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After Trump’s Stalinist show trial, can we impeach Barack Obama now?

Written By | Feb 11, 2021
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WASHINGTON, DC: As the Stalinist show trial of Donald Trump proceeds to its inevitable collapse, its important to ask, can we impeach Barack Obama now? As the charges of insurrection are hurled at President Trump, what about the open insurrection by the Obama administration against the entire Trump Presidency? Now that the Bolshevik Democrats have established the principle of impeaching and trying former Presidents, it is clear that Barack Obama should be impeached and convicted of insurrection, sedition, and treason against the United States. (Russian Bolshevik Party becomes the Communist Party –

The coup against Donald Trump started in the Obama White House

What else would you call the full use of the intelligence community and law enforcement agencies to frame an incoming President as a Russian agent? The subsequent three years of the “Russia hoax” witch hunt crippling President Trump’s ability to fully function as President. Deliberately impairing our relations with Russia. Casting scorn on the President and the Presidency.

All with a faked Russian Dossier peddled by the Clinton campaign and swallowed whole by their co-conspirators in the media, the FBI and  DOJ. As wll as all levels of the Obama White House.  Even though they knew it was a lie. From the start.

Biden’s puppet govt. puts America at risk of being a Chinese vassal state

It is now abundantly clear that no one will be held accountable for the greatest crime in American political history. Right up there with the stolen 2020 Election.  It was a McCarthyite assault on the duly elected President by the previous outgoing administration. It was publicizing wild accusations of treason and subversion with complete disregard to the lack of evidence. (Obama’s legacy of weaponization includes the fake-news media)

It was a shadow government not even in exile. Just up the street from the White House in the Kalorama Obama bunker. Valerie Jarrett installed in the basement. Stanley McChrystal running psy-ops at the Brookings Institute.

Obama knew of and controlled every aspect of what happened to Donald Trump.

The Obama White House left a trail of open sedition and insurrection against Trump at the highest levels of Government. “POTUS wants to know everything we’re doing,” said Peter Strzok to his lover Lisa Page in September 2016.

Around the same time, Mother Jone’s David Korn was hand-delivering episodes of the Steele dossier to the FBI. All while Bond villain John Brennan reported to the White House in July 2016 that Russia knew that Hillary Clinton was peddling a phony dossier to cover up for her email problem.

Of course, this was months after Stefan Halper was used by Brennan to set up George Papadopoulos and Carter Page. Meetings that were filmed and taped by the FBI and MI6.

Democrats and Obama destroyed America’s peaceful transference of power, not Trump

Obama minions unmasked war hero General Michael Flynn, Trump’s National Security Advisor, 47 times in the three months after Election Day 2016. Joe Biden himself suggests the use of the Logan Act against Flynn. The coup plotters met in the Obama Oval Office on January 5th. (Barr on Durham probe: Coup plotters sought to Sabotage the Presidency )

Jim Comey “briefed” the President-elect the next day about the Steele dossier, and then leaked it to the press. Buzzfeed printed it several days later. They got their copy from a senior staffer for John McCain. It was all a grand design to sabotage and undermine the incoming President of the United States.

How are those actions not sedition, insurrection, and treason? How can Republicans, once they gain control again not impeach Obama for his high crimes?

Impeachment Two: Why would we expect anything but Democrat’s lies?

Dozens of Democrats boycotted the Trump inauguration. There were riots on K street. There were hundreds of thousands of Pussy Hat demonstrators the next day. One day into the Trump presidency. Trump was President 17 minutes when the Washington Post announced that impeachment had begun.

Just about the time that Susan Rice was writing her “cover your ass” memo that everything Obama had done was by the book.

Which book. Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals?

Democrats will reap the whirlwind

So the Democrats have opened the door through their sheer venality to the impeachments of former officials. Like Charles II of England digging up the dead corpse of Cromwell to display his head on a pike in front of Westminster Hall.

Their craven hatred of Trump has turned the impeachment process and the dignity of Congress into a complete farce. Voting to hold a trial of a former President in spite of its unconstitutionality and complete lack of due process is an abomination. It is the very definition of a Stalinist show trial.

Mao would be proud. As would our new Chinese master, Xi Jinping.

Yet it ignores the root cause of why people stormed the capital.

No Democrat is asking why the people were upset. Joe said he wanted to be president for all the people, but he has not convened a round table to ask “so what’s bugging you, ponyboy?”  Well, the answer, if they cared and they don’t is simple fairness.

That and the democrats vitriolic spitting in the face of 75 million Americans who voted for Trump. Who feel like the election was neither free nor fair. Who are certain it was rigged in one state after another. Or as Time magazine calls it in their confession, not “rigged” but “fortified”.

Seventy-five million tax-paying Americans are convinced of this for one simple reason.

Democrats have not spent one second denying that they stole the election.

They have not had one moment of honesty where they explained a lack of vote security, vote counting in other states, mysterious vote total changes on national TV.

The very people who spent four years lying to you about the Russia Hoax and the Ukraine Impeachment farce now are telling you there was no election fraud. No dead voters./ That all the obvious problems with illegal state law changes and signature verification didn’t exist.  Move along. Nothing to see here. It is all a  big, fat, Gobbel lie.

If you disagree you are a domestic terrorist.

Crimes against the American people and our democracy

In the face of censorship of conservative speech on an unprecedented level. A militarized presence at the Capital. A radical house leadership under a doddering Speaker Pelosi. Pelosi, who was responsible for Capitol security on Jan 6th. Who was briefed repeatedly about threats from angry citizens? Pelosi’s Sergeant of Arms repeated requests for enhanced security ignored. Much as Clinton, Obama and Biden ignored Ambassador Chris Stevens in Benghazi.

They left the Capitol unguarded. On purpose. They created a false flag operation to paint peaceful Trump supporters as the villains and thugs of ANTIFA and BLM.

Goebbel’s “Big Lie” returns with Joe Biden as the big liar

And now a second sham impeachment will further divide the country.

The Bible tells us “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap.” (Galatians 6:7) And Godless Democrats best take notice.

In two years there will almost certainly be a Republican Speaker of the House. In two years control of the Senate will almost certainly change hands. The precedents set by the Bolshevik Democrats and their reckless destruction of truth and institutional decency will rebound to their despair.  If they believe, like the fox in the henhouse, that stealing future elections will be easy.  They best think again.  The old Italian proverb by Anthony Weldon, 1651, says:

“He that deceives me once, its his fault; but if twice, its my fault.”

If anyone committed insurrection against the United States it was the Obama White House, the Mueller inquisition, Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi, the FBI, and the House Intelligence and Judiciary committees. As well as all the members of the corrupt media who peddled a lie for four years, and now expect us to swallow another one. 75 million Americans are not buying it.

Democrat behavior more resembles Robespierre and the Jacobins of the French Revolution than any sense of American Justice. They have shredded the Bill of Rights along the way to desecrating any sense of a legitimate democratic process.

They will end up devouring themselves, just like the Jacobins. They  must have their pound of flesh.  So be it.

So now that former presidents are impeachable, let’s impeach Barack Obama.

Not only for treason and sedition but for war crimes. The murder of Qaddiffi and the destruction of Libya. For the growth of ISIS. Standing by during the genocide of the Yazidi’s by ISIS and letting it happen. The slaughter of millions in a war in Syria that Obama, Biden, Clinton, and Kerry funded and supported.

Benghazi was all about buying back heavy weapons from Al Qaeda factions in Libya and sending them clandestinely to Al Qaeda factions in Syria. Yes, Impeach Barack Obama for arming Al Qaeda while supposedly fighting Al Qaeda.

And then let’s impeach him for murder, ala Maxine Waters, for the death of border agent Brian Terry as a result of the failed Fast and Furious debacle.

Remember the campaign slogan in 2012. “Al Qaeda is dead and General Motors is alive”.

Now apparently the New Democrat slogan is that Conservatives are Al Qaeda. The coup plotters and war criminals of the Obama administration are back. A participation prize for their past insurrection and sedition.

Lying Susan Rice is back in the White House as Domestic Policy chief. “Logan Act” Joe Biden is President. Peter Strzok’s wife head of enforcement at the Securities Exchange Commission.

No one of significance has been indicted for any of the crimes of the Obama administration.

Apparently, John Durham is a ghost prosecutor whose chances of bringing any semblance of justice is non-existent. Bill Barr turned out to be another Deep State actor. Burying the truth from the American people and burying the concept of justice with it.

The Anthony Weiner laptop, the Seth Rich laptop, and the Hunter Biden laptop are all held by the FBI for years, and nothing ever happens. Jeffrey Epstein has been dead almost two years and no one who appears on his hundreds of hours of video has been arrested.

The Russia Hoax: James Clapper throws Barack Obama under the bus

The coup plotters in the Obama White House have all been returned to power. While the Senate conducts a Stalinist show trial of the former President, America descends into a police state run by Radical Bolsheviks.

Where 75 million fellow citizens are labeled domestic terrorists. This is an unacceptable dystopian nightmare. (US Communist revolution: Armchair Americans can’t stop it)

What is good for the goose is good for the Democrat fascist overlords.

Now that bodies may be freely exhumed for a show trial, I assure you that the second thing a new Republican Congress will do is impeach Barack Obama. The first will be to impeach Joe Biden for the crimes in Ukraine that Democrats first impeached Donald Trump for.

Then we can move on to George W. Bush. And then send Bush and Obama to the International Criminal Court for war crimes and genocide.

Then impeach Hillary Clinton and John Kerry for good measure.

A waste of time you say? Of course, it is. It has all been a waste of time.

All for the amusement of China and Russia who look on in bewilderment as mighty America is destroyed from within. A feat they have been trying to achieve for tens of decades.  Our enemies are taking advantage while Democrats, the corporate media, and corporate America are ripping this country apart. On purpose. Right before our eyes. Demonizing half the country. Literally inciting civil war. A constant campaign of hate speech and anarchy directed against half the country.

Rest assured, at some point in the near future, the pendulum will turn.

Democrats have only the slimmest control of both chambers of Congress. There is growing unease at the Junta of Obama era coup plotters that is now in control of our government. When Republicans take over in 2022 there will need to be retribution.

To quote Senator Schumer, who while threatening Supreme Court Justices, said they will “reap the whirlwind”.

We can start the healing by impeaching Barack Obama. No ex-President deserves it more.



L.J. Keith

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