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Al Goodwyn Cartoon: The church is questioning Biden’s abortion hypocrisy

Written By | Jun 21, 2021
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An Al Goodwyn Cartoon, courtesy of Creator’s Syndicate

WASHINGTON:  Joe Biden has been a catastrophic failure on the domestic, international, and moral stage. Biden always claimed he was a pro-life democrat not supporting the Hyde Amendment a bipartisan rider that has prevented the direct public funding of abortion for decades.  Catholic Church leaders are now questioning if abortion proponents should be given the sacrament.

Biden’s recent stand is a rejection of decades his senate support for protecting the conscience rights of pro-life Americans. His position on abortion began to change under his tenure as Vice President to Barack Obama.  Serving with the socialist president he came out in support of the expansion of abortion funding in Obamacare.

In 2016 Biden changed his opinion

Biden’s flip-flop, basically rejects his 50 years of pro-life opinion. All in order to acquiesce to the Democrat party platform which was rewritten to formally reject the Hyde amendment as an unconscionable restriction of a woman’s right to abortion. Democrats arguing that federal funding to enable the exercise of a right is an unconstitutional limitation on that right.

However let’s remember, this thinking does not apply to the first or second amendments – the right to speech, even political.  And the right to bear arms.

Bidensays that as a Catholic, he is “personally opposed” to abortion. However, Biden is one of the Washinton Wishy-Washy who believes that politicians don’t force their religious views on others.  Therefore, he just can’t say the killing of the unborn is wrong, even if he personally holds that view.

Now the Catholic Church is considering how they will treat those, including Presidents, who are active proponents of federally funding abortion on-demand, when it comes to the sacraments. (After Debate On Biden’s Abortion Views, Bishops Vote to Rethink Communion Rules)



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