women as high schools now need to allow cross-dressers to participate in sports as if they are biological females.  Thus erasing women from scholarship and college opportunities. (Biden’s Executive Order on Transgender Rights ‘Unilaterally Eviscerates Women’s Sports’)

 For anyone who thought Trump was good at upsetting people, think again. In a scant few days, Biden has ticked off half of America, and several of our foreign allies.  And where is Joe, Kamala, and the daily pressers the Marxist mainstream media demanded?  Why are they not condemning the ongoing violence in our cities?  While demanding that 75million law-abiding, hard-working Americans, including our military troops, be rounded up and charged for their political support of President Trump. 

Joe has made communist China very happy.  Chinese New Years’ has come early.  Reports from Taiwan are that Chinese military aircraft have penetrated their airspace over a dozen times since January 20th. A clear indication that they plan an invasion soon.


Gun ControlAbout the author:

Joseph Ragonese is a veteran of the United States Air Force, a retired police officer, has a degree in Criminal Justice, a businessman, journalist, editor, publisher, and fiction author.

His last book, “The Sword of Mohammad,” can be purchased at in paperback or kindle edition.

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Joseph Ragonese

Joseph Ragonese

Joseph Ragonese is a veteran of the United States Air Force, a retired police officer, has a degree in Criminal Justice, a businessman, journalist, editor, publisher, and fiction author. His last book, “The Sword of Mohammad,” can be purchased at in paperback or kindle edition.