Obama’s fiddling over illegal immigration hurts African-Americans

Who's in charge here? / White House photo, United States Government Works license
Who's in charge here? / White House photo, United States Government Works license

LOS ANGELES, July 14, 2014 — “Illegal alien women and children given a free pass into America; African-Americans hardest hit.”

You will not see this headline in any mainstream media newspaper or online feed, but it is a reflection of the truth.

Despite the hope of some African-Americans that the first black president would usher a new era for the black community, it has been anything but. Save for knee-jerk reactions over Henry Louis Gates’ altercation with a Cambridge policeman and during the George Zimmerman trial, the president has mostly lectured and talked down to the black community, while doing nothing concrete to address the problems that plague it.

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How is this different from the Tea Party and right-wing protests, complaints, and commentary against this president? African-Americans are a staunchly loyal base of the Democrat party. In 2008, 95 percent of African-Americans voted for Barack Obama to become president, and this number held fairly steady in 2012 to reelect him. The president has made sweeping executive orders to benefit gays, Hispanics, and women, but beyond speechifying, has done little for blacks. Those who were relying on the first black president to bring “change” have been sorely disappointed.

Talk-show host and commentator Tavis Smiley, and author and academic Dr. Cornel West have become fierce critics of the president; they are critical of his poor response to the black community and race relations during his five years in the White House. Smiley tweeted in July, 2013 that the president’s remarks on race following the George Zimmerman verdict were “as weak as pre-sweetened Kool-Aid.” But Smiley and West have only come under fire for their criticism as African-Americans in media and other communities continue to staunchly support the president.

Then there is the president’s near silence on the horrible violence in his adopted city of Chicago. If nothing else, this should be a clear indicator that beyond getting their votes, he simply does not care about the issues of the black community. Yet the black community continues to support him.

But this appears to be changing.

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It took President Obama’s apparent lack of concern and enforcement on illegal immigrant women and children flooding the United States southern border for many African-Americans to finally take off the blinders. They are now seeing that the president’s push for billions of dollars to process and care for these illegals on American soil will rob the American taxpayer, and further decimate economically-disadvantaged communities — a majority of them African-American.

Chicago Southside residents unleashed on the president in this video by Rebel Pundit, a grassroots news organization. These residents gathered to protest in front of Chicago Police Department headquarters after the July 4 weekend, when 82 people were shot and 14 killed. The protesters questioned why federal dollars are being spent on illegal immigrants in Texas while Chicagoans continue to suffer.

“He’s going to go down being one of the worst. Presidents. Ever!” One protester said. The rest of the protesters were even more damning of the president and his agenda to create new Democrat voters from these illegal immigrants. The Southside has watched closely and seen the president’s poor record in the black community long before his days in D.C. Another protester alluded to Obama’s days as an Illinois State and United States senator, and pointed out that even then he ignored the problems in the black communities.

So these protests and complaints cannot be immediately labeled racist, or chalked up to politics, or a right-wing conspiracy. This is Obama’s staunchest base finally connecting the dots and seeing what their loyalty has bought them: absolutely nothing.

Murrieta, Calif. became the first shoe to drop in the failure of the Obama Administration’s amnesty strategy. One-hundred and fifty highly concerned and agitated residents took to the streets to prevent buses of illegal women and children immigrants from entering the town.

Among those anti-illegal protesters were a young-adult African-American male, an African-American Vietnam veteran, and a young-adult African-American female who debated with pro-amnesty advocates bused into Murrieta to counter-protest. Their debate begins about 40 seconds in. Warning: There is strong language in this video.

The younger African-American male asked one pro-amnesty protester, “If somebody brought six children to your house, would you take them in? And you ain’t got no job? What are we going to do for the people here who are starving already? What’s being changed now — today? Why are we not protesting now for the m***f**ers that’s sleepin’ in the streets in L.A.? We got our own people that are starving and hungry, and we’re sitting here fighting over more people coming to the table? Why would you add to the problem?!”

Why indeed. Democrats and much of the left want to complain about how America needs to solve its problems at home and stop trying to nation build and resolve other country’s problems. Yet this illegal immigration crisis is not only another country’s problem that we are trying to solve, but it will compound and overwhelm the economic, health, and logistical problems of America and individual Americans.

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The citizens of Murrieta were the first to recognize this, and the black voices among those citizens are particularly damning.

Houston resident Bernadette Lancelin seals the condemnation on the handling of this illegal immigration crisis. This African-American woman was interviewed by Fox 26 News, and expressed her outrage over potential government plans to rehab a closed middle school in her neighborhood in order to house the illegals.

The video has gone viral, and for good reason. This is not merely a black woman “from the hood” protesting about possibly losing government handouts or crying about lack of government help. Lancelin is a working grandmother who pays taxes and owns the house she shares with her own 83-year-old mother. She is part of the middle class that the Obama administration keeps claiming they want to help, yet the policies of this administration are the major reason the middle class continues to flounder. This amnesty boondoggle will only cause a lifeboat with holes to take on more water, and eventually sink.

Ms. Lancelin is not without sympathy for the plight of these illegals, but she echoes the sentiment of the Murrieta protesters: Take care of American citizens first, before you give our money to process and house illegals.

“I’m sorry that their parents are in poor living conditions or surroundings or whatever’s going on out there. I don’t care. I care about what’s going on right here in my own back yard, my neighborhood.

“Am I the only one in this community that’s out here that watches the news this morning?! Oh, my God! I feel alone right now this … this, and I’m very saddened by it.”

No, Ms. Lancelin, you are not alone. The other videos show, and indicate that this is more than a flash in the pan. This outrage needs to grow and fuel a movement where Blacks not only take their communities back from the government, but stop allowing government — Democrat or Republican — to define our leaders or our fate.

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  • Paul

    So you complain about govenment/obama then say we need to take back our communites. Which is it?

    • Jennifer O O’Connell

      I am not complaining about government or the president. I am pointing out inconvenient truths. The expectation of this President doing something for the Black community were set by him, and assumed by the Black constituents who voted for him. Pointing out these expectations of the Black community in my article is simply stating what is fact. There were expectations set up, the president has not met them, the Blacks who voted him into office are finally waking up to that fact.

      It is not, nor has it ever been, my expectation that this president can or will do anything for the Black community. It is my opinion that Blacks need to do for themselves–that has always been the way we have solved our problems, and it’s the only way we will be able to combat the ills of poverty, crime, and fatherlessness rampant in the community.

      What this president can do to help the Black community and Americans of all colors is get out of the way. Stop the job killing policies he has set up through the EPA and Obamacare to destroy workers, the middle class, and small business. Cut the social engineering of allowing this influx of illegals to flood the country in order to force amnesty. These would be good first steps.

      • Tee Moore

        “Blacks need to do for themselves.” That’s funny because isn’t the prez black? ok. And The black communities, like in Chicago need MONEY. He could easily supply that. We need a boost. Look how much he is spending on the illegals. He released the illegals, but what about the brotha’s in jail who were arrested for smoking weed? What about the changes to the grad plus loans that has affected the HBCU’s? His policies are significantly affecting the black community.

        • Illuminated

          I’m not sure if you’re agreeing or disagreeing with everyone because most of your comments are pretty contradicting. Anyway great article, Jennifer.

      • Mariana225

        I agree, but it is not going to happen because it is not part of the ‘master plan’ to ‘remake’ the country. Remember that the ‘change you can believe in’ was ‘the fundamental transformation of the United States of America.’ Now we are seeing that he meant to dismantle the capitalist economic system and drag the country into a Marxist economy. Those who thought that Obama was going to ‘do more’ for them got it all wrong. The federal government is already doing enough by providing the means to subsist for those who either can’t or are not willing to provide for themselves. The resources that he is taking away from taxpayers at all levels will go to the new arrivals who will provide the cheap labor needed by his ‘big business’ supporters. In the process, the middle class will be destroyed because they will be replaced by immigrants who are willing to do the same jobs for much less. Everything Obama does has the same goal: everyone will be locked in poverty, except, of course, the ruling class. So stop dreaming that Obama could and should do more for any group, because it is not going to happen.

    • Raine51

      It’s both!!!!!!!!!

  • Ricktyms

    Finally Black people are seeing this guy for who he is. He is more a liberal leftist than anything else. He knew he could prey on the emotions of Black people and they would follow him. That is exactly what happened. I am Black but did not vote for him either time because I took the time to read about his ideologies and realized he was simply telling people what they wanted to hear in order to get their votes. He cares more about the Muslim Brotherhood and others in foreign countries. President Obama needs to take care of his own back yard firts but that is highly unlikely. I hope Americans are finally waking up.

    • Raine51

      The Muslim Brotherhood wants to destroy America. They want to be #1. Am I the only one who believes President Obama is secretly working with them to destroy America, too? Something just isn’t right.

      • Ricktyms

        No, you are not the only one. I know a lot of Americans don’t like Michele Bachman but she has been warning people about this for a few years. She is mocked by most American politicians. Also, if possible read,”Blindsided” by Dr. Michael Youssef and “10 Amazing Muslims Touched by God” by Faisal Malick. I have been studying this subject for a few years and believe that this is part of Obama’s “Change”. Also Bridget Gabriel is another person who has shed light on this subject. Most Americans don’t want to believe this. Read and do your own homework and you will learn the history of Islam and how much they hate Jews and America and see us as the 1st and 2nd satan who needs to be destroyed.

  • observer

    Many of these black people who are protesting are taxpayers, too. Or are children of taxpayers. They have all the right to protest.

  • MzCaliAttorney

    The US spends plenty of $$$ on black people, they pay 60k a year for each prison inmate in New York alone…not to mention the costs of miseducation:/

    • Tee Moore

      Are u serious?

      • Norman Smith

        It’s called Institutionalization.

  • bikerdogred1

    Obama uses black people doesn’t like them and doesn’t consider himself one either and it doesn’t take a brain to figure it out.

  • Mariana225

    I used to joke that the U.S. should implement a ‘citizens exchange program’ in which this country would send the ‘generational welfare dependents’ to third world countries (to give them the opportunity to learn what REAL poverty is like, and hopefully motivate them to do better), and bring in the highly motivated poor from the third world. Well, it seems as if Obama might have picked up on my thoughts telepathically, only he is carrying out half of my idea: bringing in the unskilled but hard working poor. And this leaves me with a serious question: what is Obama going to do with the segment of the population which lacks all motivation to become self-sufficient? Any ideas? Could the FEMA camps be where they will be ‘relocated’ when all hell breaks lose between these groups?

  • Hal Berta

    Sickness and death: Illegal aliens have imported river blindness, pork tapeworm, and tuberculosis.

  • mwhaar

    The Democrats have always been against the black folks. Republicans passed the Civil Rights legislation. Lincoln, a Republican, fought a war to free the blacks. Most of the KKK were Democrats. Why do Blacks not see the garbage that these Democrats are feeding them?

    • Ricktyms

      Someone who knows the facts. Thanks mwhaar. Have you read, “The Big Black Lie” by Kevin Jackson? I think Black folks are beginning to see the real light. I am thankful I saw it many years ago after growing up in an urban city and seeing and experiencing how little Democrats cared. They only wanted our votes. No party is perfect but if you look at how the inner cities have deteriorated and ask yourself who is in charge? Guess who? Democrats by far.

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