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Al Goodwyn: What happened to the Dems impeachment blueprint?

Written By | Feb 15, 2021
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As Democrat’s second Senate Impeachment Trial came nearer you could also see and hear Pelosi, Schumer, and Schiff wringing their hands while muttering tee hee hee. They did not believe, despite the fact they have failed every single plot, ploy, and coup attempt they fired at President Donald J. Trump, they would lose this time.  The blueprint for impeachment was solid. Rock Solid.

Everyone.  The Russia Hoax, Spy-Gate Tax-Gate, the foreign emoluments clause, North Korea, impeachment one,  the fake news libels and lies, the Kavanaugh Hearings, 25th Amendment, impeachment two…. the list is really long.  I mean stupidly, impossible to believe they give a damn about America long.  And that they, to the very bottom of their beings, hate the 45th President.

So it not hard to imagine that they figured the final attempt to take down the man,  would be successful.

They assembled a slick group of Impeachment Managers.  No Jerry Nadler and Schumer fighting over the podium this time.  This time it was gonna work.  America and their fellow senators would be so baffled by their bull they would all fall in line,  And never challenge the mighty donkey party again.  At least that is what they thought.

Democrats wrong again

No one argues that what happened at the Capitol on January 6th was bad.  But we also know that the media/Democrat’s narrative about that day was wrong.  The only insurgents were the black jacketed ANTIFA protestor agitating the crowd, busting windows, and spraying pepper spray.  We have all seen the photos and videos.  The reporting of deaths at the Jan. 6th Capitol riot are classic fake news. 

The only person who was actually shot as a result of the melee was AF Veteran Ashli Babbitt.

A patriotic American was shot, in cold blood, despite the fact that unlike George Floyd, Jacob Blake, or Rashard Brooks she posed no threat to the police or anyone in that hallway. (Ashli Babbitt’s tragic death at the Capitol: A shot heard round the world

Yet the video clearly shows the hand emerging from the doorway to point at Babbitt who was no more a threat to him than you are now. The only threat that morning was the ANTIFA agitators who picked her up to go through the window.

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And despite evidence to the contrary, including involvement by a CNN reporter, the media, and the Democrat impeachment managers, continuing to say that it was only Trump supporters. (John Sullivan, Who Filmed Shooting of Ashli Babbitt in Capitol, Detained on Federal Charges).

The National Guard is here to stay

With temperatures hovering in the mid-30s and ice storms blanketing the area, it must have been a cold weekend for the Nation Guard assigned to protect the Capitol.  But at least we now know why American taxpayer money has been spent, to the tune of over half-a-million dollars, to badly treat the National Guard protecting Pelosi’s virtue.

But then that fear and loathing is also just a dystopian political play by Democrats. reports that 15,000 of the 25,000 troops will be going home while reports that

“A National Guard spokesperson told DCist that thousands of troops would remain in D.C. through mid-March. But as federal agencies continue to monitor threats to the nation’s capital, Robert Salesses, assistant secretary for homeland defense and global security, is discussing an extended timeline with the Capitol Police and National Security Council.”

DCIST also reporting that

Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton told FOX 5 that D.C. doesn’t want to keep National Guard troops in the city indefinitely, but she’d prefer having more troops in D.C. over erecting a permanent fence—as the acting Capitol Police chief proposed.
“Given what we are seeing or what the FBI and others are seeing in the chatter, I think that having human beings here as opposed to the proposal to put up permanent fencing is much to be desired,” she said.

However, the threat has not been identified, leaving the impression that the threat is MAGA supporters.  But we know that since Jan 6th, the only destructive riots have been in Portland, Oregon,

Trump’s lawyers did not need to do anything else but reveal the truth to assure the President’s acquittal. And they did it with both barrels.

But don’t believe for a second they are done with their harassment of Donald Trump. Which is ok because he doesn’t care about them.  He is living his best life in a beautiful place with a beautiful and devoted wife and family.   And he will return.

Because who is John Gault?

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