Allen West speaks out on Democrat’s strategic mistake in targeting him

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WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., March 15, 2014 — “Was it fun for me to lose an election?” asks Colonel Allen West with a crooked grin, “No. Not at all. But if I quit after that loss, I would just be a politician. That’s not who I am.”

Colonel West was referring to the 2012 race in Florida’s 18th District, which saw Democrats taking unusual steps to defeat the one-term incumbent.

A Miami Herald headline on an AP story in April 2012 noted, “GOP Florida Rep. Allen West’s statements have made him a top Democratic target.” West commented frequently on the attacks against him.

“I’m a threat to what the Democrat Party stands for. Why would they want to attack a 51-year-old, African-American who has served in the United States military for 22 years?” AP quoted West as saying in 2012, “Been married for 23 years, has a wife who’s accomplished — an MBA and a PhD — and two very exceptional daughters. Now what the heck do they want to attack that for? I think it’s one simple thing. They fear that. They fear that voice and that’s all there is to it, and I think that’s a shame.”

In fact, Democrats, sensing the swelling national support for West and his no-nonsense message, took exceptional action to ensure he did not win the vote. Not only did the party attack him in print whenever possible, it went to extraordinary lengths to raise money against him.

A Democratic Super PAC invested more than $1 million in ads against West. The PAC, backed by George Soros, hired top Democratic strategist Charles Halloran to oversee the effort. Shark Tank reported that Soros personally invested $5 million to defeat West, significantly boosting the paltry fundraising capability of the Democratic contender, who was able to raise only $507,000 to West’s $2.3 million before the PAC stepped in.

West lost that election, amid allegations of fraud, lawsuits and a recount.

While Democrat’s technically won the battle, they lost the war. As West notes, “They made a mistake. Now, I’m unleashed.”

As a Representative, West was focused on his constituents, which meant he spent his time either in his district or in Washington. Now he’s on the national stage, where he speaks clearly and bluntly without pandering to any single party or group. He is constantly in motion, constantly traveling to deliver his message.

Alan West, CPAC 2014
Allen West, CPAC 2014

Everywhere he goes, West is treated like a rock star. At the recent Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington, West made multiple appearances to large crowds. People packed rooms to hear what he had to say and to reach out and touch him.

His supporters gush and beg him to run for president, and he acquires new adherents wherever he goes. Ellen Backrock from Northern Virginia posted on Facebook after seeing West at CPAC, “I have finally heard someone who knows what he is talking about, who can lead this country. His name is Allen West.”

Allen West is on a crusade. He says he wants to bring accountability, change and “an image of American strength and exceptionally” to a system that is badly broken.

“I like to use the metaphor of a ship,” West told CommDigiNews, “Right now, we are on a rudderless, captain-less ship, operating in a maelstrom and we are being driven to the rocks. We need someone to steer this ship in turbulent times.”

West believes America needs leaders we can trust, who we can look at and know, “they care about me.” Says West, “We need someone to show us there is a better day, and who can help us see what that looks like.”

West is openly critical of our current leadership on both sides of the aisle, and is not afraid to speak his mind. “I tell the truth. It’s what I do.”

If you don’t live up to his standards, standards of honesty, integrity, and protecting American economic, energy and national security, you are likely to be on the receiving end of West’s ire.

West doesn’t waiver, doesn’t dance. He is not strong-armed by those inside or outside his party, and he remains true to his beliefs.

Although he has not yet shown his hand on his own future plans, one gets the sense something is brewing. West does not come across as someone willing to sit back on his heels or retiring off into the sunset. He comes across as a man on a mission.

Right now, West is disgusted with the system and the leadership and is out to educate the nation on those shortcomings. He also wants to remind America there is a better way.

Despite his harsh criticism of the current crop of leaders, this student of history says he believes we can overcome, we can change. Quoting Winston Churchill, West says, “You can always count on Americans to do the right thing — after they’ve tried everything else.”

And with that, West’s crooked smile breaks into a full-fledged grin.

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Lisa M. Ruth
Lisa M. Ruth is Editor-in-Chief of CDN. In addition to her editing and leadership duties, she also writes on international events, intelligence, and other topics. She has worked with CDN as a journalist since 2009. Lisa is also President of CTC International Group, Inc., a research and analysis firm in South Florida, providing actionable intelligence to decisionmakers. She started her career at the CIA, where she won several distinguished awards for her service. She holds an MA in international relations from the University of Virginia, and a BA in international relations from George Mason University. She also serves as Chairman of the Board of Horses Healing Hearts, and is involved with several other charitable organizations, including Habitat for Humanity, The Boys and Girls Clubs of America, and AYSO.
  • robertdavidhummel

    Former Representaive (R), FL. Allen West Ltc Ret., …IS one very clear and factual LEADER. He has powerful Leadership Skills, that are un-refutable, and his Problem Solving Process “IS” a intrinsic value that NEED be EMPLOYED, to… regain… the Infinite… Principles, Morals, Values, Ethics, and Definition… of the Application of… Our Constitution Privileges of Our Great Nations FOUNDATION. …PERIOD.

    • Spicy Ray Swinehart-Patrick

      I agree, and I would definitely vote for Allen West if he ran for president.

      • Catherine Bird

        If his name is not on the ballot for President in 2016, WRITE IT IN. That’s what I’ll do. For the record, and to prevent any misunderstandings, here’s his name & title: U.S. Army Retired Lt. Col. Allen B. West.

        Not a difficult name to spell, thank God!

    • Kent Jenkins

      I agree , but he was not a Senator , he was a congressman

      • killer63

        Kent, he was a Representative. Congress is BOTH the Senate AND the House of Representatives, not just the House.

        • Louise Sensabaugh

          You are correct. Congress is made up of the Senate and the House. I learned that in school about 52 years ago in government class. I was in the 11th grade.

      • robertdavidhummel

        Thank You, for correcting my RUSHED oversight.. He SHOULD be a SENATOR if He chooses Not to vie for the Executive Branch.

      • Catherine Bird

        Doesn’t matter. There is nothing in the Constitution requiring a previous Senatorship for a President of the United States.

        Article II, Section I, paragraph 6 determines the pre-requisites of the Presidency, saying, “No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution (1791), shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five (35) Years, and been fourteen (14) Years a Resident within the United States.”

        To think as you do, Kent Jenkins, you must be a liberal progressive under the influence of those Elites who’ve lied to you so often, and for so long, that you would not identify the Truth if it bit your nose. I am sorry to hear that, but believing a lie does not make that lie True.

    • go4it

      You’re 100% on target with your comments. Col. (Ret.) Alan West is a true American citizen and will be as dependable as sunshine to do what’s best for our Nation, all who serve – and each resident.

      Mr. Hummel, I join a grateful Nation in thanking *you* for your miltary service as well.

    • GumpForrestGump

      And he WASN’T born in Kenya, either!

      • ibpilot

        He is a real American black man and i would be proud to call him my president. Not a fake African American, Raised in Indonesia with no military service and absolutely no idea what it means to be and American. Obama and his family hate America they have said so many times.

        • Jennifer M Lefering

          What has being black got to do with anything? A good person is a good person, no matter the skin color. I am more concerned with the content of someone’s character, than a genetic adaptation of one’s ancestors to the environment they lived in. So long as I feel they will uphold the Constitution, not attempt to oppress us all as a people, and treat us fairly, while NOT meddling in the affairs of other countries and law abiding citizens HERE, I could care less about what pigment their skin is or religion they follow.

          • Jeff Jones

            I agree about why we should vote for anyone and how we should look at people. I think the prior posters probably agree too. Maybe they are speaking to what they perceive to be a reason that many voted for Obama. Either some kind of distorted loyalty or people wanting to feel righteous for all the wrong reasons.

          • shay

            I think the fact that he is black is mentioned because many Americans believe Barack was elected “because” of the color of his skin. I think West is an example of the kind of person who people could vote for, with pride “reguardless” of his skin color. Voting for a man simply because he is black was wrong whether its because you think he’ll have more in comman with you, or if you have white guilt. But I guess we found that out. I would consider voting for this man because he doesn’t reflect being black or white, he reflects being an American. An American is an American. I get so tired of this race thing, it should be so over already (I know it’s not, wishful thinking). Quit bringing it up all the time. Don’t get sucked in when others do. Oprah.

    • Joanne Christie

      AMEN !!! I Had the awesome privilege of meeting Col. West 2 years ago. I have the pictures to prove it. Hugged him x3 w/ his permission. He speaks w/ wisdom, integrity straight from the heart. I truly know he would make a Great President.

  • Craig Means

    Men like West, Dr. Carson, and Herman Cain all bring great ideas and leadership potential to the table. I would support any of them in a run for president. If they don’t get in each other’s way one of them could be successful.

    • Palomino

      Please don’t leave out Alan Keyes! He is another black voice for reason and responsibility in America

      • elizabeth j ryniak

        What a team these four would make.

        • Norma Harris-Check

          With this group, none would claim racism!! Praise God!

          • Cleon2

            They will always claim racism, The democrats I mean

      • Hoppytoo

        If the media hadn’t chosen to ignore Alan Keyes, it would be a different world. I loved his term for Jackson and Sharpton, “poverty pimps.” I never could understand why he wasn’t taken seriously.

        • Catherine Bird

          I think I know why Alan Keyes wasn’t taken seriously: He’s a very outspoken Christian. Both Primary Parties are against Christianity–even though 53 of 55 of our primary Founders were Christian–the Parties now have gone the way of Progressivism.

          I watched Alan Keyes in the televised 2012 Republican Primary Debates and was very proud of everything he said. The 4 men mentioned here are not politicians, but are Statesmen–of the character early Americans would gladly have chosen as their leaders.

          My hope is that the current Conservative movements of our citizenry continue to expand, with many more Americans choosing to return to Godly faith, so they’ll be ready to choose a Statesman instead of a poltician in 2016.

          Personally, though, I believe our next President NEEDS to be Allen West, and not just because of his patriotic and Christian character. Lt. Col. West is very knowledgeable of both our past history, as well as our current history, with Islam. He doesn’t just know them, and their tricks, but boldly speaks Truth to, and about, Islam’s representatives. West is THE only man whom I KNOW will get the Muslim Brotherhood cleaned out of the various departments of our Federal Government.

          Both followers of Islam AND the Liberal Progressive Elites are scared to death of Allen West, for they know that they cannot defeat him.

          Everyone who knows the truth about who Allen West is should tell all their friends and family about him. Every voting-eligible American should know who to vote for in 2016–regardless of whom the Parties have nominated. Our only hope may well be that We The People all write in Lt. Col. Allen West’s name for President in 2016.

          • Hoppytoo

            If we are going to reverse the decline of our culture, we’re going to have to hope and pray that the majority of the American electorate recognizes the biases of the main stream media. I’m sorry to say that I’m not optimistic.

      • Cleon2

        Thomas Sowell as well

        • Patti Featherson

          I agree. Thomas Sowell is a brilliant man.

    • Vic Barac

      I certainly would enjoy another run by Herman Cain, He is another smart leader and proven leader. If I had to say another that I like is Condolesa Rice. I know I have her name wrong. I think Allen West and Condolesa Rice would be a winning combination. But if she is the vice president candidate would be impossibly inspiring and possibly putting Allen West over the top. I am not tired of black leaders, I want first class black nominees. The white Republican establishment could not field better leaders.

      • mmmjv

        You want Cain to run again? You must like listening to the race card

        “[the Media] are doubly scared that a real black man might run against Barack Obama”

        -Herman Cain, March 30, 2011

        (Right after saying this Cain proclaimed that his being the Republican nominee would “take the race card off the table”)

        Obama is not a strong black man”

        -Herman Cain, March 30, 2011

        “A real black man is not timid about making the right decisions”

        Herman Cain, June 30, 2011

        “it is documented that [Obama’s] mother was white and his father was from Africa.”

        Herman Cain, June 30, 2011”

        (Right after saying this Cain sanctimoniously proclaimed “but I’m not going down this color road”)

        Obama has “never Been A Part Of The Black Experience In America”

        Herman Cain, Oct 10 or 11, 2011

    • ibpilot

      Allen West for Pres. Dr. Carson VP, Herman Cain as Presidential Chief of staff!! Thats a ticket i would vote for!

    • Louise Sensabaugh

      I would as well! I am not a Racist. I just don’t think Obama is presidential material no matter what color he is. He was a constitutional lawyer, I believe; he has trampled the constitution that he took an oath to uphold. He has no idea what it means to be an American Patriot. Bring it on Mr. West and let Americans show that it’s not the color of your skin, but the content of your heart!!!

      • T Anne

        O and Mrs O both had their law license revoked……..that alone should have knocked them out of the race…..

        • mmmjv

          No, they have not had their license revoked. That is simply one of many con lies. Their licenses were voluntarily suspended. It costs money to keep them active and I doubt either of them are going to be taking anymore cases

  • cynicrealist

    you have to understand the democratic mind,they are made to lie to the american public, and sadly, too many by their rhetoric and pander to the less intelligent and the morons that vote with their hand out. they pandered to the old people saying that their medicare and social security will be cut , when in fact, the current iotus gutted the very medicare they depend on, and PAY FOR to the tune of 422 billion dollars to pay for obama care. the good thing is that the democrats don’t need to pander to a lot of their voting base, because a lot of them are in cemeteries,and the ones they do talk to are too stupid to know what they’re saying any way!!!!

  • jayhill1947

    If he runs – I will be with him. He is only one with integrity!

    • Dale Hammers

      hes not the “only” one, just one of the few.

  • Michael Ross

    He has mt vote. I wish he would change he=is stance on the patriot act though.

    • KellyKAFIR

      Michael, you know about Battleground Texas, right? Glad to see your picture keeping Texas Red… God Bless Texas!!

  • Herman Manning

    What a change he would be from the current TIC (tyrant in charge) Col. West is a man of principles, character, integrity and deeply cares about this Country. Our current TIC is ashamed of this Nation and is out to destroy it. We need more Patriots like Allen West to steer this ship.

  • Average Joe

    Semper Fi

  • Barry Maloney

    Col. West fro President, Dr. Ben Carson V.P.

    • Dale Hammers

      Carson would make a better Surgeon General, let West run with Gowdy as his VP, or the other way around, either or, and have Cruz be Secretary of State… I dare anyone to mess with America with that combo in charge.

    • Renee Renew

      AMEN!! My choices EXACTLY!!!

  • Joseph Price

    I would follow Allen West to hell and bring Satan’s head back as a trophy.

    I wouldn’t follow Obama to the f’king latrine.

    • KellyKAFIR

      us too!! I told Col West that my husband and I would follow him to the gates of Hell in gasoline soaked underwear! He got a laugh out of that! I’m seeing him again on April 5th where I have to give him a Seahawks Superbowl Championship shirt because he chose the Broncos…. so see, he’s not perfect! lol

      • Catherine Bird

        Ok, so what if our Broncos lost….next time we go to the Superbowl, we’ll WIN! LOL! Lt. Col. Allen West has great taste! LOL!

  • 7citizen7

    I would love to see a West/Cruz ticket with Dr. Carson heading our medical dept.

    • leslee.couch

      That would be an awesome combination…. Dr. Ben Carson, Surgeon General

    • Dale Hammers

      West/Gowdy with Cruz taking over for Shrillary as Secretary of State.

      • Vbolenko

        How about John Bolton as SecState and Gowdy as AG with West/Cruz or Cruz/West on the main ticket?

    • az_gem

      I like that ticket too but as a catch phase “Cruz West” sounds better.

      • Cliff

        What about Boehner for “Head of the Latrines” ? And McCain for “Senate Mophead”?

    • mmmjv

      Cruz wasn’t born in America. Or does that rule only apply to Democrats?

      • 7citizen7

        Let’s compare Obama to Cruz–Cruz was born to 2 American citizen parents, which Obama was NOT!! Cruz is an American citizen because 1)Both parents were citizens at the time of his birth, 2) papers were filed at his birth recording him as a citizen–He holds dual citizenship and is in the process of giving up his Canadian citizenship. His life is an open book, unlike the current person in our WH!! We can access his school records, his passport, and all other pertinent records about him—we can’t do that with the perpetrator that holds the nation in his crushing hands!!

        • mmmjv

          I don’t care what his parents were and I don’t care what papers were filed. I don’t care about his school records or his passport or any other records. He was not born in the United States. For years, before Cruz came along, there was a constant drumbeat from the right that in order to be President you have to be born in the United States. Now they’re trying to run away from that

          • Catherine Bird

            Mmmjv, the issue was NOT that Obama was merely born outside the U.S., but that his mother had abdicated her citizenship for that of Kenya (where Barry was born) and she was not old enough, at the time of his birth, to transfer her former American citizenship to her son. In cases like that, being born outside of the States makes the child a citizen of the country he was born in.

            There are school documents from his years in Indonesia that clearly state Barry was a citizen of Kenya. Not to mention, even Michelle Obama stated Barry was a citizen of Kenya during a speech she made regarding their promotion of a Kenyan candidate for presidency in that nation.

            So, please do yourself a favor and stop trying to split hairs.

          • bootelowe

            why go thru the agony of proving Cruz’s eligibility when we have the best candidate in West and NO question of his Birthright, patriotism and honesty!

          • Catherine Bird

            I agree with you about LTC Allen West. He is one of only 4 individuals (including Ted Cruz) that I would not have a problem voting for as president, should their name be available.

            We must consider who the Liberals put forth for president in 2016, and be able to counter that with a candidate who the Libs cannot disdain.

            Under those circumstances, I would vote for Sarah Palin or Allen West–or maybe they should pair up as Prez/VP on one ticket, considering either Hitlary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren will likely be the Liberal’s nominee (or maybe they’ll be paired up on one ticket).

            That said, if the GOP (assuming they wake up & start listening to We The People, which is not likely) nominates Ted Cruz or Rand Paul, I would be happy to vote for either of them.

            But really, if any combination of the four (Paul, Cruz, Palin, or West) become available for the presidency, I would be a happy camper.

        • mmmjv

          No, both parents were not citizens at the time of his birth, only his mother was. His father didn’t become a citizen until 2005. Ted Cruz is in the exact same situation as the mythical born in Kenyan Barack Obama. Both born outside of the United States to a citizen mother and a non citizen father

      • Catherine Bird

        But Cruz was born of American parents. His mother was married (naturalized) to his American father at the time of his birth. And, his parents returned to the States–from Canada–soon thereafter. Anyone born of American parents–regardless of where those parents are currently living (Remember, military members are often stationed at overseas bases.)–is an American. Period.

  • vidgamenerd

    Allen West has the potential to be one of the best President’s ever….

    • Norma Harris-Check

      He has integrity & values,and he knows who is Maker is!!

  • handyman8672

    Col West has my vote all he has to do is run, I don’t really care who his running mate is, anybody would be a big step up from what we have now.

    • Norma Harris-Check

      Many, many, many steps up from what we have endured with this administration!

    • Dale Hammers

      him and Gowdy as Pres/VP, Cruz Secretary of State and Ben Carson as Surgeon General.
      Sherriff Arpiao (spelling?) as Attorney General

      • Catherine Bird

        Only one problem with Sheriff Arpaio as Attorney General: He’s not an attorney. He’s a cop.

  • glenn

    One could run for President the other his running mate and the third could be sec. of the state.That way the road would be paved to the WH.That way everybody would be happy.Sounds like a good plan to me.

  • Teleman119

    LTC Allen West is the first man to come along since President Ronald Reagan whose character is anchored in the same common sense. authenticity and honor. America needs him at the helm.

  • mark

    Bravo , absolutely …we need more Leaders like Col West …Run man ,Run…keep up the fight Hero…!

  • 1LTLos

    The pathetic moron in the wh complains that money from external sources will destroy our “Democratic” election process. With SOROS dollars used to unseat LTC Allen West, one has to know that our Conservative movement is on the mark -those FEMA camps? If they exist are large enough to hold each and every treacherous senator or congressperson who have faltered and enabled so impotent and untrustworthy of a scumbag and destructive force to our American Tradition and Governance. Give ’em hell America! GO get them again LTC West!!

  • moose

    As a VETERAN myself, I would have been honored to have followed Allen West on any mission.

  • patandfritz

    And the Dems calls us Repubs racist!! I fear their ability to destroy anyone who disagrees with them. How long will it be before we all start having terrible accidents, illnesses that kill us etc until they have vanquished us all? I am truly serious about this. I am 65 years old and never seen it like this. I am truly afraid.

    • KellyKAFIR

      Don’t be afraid Pat, We Oath Keepers and other patriotic Americans will not let this nation fall. You can count on that!


    Awesome article. This is inspirational leadership that we all actually want & need! God Bless Allen West & his family!

  • Frank T. Peterlin

    Palin West 2016!!!

  • Pauline FitzPatrick

    Allen West is the very best!! He sent me an e-mail when he was still deployed in Afghanistan asking for my support for his first Congressional run. He spoke at a Park in Boynton Beach. I was out of town and my brother went to hear him. When my brother reported back to me, he said: “He’s our man!” I’ve been in his camp ever since. West and his wife Angela and their two children are truly a beautiful family. I was crushed when West left our District 22 in Fort Lauderdale. He beat the sniveling twit, Ron Klein, thankfully but in his new District the Democrats poured tons of money into everything they could to get, yet another sniveling twit elected. Embarrassingly, an American of Irish decent, like me, Patrick Murphy. What dopes they have in Palm Beach County, eh?

  • upena1

    President West – sounds good to me

  • Ed Thornton


    • peachnectar

      read up on Obama’s use of hypnotic techniques in his speeches

  • Lon Levin


  • mickbonder

    Reading all these comments, don’t you people realize that you are all white racist pigs. Or so thats what the media calls you when you don’t agree with Barry. Go Col. West! Would vote for hin in a heartbeat.

    • tonilaura

      Just curious, you understand. What are blacks? Stupid racists? Have you though of moving to another country wherein you will not have to suffer “the misfortunate of arrows”?

      • mickbonder

        Really have no idea what the hell you are talking about.

        • tonilaura

          I understand. It is permissible for you to call all whites racists but when the shoe is on your foot, you profess not to understand. Plain language. Blacks are the most violent, racist of all people. I do believe they are worse then the muslim terrorists. A least the muslins just hate all non-believers regardless of skin color where as blacks like you hate, all whites. Tell me, Obama is half white, What part of him do you hate? Thank heavens for Lt. Col, ret, West, Charles Payne and others who are rational.

          Playing the “Knockout game?”,

          • mickbonder

            Try reading my post a little more carefully. I was using a little sarcasm as to how the press sees Barry. Did me calling him Barry not give you a clue. Jeez.

          • tonilaura

            Unfortunately, it it not funny but is worthy of serious thoughts. Sarcasm is the weakest retaliation.
            If your comments need deeper study…it ia a failure.

          • mickbonder

            As other people did get it, I believe the failure is on your part. End of conversation.

    • Jetta Kyzar

      not sure if they are reading your quote right ,but i got it.

  • cstrenio7

    Those who say they would vote for Carson is voting against the 2nd Amendment. Listen real close to what people say when choosing your President. Google Ben Carson Video’s and you will find that he is against guns. In one of his Video he speaks about his feeling about gun rights and it was not good.

    • David R Priest

      A lot of people are ignoring this for some reason. His stance on guns is more like Obama than any other Republican hopeful. This is a total deal killer for me.

      • lisalillypad

        I posted a reply to the general discussion. Take a look. If they ran on the same ticket, would it still be deal breaker?

    • Jetta Kyzar

      I really must have miss that speech,but i will check it out

  • MichelArm

    I love Allan West’s mind! He will be a key player for America’s future.

    • Punt

      I am 100% for Allen West as President of America .
      I am 98%for Dr. Carson.
      I am 96% for Herman Cain.
      I am and old white but I know honesty, dedication, reliabilty, integrity and courage when I see it and I see it in these three men!!!

  • David R Priest

    Establishment Republicans in Florida are the ones who targeted Allen West. They redrew his district so it would be almost impossible to win. He is being polite by not blaming them but that is what happened. He would have easily won the election if the district had the same boundaries as his first campaign.

  • William Fuzi

    You don’t start getting flack until you’re over the target. Don’t deviate from your line sir. You’re clear hot, so let them have it.

  • lillypad

    Woud love to see West in the mix for the next election. I love Ben Carson equally and would like to see them on a presidential ticket. Cruz, Ryan and Rand Paul def have something to offer in cabinet positions. No nonsense. Carson preaches as well.

    • David R Priest

      Carson is anti-2nd amendment. Do some research on this.

      • Jetta Kyzar

        Really,DR.CARSON seems like he is America and that sounds like he is for all the Amendments

        • David R Priest

          He is on video saying people in large cities should not own certain guns.

  • rockingg

    How anyone of any group cannot see the difference between our current president and other elected persons in comparison to Allen West, Dr Ben Carson, Frank Lloyd, Herman Cain, and so many others, all who have made positive contributions to this nation, society, not only as examples but in their actions. These are the role models all should follows, particularly black families who desire to identify through ethnicity. Matters not the color of skin, only matters the character of the person. A student once asked me if I didn’t like what he had done because he was black, I told him no, not because you are black, because you are being bad!!! Loved that kid!!

    • Dale Hammers

      Imagine a Pres/VP combo of him and Trey Gowdy….

    • peachnectar

      The left is afraid of the plain simple truth and that the plain simple truth.

  • lillypad

    Someone made a negative comment about Ben Carson and his view on gun control. Here is his statement. And that’s why I like him. He appeals to ALL Americans. He can split the African American vote and appeal to common sense dems as well. And If I can quote Dr. Carson, ” THere’s a reason for the 2nd amendment, people have the right to have weapons”. No where in that sentence did I read that he was against the 2nd amendment. And even if his take on limited semi automatic weapons in cities offends you, there are still FAR too many assets and skills this man can bring to the table. Go West and Carson. An unbeatable team.

    Semi-automatic weapons ok in countryside, but not cities

    Appearing on Glenn Beck’s radio show this past week, Carson took a vastly different stance from most conservatives on the issue of gun control, claiming you shouldn’t be able to own semi-automatic weapons in large cities.

    Asked by Beck for his thoughts on the Second Amendment, Carson gave the popular pro-gun argument: “There’s a reason for the Second Amendment; people do have the right to have weapons.”

    But when asked whether people should be allowed to own “semi-automatic weapons,” the doctor replied: “It depends on where you live. I think if you live in the midst of a lot of people, and I’m afraid that that semi-automatic weapon is going to fall into the hands of a crazy person, I would rather you not have it,” Carson elaborated. However, if you live “out in the country somewhere by yourself” and want to own a semi-automatic weapon, he added, “I’ve no problem with that.”

    • lillypad

      In addition, Gun Control is not his pulpit. He was asked a question and he answered, honestly. Would you rather have him lie? When he speaks, he does not elaborate on this issue. He focuses on the education system, health care and peaceful diplomacy globally. And people fail to remember, we have three branches of government. Unless someone in Congress pushes this issue, I don’t see him spearheading any anti semi automatic weapons bill. He has bigger fish to fry. Just my opinion. He focuses on solving problems and not putting a band aid on the symptoms.

      • AnneCameo

        There’s a difference between each individual’s opinion – and as politicians who join a political party, can still have differences; no problem. It’s an entirely different consideration; when you have someone like Obama, who has an agenda and is focused in limiting gun ownership of citizens. As Pelosi and some of these Dems have repeated – they are not done FIGHTING for gun control. Immigration issue can be similar to that issue.

        And, a real leader of this country – a president – is elected to lead the ENTIRE nation, honestly represent/honor the wishes of the majority, not ONLY special interest groups who “bribe” him – and leave our Constitution alone.

    • abaton7

      Ben got knocked down a notch for that statement in my book. EQUAL GUN RIGHTS FOR ALL,………ALL MEANS ALL!

  • Mark Cline

    I once heard Allen West say, “I’m not an African American. African American is just a name people came up with to turn people against their country. I am black and I am an American.” I am quoting him loosely because I didn’t take the time to go back and look up his exact words, but the message is the same.

    We have tried an “African American” president, and it has been a disaster. Let’s give a black American the opportunity and watch him soar.

    • Dale Hammers

      Dont know what your talking about, we’ve NEVER had an African American President… but we’ve had an African one. He isnt working out too well.

      • peachnectar

        Right. His loyalties aren’t to the country we all love.

      • Mark Cline

        I agree, Dale. Note that I was careful to put “quotes” around the term “African American.”

  • JDW13

    I love this man and America would be well served with Allen West in the White House.

  • Kate

    Just love Allen West. He is a no nonsense leader. He knows our Constitution and wants to live by it. He has wonderful family values, great morals & principles. He would make an outstanding President. I’m just so happy to read each day what he has to say. He is like a guiding light in all this darkness. Thank you, Mr. West.

  • EveLerieux

    To be perfectly honest, we need Allen West to lead us out of this nightmare. It is only getting worse all over the world as Christians are persecuted, tortured and beheaded. We see here in our beloved America the continuous dismantle of our military, the lies and corruption of our leaders, the chaos of a regime that constantly promotes division of any cause, race, religion, hard earned wealth, illegals, IRS thuggery, Benghazi, Fast and Furious,NSA,CIA, ICE..ALL of our government agencies that we could once trust have turned on us.. I suppose they are trying to divide and conquer all of us. We have to stand together. Allen West is the man who can unite us with the common good for all!

    • David Rohrer

      VERY well said Eve.

    • AnneCameo

      I also believe, Obama’s agenda is to divide and conquer. However, 11/2014 citizens have to chance to UNITE CONGRESS, under Repub. majority, toss out Dems who’ve been playing Obama politics – at the expense of their constituency. All we have to do is VOTE – do our duty, as much as Col. West did in protecting our country’s future.

      • T Anne

        I think that poll workers should not work in their own districts too…….not saying they are crooked…..just saying it would be one more good change to make….In Oklahoma if you are not listed in the book of registered voters…YOU DO NOT vote…..SIMPLE AS THAT!

    • Sue Ann Carey

      Once again rogue countries would respect us if Allan West were President! They wouldn’t pull actions like Russia has in recent days. Allen West is someone that our country surely needs to unite us here in the US as well. But this will be a fight. The other side will play dirty as always, but I think it will be worse this time around. All of the Conservatives and even the Libertarians need to be behind one leader. DO NOT split the vote or the Liberals will win! This has to be the BIGGEST WAVE in history to clean our country from the filth and lies that has permeated our country for more years that we can count!! The flames of Liberal Thought must have water thrown on it so the American People can see it for what it really is! And those in the Government who have been threatened to keep their mouths closed need to feel safe enough to come and tell the truth about what has really gone on in the backrooms of the WH. The American People have the RIGHT to know! The American People have a right to have their country back!

  • David Moore

    Thank You for your service. I would be proud to have you as my Commander In Chief! It would be an honor to call you Mr. President!

  • Thomas Reidenbach

    Col., they attack you because they truly fear you. They do not know how to deal with someone who is intelligent, honest and loyal. For these attributes I would follow you to the gates of hell. Even if those gates are on the outskirts of Washington. “Shot Out, Sir”.

    • peachnectar

      The big money doesn’t want people they can’y buy.

  • Daniel Moshe Johnson

    Allen West is a great personality, he understands people, domestic and international issues, issues that impact our world.

    I hope those with legislative power and party divides come together and support him.

    • AnneCameo

      He has a great political future – glad he didn’t give up.

  • golftilidrop

    I have the highest admiration for Col. West. Please keep up the good fight, TRUE conservatives are behind you 100%. And always remember, the only thing a leftist hates (and fears) more then a conservative, is a black conservative.

  • Carol Marie

    stand strong, col west, might is with the right

    • AnneCameo

      I really like: “might is with the right”? Is that your brainchild?

  • Dorothy Snyder

    So if you do run for President. I gotta know, can I um…well um… accuse anyone who doesn’t vote for you to be a racist? LOL I kind of want to turn the tables on them. Even if we didn’t like what the o was doing, white Americans couldn’t say anything without being accused of being a racist. Didn’t sit well with me. Kind of want to have some fun with this if you do run. LOL

    • mcrognale

      Yup! LOVE IT. 😉

  • cherykie

    All that Soros and other 1% wealthy demo donors to oust Col. West and they STILL had to cheat to beat him!

  • bear

    NEVER can we ever be 100% sure of ANY one. West is still just a man after all. God is the only one who does not change.

  • antilib

    White America elected Obozo and I am so sick and tired of the “racist” tag being thrown around. I have news for the tag throwers. I can’t stand McCain either. Or Biden, Graham, Jackson Lee, et,al. It’s called ‘Content of Character’, a quality severely lacking in all those listed, especially Barry. I just hope he has not ruined it for blacks of quality.

  • Paul in CA

    Dream on everyone ..Alan West yes I’m all for him but the Republican party will sabotage him as they tried with Tim Donnelly in CA.

  • Sandy Caruso

    We need him. The country needs him. I pray Col West will consider a run for the presidency or at least the new president will consider him for a cabinet position as Secretary of Defense or Secretary of State.

  • Marilyn Blake

    I’m a white woman and I greatly admire and respect Allen West, so don’t ever call me a “racist” again, or I may sue for slander! This man is incredible and doesn’t deserve the trashing he gets from the “compassionate” liberal press!

    • AnneCameo

      I still don’t TOTALLY understand the “trashing” they do to Palin? It’s not like she was found to be a fraud, no scandals involved, she ran and lost an election? MSM really attacks her? They must be terrified, or they wouldn’t even bother?

  • James Burke

    This is who we needed as our “First Afro-American President”. You didn’t lose…you learned. Now how do we help you take the next step? No more Rhetoric….this Nation needs to be Mobilized against:
    1. Illegal Entry to the US
    2. Illegal Drugs Entering
    3. Illiteracy
    4. Under performing Economy
    5. Ridiculous Healthcare Plan known better for its Author, than its substance
    LET’S ROCK…and not to HIP HOP or RAP…to a reunited America, wiser for the experience of the past 8 years.

    • AnneCameo

      Absolutely, wiser and with more motivation; realizing the failures of our MSM, Lib leadership, and Obama RULE. I think we’ve had enough; and not time for violence; but time for action – support our candidates and VOTE – it is our duty.

  • David Tierney

    I too, would support and vote for Allen West but I am worried that the rest of the country would be hesitant to elect another African American. I believe Obama’s wrong doings will carry over, at least in the minds of others. Had Biden been president, it would be a walk in the park for Colonel West. Let’s hope that Obama’s image eon’t come back to hurt the Colonel.

    • mrs mcguire

      I personally don’t care what race our next president is as long as he has integrity and love and loyalty to this country and the Constitution. I would vote for LTC West. However I won’t be as ignorant as I was when I voted for Obama. What this administration has done and is doing by letting terrorist set up house keeping in this country makes me sick. It will take a militarized police force to eradicate them from our soil along with the un-entitled illegal welfare suckers anchor babies or not. America needs to take care of her own starting with the veterans and active duty soldiers. I doubt that those Obama has appointed to top positions in his cabinet,DHS, and NSA will go quietly. Perhaps that is why the Islamic extremist are here. IN the hopes that America will be afraid of them and concede to their wishes. We already know they don’t recognize life as a thing of value like we do. What they may not know is Americans will FIGHT back and their mission to kill every last one of the American infidels is futile.

      • David Tierney

        I am so agreement. I too don’t care what race the person is but like I mentioned before, others may not be ready for another black President for quite some time. I would hope that they don’t think along those racial lines. There are too many intelligent, good, qualified blacks and latinos Such As Allen West, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and a handful of others. Although even Rubio gives me reason to double think his role as possible president. Unfortunately many will not forget what that “black president” did and is doing to this country. But before the next Presidential election, we must clear Congress of every left leaning liberal, Democratic and Republican.

      • Jetta Kyzar

        At least you admit your mistake,but for the life in me what part of obama made you believe him

        • mrs mcguire

          Apparently I didn”t investigate the Muslim religion as well as I should have. I liked his demeanor and not the anger spewing McCain did. Plus this country needed a huge change. I never dreamed he would turn out to be a major hater of this country and use the Constitution as toilet paper along with giving aid, comfort and our tax money to the Muslim Brotherhood that he has also allowed to set up camps here under the ruse of schools. All I really did was help to further the prophecy in the Bible. I will be surprised if we get a chance to vote him out of office. Even if we are able to get a different president eventually it will be more of the same. I don’t expect a new president to repeal all of the unconstitional executive orders that have been made not only by him but Bush also redefining who the real terrorist in this country are and truly workingg to get them out of our country or be executed for Allah.If in my ignorance of the Muslim Religion has offended anyone I must say get over it or get out of our country. I am highly offended by the different religious and ethnic groups who come to America for the American dream and instead of becoming a part of our country they want America to bow and kiss their foreign behinds. If I had my way all immigrants who are not citizens and send money to their homeland would be gone.I realize that there are those who will cry racist because that’s the only card they can play. Here’s a news flash for ya, I don’t care what you call me. This country is and was founded by more than white people. Soldiers of many religions and races have fought and died for freedom. Even in places the politicians shouldn’t have stuck their noses in and sacrificed our young people.

  • Hoppytoo

    The Dems will do their best to ruin any American of African descent who dares to leave the plantation. If the majority of black Americans ever realize the truth behind the Democrats’ lies, it will very significantly change American politics.

    • AnneCameo

      If ALL Americans would wake up to the truth behind this focus on social issues, spending and increasing size/control of gov’t, and especially, entitlements – the newest and biggest: Obamacare. We could significantly change America. We’ve done it before and it’s at the base of “who we are”. We the People need to take back our power – starting with the first, easiest, duty of all citizens: VOTE.

      • Hoppytoo

        Yes, it’s so easy that many of the dead people in Cook County, Illinois never fail to make it to the polls.

        • AnneCameo

          I know; but Dems. will not even consider solutions (voter ID); as they CLAIM – “nothing here, no there there, not a smidgen”????

          • Hoppytoo

            The truth is not in them.

  • sleeper48

    I would so vote for Allen West for president; color has nothing to do with it, it would be because we will need a strong, wise leader to clean up Obama’s mess. Allen West is educated, but still has common sense. He is a man of faith and God knows we need one. He would do his best to undo the terrible mess that Obama has made. Has anyone noticed that hardly anyone says “President Obama”? They say “Mr. Obama”…sadly telling.

  • rbyrd

    Allen West has the moral compass and leadership qualities to lead a new generation of patriots and lead America back to the founding beliefs where politicians go to Washington to serve as patriotic law makers never turning their backs on the constitution or the citizenry of this great republic

  • ally

    He will never become President!!

    • baddgolfer

      Secretary Defense will be fine with me once the DEM’s are voted out.

    • OU812

      Probably not because he has moral integrity and liberals would never vote for that.

  • sidewinder

    West is a good Man and a true American I trust him.

  • peachnectar

    Gotta love this man!

  • ABILIFYMaxine Hardy Hammond


  • Bill

    I definitely would like to see Col West run for President. I want to see someone who is not going to back down from the RINO GOP and their big corporate owners.

  • Brian Murphy

    U.S. needs a leader of stature like Allen West, with his excellent military experience

  • fanciladi

    If I lived in his district, I would vote for him!!!

  • tyler1955

    he is good

  • Pam

    Personal attacks are fuel by fear and envy. Take comfort in the fact that you are right on target.

  • Richard Craig

    The Dumpacrap’s fear him. They know he can beat anyone they have by pulling in more than 50% of the Black vote. He is an awesome individual and hopefully he will run for President in 2016.

  • Fuji Condor

    I would vote for you if I lived in FLA

  • mrswright

    Mr. West, please forgive my bluntness, but the reason the Dems are targeting you is because the party is full of [email protected]#ERS. You are a proud and smart BLACK MAN and they cannot stand that. I hope at some point the N’s in the party will wake up!

  • turbomama

    Allen West ROCKS! He has always led from the front! He leads by example and never wavers.

  • Charlie Vest

    He is a man that certainly has the right direction and principles to lead this nation at the highest level. He also has the balls to back it up, instead of his wife being the one in the White House with the balls !! He KNOWS what a strong military is and how important that is. If he is just a senator from Florida, he really won’t be in the position to give ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS, the benefit of his wisdom and common sense to once again return us to the GREATEST NATION IN THE WORLD !! Please, sir , once again don’t let those that would silence you win. Place yourself in a position to become the next leader of this nation !! START TODAY & VERY AGGRESSIVELY PURSUE such an endeavor. ALL of America NEEDS YOU & THE TRUE AMERICANS WANT YOU TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT !! You have my vote already and I am a BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN . NOW is the TIME for ALL TRUE CHRISTIANS TO ACTUALLY CAST A BALLOT & GIVE HIM HELP WITH HIS AGENDA !! STOP, just TALKING about how we are quickly becoming a non CHRISTIAN NATION WITH NO MORALS AND VALUES… CHRISTIANS need only look in the MIRROR IF THEY DON’T ACTUALLY CAST A BALLOT IN NOVEMBER, AND THEN WORK TO GET THIS TRUE LEADER ELECTED and put him in the White House. When they look for someone to blame for us not being a CHRISTIAN nation WITH MORALS AND VALUES !!

  • Jim Vause

    I am a 25 year retired Army Officer. I went all the way through the ranks and retired as a Captain with enlisted time. Career NCO’s and Officers have the ability to recognize a born leader. I want to see Lt. Col. West as the next president. We have two major hurdles to overcome. First we have to convince voters that West is nothing like Obama. Some people think this lousy president has ruined the chances for another president of color. Second, we must get The Republican Party to open their eyes to West. In the R.P. he is never even mentioned. I have already started donating to his future campaign. I think it’s money well spent. Get everyone you know to go to his web site and understand the man and every time someone complains about The Obamasiah, tell them about the man we could have as president. I agree…..The Dems are terrified of this man.

  • Jetta Kyzar

    I am an American,i love my country,our Military,our Flag,but i want to say i love the people on this page,they speak the Truth,and i can tell you are all Americans.I will say yes Colonial West would be a great President, I love Trey, Cruz is good,i can’t back Palin she should have ran against obama when we needed her. but you are all good people.Thank you

  • steve

    It would be so awesome if Col. West was the president instead of the clown currently occupying the White House.

  • Cliff

    Mr. West, clean your ears out and listen to this real good…I am a racist(because I am white), I am considered a terrorist(because I served in the U.S.M.C. in Vietnam), AND last but certainly not least, I am a threat to society(because I believe in Jesus Christ). Now to my point. And that point is that I sincerely wish that you would run for the office of the Presidency, you and Dr. Ben Carson both on the same ticket. Because I would vote for you in a New York minute…in a heartbeat! For the past five miserable years we have had a terrible void in the White House as well as in the Capitol building. And because of that our nation AND the rest of the world has journeyed ever so close to the gates of Hell! We need someone to rescue us and bring us back to where we once were and even better. And I believe that you and Dr. Ben Carson are just the very two leaders that can do just that! Please(and I’m begging) DON’T LET US DOWN!

  • Mariana225

    Mr. West is a threat to the Democrat party (as is any other successful black conservative) because his success is evidence, contrary to the claims by the race baiters Democrats, that there is NOTHING getting on the way of any determined black American who wants to succeed. Mr. West contradicts all the lies which Democrats use to keep black Americans believing that it is no use to try to succeed because racism is going to keep them from achieving their goals. Don’t stop, Mr. West! We need your voice to prove that Democrats are nothing but liars!

  • Jon Richard Estal

    I for one having the opportunity in the past to have met Col West, would vote him into the Presidents seat in a Heartbeat!!! What an Intelligent, Honest, Respectable Man with True Values, Morales and Esprit De-Corp could you ever ask for…

  • terrylrt1

    One of the few who still give me hope for the future of America.

  • VicBarac

    I believe Allen West is the best representative of all Parties including my own. He has the Countries and the Peoples interest at heart and minces NO words about it. I listen to him every chance I get. I subscribe to his news letters via email and hang on every word. I trust this man to lead America back from the brink over any Parties elite or long term members or any establishment members of either party. I trust a Soldier over any career Congressman in America. For full Disclosure, I am a White Republican / Libertarian / Tea Party. I want a leader that holds real American Beliefs. I may not always agree but he is the best of the best in my opinion.

  • Keith

    I can only pile on to what has been said. I am glad to see there are inspirational people out there who also care about what America is. Someone once said the difference between a good leader and a great leader is a great leader doesn’t have to tell you how great he is!

  • bfaunce

    I have said it once and I will say it again. I would follow this man to hell and back. He is a strong constitutionalist and that is what made this country great.

  • Kevin Blankenship

    I would vote for him in what ever he decides to run for we need people like him leading the nation out of this horrible mess we are in! The only people who are going to fix our nation are direct take charge and do the right thing men and women, no political nonsense like Boehner and McConnell on the G.O.P. side!

  • purplewings

    We need this fighter in our government! I like his principles and his courage to speak honestly instead of following Media’s plan to only report things that make Obama look good. May God watch over Allen and his family at a time when our government is a danger to any who oppose him.

  • Betty Meyers

    Love to see him run as either President or Vice President. He needs to team up with another political conservative with good values.

  • Much like Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who declared his Anita Hill Congressional Hearings as a high-tech lynching of Uppity Blacks. That’s how too many progressives really view minorities.

  • Debra RN

    If this guy ran for president he would have my vote…and I can see him defeating the “Hillarious” Dems.

  • mmmjv

    “Democrats taking unusual steps to defeat the one-term incumbent.”

    What would those “unusual steps” have been, campaigning?

    • tsk tsk tsk.. Voter Fraud, Propagandist lies, intimidation and threats to sponsors and supporters, voters, etc, etc, etc.. ie; liberal fascist brownshirt SS tactics at work.

      • mmmjv

        There was no voter fraud. The rest of that stuff is what you people call “campaigning” when it’s done by the likes of Karl Rove

        • lol, Yes, and the Nazi’s never committed any anti-Semitic violent acts against Jews.. tsk tsk tsk..

          And just because the Democrats are guilty of voter fraud, and other unethical sleezy acts, doesn’t excuse the GOP establishment of it’s part in any of it either.. as when the people go up against the establishment ruling class powers that be, factions with the same objective- to keep the people from gaining power and authority that elitists feel belongs to them, regardless of political affiliations, want to keep it at all costs, always work together and or in sync with each other.

          Why do you think Democrats, and of course their puppet propagandists in the media’s help, attack Conservatives in the Republican party, and not the GOP Republican McRINOcrat leadership of McConnell, Boehner, Rove, the Bush’s, etc, etc.. Of course, the GOP McRINOcrat leadership does most of the attacking against the people of their own political party base- patriotic American grass roots Tea Party folks- aka We the People- Eg; “Sen McConnell: “We Will “Crush”’ Tea Party Challengers Everywhere.” unquote

          Hmm.. Now doesn’t that sound rather odd for the leadership of a political party to want to crush and defeat their own political base people, instead of the political opposition party- Democrats.

          Then there’s Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid’s statement of their concern for the Republican Party’s well being, which has been hijacked by “Tea Party extremists”.. lol, which is a joke, aka lie.. Gee, how nice they are so concerned about the Republican party.. hmmm..

          Yes, the 2 party system illusion must be kept in tact for the public’s perception that all is normal and well.. so they can collude and maintain their grip onto power and control, their elitist privileged lifestyles, etc.

          Let me further educate you sir with enlightened truth- if that’s even a possibility in your case, since you are so far gone into indoctrination land-

          “A nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and he carries his banners openly against the city. But the traitor moves among those within the gates freely, his sly whispers
          rustling through all alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears no traitor; he speaks in the accents familiar to his victim, and he wears their face and their garments and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation; he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city; he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared. The traitor is the plague.” unquote
          Marcus Tullius Cicero, Roman Orator – 106-43 B.C.

          • mmmjv

            There was no voter fraud. Obama won because people voted for him. Of course to some on the right simply voting Democrat constitutes voter fraud but those people are stupid.

            Why do Democrats (who are mostly liberal) attack conservative Republicans?? My God are you serious??? Take a wild guess. Probably for the same reason Republicans attack liberal Democrats. Or are you going to try and use the lame “it’s the TRUTH” excuse here too

  • mmmjv

    “I’m a threat to what the Democrat Party stands for. Why would they want to attack a 51-year-old, African-American who has served in the United States military for 22 years?”

    That guy’s a threat to America, not just Democrats. Why would we want to attack a 51-year-old, African-American who has served in the United States military for 22 years? Well gee, first off maybe because he’s a Republican and we’re Democrats. What the hell did this clown think would happen when he went into politics? He’s also attacked because of the racist stuff he says, like black people are brainwashed and that’s why they vote Democrat or using phrases like “Democratic plantation” or comparing himself to Harriet Tubman. He’s not being attacked because he’s 51 years old or because he’s African American. Notice how he brings race into it? Cons do that a lot. And he’s not being attacked because he served in the military for 22 years. That’s just more Allen West scumbaggery there, trying to make it look like attacking him is attacking the troops.

    • tsk tsk tsk

      It’s liberal fascists like yourself, who uses “projectionism” accusing others of what you yourselves are guilty of- which is truly indicative of the intolerant liberal fascist contempt you have have for Truth, which is your enemy- for the Truth indicts you on all counts, and you- ie; Liberals/anti-Americans, cannot have that truth known to the public, exposing you and your ilk for what and who you are.. for that would negate your very being, thus your hold onto power to dictate and rule over We the People, which in your agenda end goal is the destruction of Individual Freedom and Liberty, the US Constitution, and this Republic of America – ie; as your dear Fuhrer has stated- to fundamentally transform America- the greatest nation on earth, into a authoritarian police state regime of communism.

      I suggest that you read something other than the Communist manifesto, like say te US Constitution and the American Declaration of Independence.

      Here’s something you might actually comprehend- if you are even capable of reading and comprehending English-

      David Mamet: “Why I Am No Longer a ‘Brain-Dead Liberal” by the village voice

      Plus an added bonus for you-

      Take Notes Now..

      “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are
      endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed”

      • mmmjv

        projectionism?? Are you denying that Allen West uses the phrase “Democratic plantation”? Are you denying that he hints in this very article that people attack him because he’s African American (his phrasing). As for being tolerant he’s the one who told those he doesn’t like to “get the hell out” of America. Or are you going to also deny he said that? Are you also going to deny that he claimed to be a latter day Harriet Tubman? This is all on the record.

        • Hello.. Telling the TRUTH is not racism, or hate speech- It’s the Truth, and because you indoctrinated liberal useful idiots don’t get it, isn’t our problem, it’s yours.

          The facts of the Democratic Party and it’s people’s atrocities against Blacks and other minorities from after the Civil War for over a 150 years til the 1960s, which Democrats instituted legislatively Jim Crow Laws / Segregation, Poll Taxes, and creating the KKK, etc, and maintained it that way by people like Sen Robert Byrd and Gov George Wallace til the 1960s, all the way to today, is and has always been whitewashed in the media, academia, party operatives, and politicians, using liberal revisionism, marxist alinsky denigration tactics, and of course your favorite personal attack tactic- projectionism, all to deflect from them and their past crimes against humanity actions, and their ideological propagandist idiocy of lies.

          Next time, try using intelligence, logic, reason, and accept truth of factual evidence, instead of being a useful idiot parroting your mastermind oligarch leaders propaganda- Ignorance is the keystone of indoctrination.

          • mmmjv

            Hello…Calling it the TRUTH when you guys do it but evil and racist when we do it just makes you look silly. I’ve heard that argument before and it’s pure BS. The fact is Allen West has used the race card many times, on record. I don’t care if you think it’s the TRUTH and I am NOT going to accept a standard where it’s ok if you do it but not ok if we do it. And for the record being a Democrat doesn’t even come close to being a slave. Also for the record Obama was attacked for referencing his “white grandmother” and his grandmother is WHITE, or was. So that was the TRUTH but somehow that didn’t give him a pass there did it. Just more proof that your it’s the TRUTH cop out is BS

          • mmmjv

            Ok, for the really slow here the media covers CURRENT events, not stuff that happened 50 years ago.

  • J Michael Cofran

    I have met a few individuals in my life whom I have great admiration and respect for, but meeting Lt. Col. Allen B. West on a short flight of about one-hour, give or take a few minutes, was by far the highlight of those whom I have met.
    I met, for the second time in my life, a humble man with a great sense of moral and ethical honesty and integrity. The first was a catholic priest who never condemned me for the sins I have committed but tried to save my soul anyway, and accepted me for what and who I was, not as others saw me.
    I have always had reservations about those for whom I voted for public office, no matter what the office they sought. As a rule I think most of those who lean toward the political left whether they be democrats or republicans, or those who call themselves moderates, or those who call themselves conservatives (RINOS), are nothing more than cowards and foot-slaves to the socialist liberals who have been trying to enslave the people of this country to a failed ideology since the great “progressive” ideology of Teddy Roosevelt.
    Lt. Col. West, and I believe this with all my being, is the right man, at the right time in our history, to lead this country out of the dark ages in which we find ourselves today. Lt. Col. West has a quiet powerful leadership quality about him; you can feel it when he speaks, and feel that the conversation is centered on the discussion between the two of you, and nothing else.
    I am not trying to ingratiate myself in any way to anyone: As a matter of fact, most of those who know me will tell you that I am nothing more than a liar, a cheat, a thief, and a ne’er-do-well who has never achieved anything of importance in his life, and they would not be far from wrong, as I have been all of those things at one time or other. But I will never change my mind about this man and the influence he has had on me.
    When it comes time to vote for a leader who can bring about the restoration of the things this country stands for; The freedoms guaranteed under the Constitution, the values which we have grown to accept as those of civilized societies, the truths of the fact “that all men (and women) are endowed by their Creator with the inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” whether they be Atheist, Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Hindu, or Muslim.
    Vote for Col. West, and if his name is not on the ballot write it in and show the world that the American people can do something right, for a change.