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Alyssa Milano and her Lysistrata #SexStrike – A protest men don’t care about

Written By | May 13, 2019
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CHERRY HILL, NEW JERSEY: Alyssa Milano is trying to convince women to withhold sex from men to protest restrictions on abortion. Milano’s Lysistrata inspired protest will fail. She just doesn’t get the many flaws in her protest. Here are some fair questions and answers for Ms. Milano.

Republican Men are not interested in sex with Liberal Women

Is she aware that she is targeting conservative Republican men who in many cases would rather have their eyes gouged out Oedipus-style than have sex with a liberal woman? As a conservative Republican man find that there is nothing more luscious on this earth than a Republican Jewish brunette.

Below that are robots and store mannequins. Way down the list is liberal feminists who complain about anything & everything. It’s difficult for a man to desire sex when a woman is in bed babbling about climate change.

Alicia Ocasio-Cortez: Governing with Faith, Hope, and a little Pixie Dust

Conservative men don’t want liberal women. It’s not worth the hassle.

Is Ms. Milano aware that the only men she is targeting are emasculated sissy beta males who would settle for sex with anyone or anything? That does not affect alpha males in the slightest.

How does the Lysistrata #SexStrike ban effect lesbians?

Ms. Milano said all women should abstain from sex. To discount lesbians would be heterosexist. If lesbians refuse to have sex, not one man anywhere is affected.

What about other-gender women?

Since Ms. Milano and her ilk believe there are 157 genders, does her edict apply to transgender women? What about transsexuals? What about people going through the transition who have not completed it yet?

Does Ms. Milano realize that she is reducing women to sex objects?

She is implying that the only thing women have to offer men is sex. Now for many politically liberal women, she very well could be right. However, women cannot demand to be respected for their brains and then be told that the only way to control men is with their bodies.

This is dangerous because once women turn from looking like Alyssa Milano into Joy Behar and Liz Warren, they will truly have absolutely nothing to offer.

 Does Ms. Milano realize that the only women who will take her advice are the angriest women?

Does she understand that those women are the least desirable? Who wants to be with a woman who screams and complains all the time?

Does Ms. Milano remember the words of comedian Chris Rock?

“Men want three things. Food. Sex. silence. Feed me, (blank) me, and shut the (blank) up!” What she fails to understand is that sex is not the most powerful of the three. Silence is. Men after a hard day of work are tired. We do not need sex. We need silence.

WARNING: Graphic and course comedic language about sex…not appropriate for children

If Milano truly wanted to torture men, she would talk us to death.

Boycotting sex is like a woman giving me the silent treatment while I’m watching football. Al Bundy did not care when Peggy Bundy went on strike. Al Bundy did not even notice her existence until she hid his TV remote control.

Now if every woman in America hid her man’s remote, that would be more effective than a sex strike. The last thing a man wants after sex is a long conversation about 18th-century feminist poetry.

Does Ms. Milano understand that a #SexStrike means fewer pregnancies?

Fewer pregnancies means fewer liberals, and abortions, in this world. So even without abortion, Ms. Milano is doing most of America a favor by encouraging liberal women not to breed. Conservative Republican men and women would be fine with this.

It also helps to render abortion rare.

Does Ms. Milano understand that most of America despises Hollywood?

Her attempts to boycott Georgia will lead conservatives to “buycott” the state. The state of Georgia will probably come out ahead of this #SexStrike. Heck, Georgia could flip the script and ban Hollywood from their state.

Visit King and Prince Resort: Golden isles are Georgia’s adult getaway

Georgia could declare the air, water, and sky Hollywood-free. Alyssa Milano free.

That would attract massive tourism dollars.

Boycotts usually backfire.

Americans don’t like boycotts. As more and more states move in Georgia’s direction, Ms. Milano and her ilk will be forced to stay on the coasts. This is fine with everyone else in Normal America.

There are plenty of other reasons, but this will suffice for now. Men are more than happy to boycott sex from Alyssa Milano. There are so many more pleasant options.

Enjoy Lysistrata 1965

Lede Image: Alyssa Milano – A self-fulfilling prophecy – By CommDigiNews

Eric Golub

Brooklyn born, Long Island raised and now living in Los Angeles, Eric Golub is a politically conservative columnist, blogger, author, public speaker, satirist and comedian. Read more from Eric at his TYGRRRR EXPRESS blog. Eric is the author of the book trilogy “Ideological Bigotry, “Ideological Violence,” and “Ideological Idiocy.”