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An Al Goodwyn Cartoon: Like the Cicadas, will unbiased media ever return?

Written By | Apr 10, 2021
Al Goodwyn, Democrats, Media, Cartoon, Cicadas

An Al Goodwyn – Creators Syndicate Cartoon

As though the Democrat’s plagues upon us for the last five years has not been enough, Brood X Cicadas are set to emerge this spring.  Billions of the black, glossy, red-eyed buggers, as soon as the weather stays above 64 degrees, climb out of the dirt to mate, females laying their eggs in branches.  Those eggs eventually falling to the ground, the larvae burrowing deep until 2038.

It is all too reminiscent of the Biden administration.  Except the Cicadas are only here for four-six weeks.

It seems like the Biden Democrat Brood will never leave. 

The Democrats (and RINOS) leftover from the Clinton, Bush II, and Obama administrations, crawled out from under DC’s crusty exterior to re-enter the White House via the Biden administration.  To make a ton of noise, copulate and give birth to a slew of American destroying policies.  And, generally, be a nuisance to any sane thinking person.

One area where the Brood X Cicadas and Democrats differ is that other than a few puffy pieces on how to cook Cicadas and debates over whether they taste more like chicken or canned asparagus, the media is not generally fond of the flying critters getting into their broadcast shots.

But the Main Stream Media loves everything about Democrats. 

Even the creepy stuff. Like “Hunter Biden spent $21,000 on an adult ‘live cam’ site, and $11,400 in a strip club in a single night- laptop lays bare the world of depravity that makes him a target for blackmail

We can only hope with all our might that before one more child is harmed at the border. Or before one more anti-American policy is enacted. One more job killed or one more family destroyed over the job-killing, life eradicating lockdowns, that like the Cicadas the Grey Lady of journalism will return to repopulate the 4th estate of honest reporting.  And help open all of America’s eyes to what is happening.

Unfortunately, we can count on the Cicadas to do what they do. Emerge, have bug sex, and go away for another 17 years. And we can count on Biden and the Democrats to continue to annoy us for the foreseeable future.

Oh well.


The cartoon is all Al Goodwyn.  Opinions are all Jacquie Kubin’s who prefers the glassy eyes bugs to glassy eyed Biden.



Al Goodwyn and Jacquie Kubin