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Al Goodwyn Cartoon: NBA hypocrisy as no lives matter in China

Written By | Jul 21, 2020
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Communities Digital News writer Karen Hagstead Cacy writes Does Anyone Care About the Uighurs in China?  Anyone?:

Last Sunday, Maria Bartiromo, a Fox News conservative commentator and host of Mornings with Maria, interviewed Ray Dalio, of Bridgewater Associates, about his firm’s Chinese investments.  Dalio led off with a disclaimer:
“I am not political.”
Before extolling the Chinese nation for their “amazing technologies.”
He views China as a “worthy opponent” for America, and, unlike the reporting, as a highly capitalist nation.  He advised we look at China in terms of “cause and effect.”  That we not deal with the Chinese “emotionally.”
What was it the world said after the horror of Nazi Germany?  Wasn’t it, “Never again!”
Never again? But yet here we are, again

In The intellectual and liberal media enchantment with Communism, writer Allan Brownfeld writes about China:

Many liberals, she (Mona Charen, a columnist who served in the Reagan White House) writes, were “…inclined to excuse, justify, or ignore the grave sins of our adversaries while always calling down the harshest possible judgment on America. Lenin is widely credited with the prediction that liberals and other weak-minded souls in the West could be relied upon to be ‘useful idiots’ as far as the Soviet Union was concerned. Though Lenin may never have actually uttered the phrase, it was consistent with his cynical style…Liberals managed, time after time during the Cold War, to live down to his sour prediction.”
In Cambodia, as the Khmer Rouge were shooting their way towards Phnom Penn, the Washington Post editorialized that, “The threatened ‘blood-bath’ is less ominous than a continuation of the current bloodletting.” New York Times correspondent Sidney Schanberg filed dispatches heaping scorn on the notion that a Communist victory was anything to dread. On April 13, 1975, just a week before the Lon Nol government fell, the Times ran a front-page story by Schanberg saying, “…for the ordinary people of Indochina…it is difficult to imagine how their lives could be anything but better with the Americans gone.”

Maybe it is not time to check our whiteness, defund the police, or destroy statues.  Maybe, just maybe, American’s should unite, check the logo on their shoes, and demand that the NBA divorce Communist China’s human rights violations.


Al Goodwyn

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