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Adam Schiff and Democrats suffering from Failure to Launch syndrome

Written By | Nov 20, 2019
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WASHINGTON: Failure to Launch is one of those “buzz” statements used to describe a youth’s inability to transition to adulthood.  To accept responsibility. Behave responsibly.  To accept the facts of life over their demands of life. According to the Optimum Performance Institute Failure to Launch has some of the following symptoms:

  • Poor work ethic
  • Low distress tolerance
  • High expectations of others without reciprocating
  • Failure to take responsibility
  • Lack of vision (for the future or long-term goals)
  • Lack of skills needed for adulthood
  • Narcissism

Which sounds like Democrats unable to accept Trump in the White House.  Who feel that screaming at the sky will change 2016.

A three year plus effort in demonizing a duly elected President

Democrats’ three-year quest to find anything to demean President Trump and delegitimize his presidency has been nothing but a failure to launch. All led by the narcissist and liar Adam Schiff.

Supported by the equally narcissistic Eric Swalwell, whose questions dance not around the fact, but fiction and hypotheticals.  It is all quite tiring, extremely boring and, quite simply, stupid.

Sondland, as well as other testimony witnesses, say that the Vice President never had a conversation with Sondland regarding investigations in Ukraine.  Ambassador Gordon Sondland says President Trump never told me directly that foreign aid to Ukraine was contingent on investigations of Burisma.

Leaving the White House, the President reads from Sondland’s testimony:

In a one in one conversation with the President, Sondland asks the President “What do you want from Ukraine?”   I keep hearing all these different ideas and theories. What do you want. It was a short and abrupt conversation he had with me. He just said, “I want nothing. I want no Quid Pro Quo.  Tell Zalensky to do the right thing.  This is the final word from the President of the United States. That is what I want from Ukraine.”  I said it twice.
But we have to ask why did Sondland leave this conversation out of his opening statement?

Why was this salient and material comment made by the President kept from his statement, and the people?  It is stunning that this exculpatory comment did not come out earlier in his testimony.  A seriously material omission that renders all future questions as to the President and his relationship with Ukraine moot.

America’s not so civil civil service employees rise up

What Sondland does make clear is that the President was concerned with corruption in Ukraine. This is in keeping with his long-stated America first agenda. That other European countries were not equally supporting Ukraine against Russia.

What is also clear, and easily surmised, is that the Russia Hoax and the Democrats assault on Candidate and President Trump continue to try to taint the Trump presidency.  Because how could they not?

The bottom line is that the facts, as Rep. Jim Jordan says, are clear.

There is no quid pro quo, pressure or bribery by President Trump toward President Zelinsky.  How do we know that as a fact? Because President Zelinsky says so.  Because unlike his predecessor, Obama, President Trump did release and provide lethal military support to Ukraine.

Sondland’s pressure was to arrange a meeting, at the White House, between Zelinsky and Trump.  This is what is important to Ukraine.  His only concern, Sondland testifies. A meeting between Zelinsky and Trump. Trump has clearly said I want nothing from Ukraine.

Sondland identifies Zelesnky as smart and charming and that he felt he would get along famously with the President.  And one can bet, dollars to donuts, that the Presidents would have met, without condition, had Democrats not started this latest clown show. However, for the President of America to meet with the President of Ukraine since the Schiff show began, it would be a disaster for both politicians.

Because at this point, the Democrats have destroyed the President’s foreign policy with Ukraine. All because Democrats are protecting Hunter Biden. Even more importantly, they are covering for Hillary Clinton. Because Ukraine is the holder of her dirty little secrets.

And we all know it.

Just like we know the so-called whistleblower is an Obama holdover by the name of Eric Ciaramella.   A John Brennan acolyte. A Susan Rice protege. The worst kept secret inside the beltway.

Schiff, protector of Dems big Russia secret, whistleblower Eric Ciaramella
These hearings are about nothing of substance.

It is noise and air-confetti cannons designed to paint the President, as the Russia Hoax did, as attempting to benefit from the Presidency.  To keep Joe Biden from being a candidate against President Trump in 2020.

However, one very key fact in the idea that President Trump was attempting to discredit Joe Biden.  Joe Biden did not enter the race until April 25, 2019. Therefore, for President Trump to attempt to discredit Biden, he had to move pretty damn quick – because between April 25 to July 25, 2019, the President was able to in some way damage Ukraine by holding back aid in exchange for the investigation into Biden.

But what I think is this is less about Joe Biden and more about Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Uranium One, Russia Collusion Hoax, GPS Fusion, Christopher Steele and what the Ukraine Government knows about all of it.  And the Democrat Deep State Leadership interference in Ukraine to benefit Russia and protect the Obama-Clinton Deep state.

It is there. It is obvious.

These hearings, like the Russia Dossier, have nothing to do with facts about Donald Trump.

It is about Democrat’s desperate three-year failure to launch.  Remember, for all the Democrats crying over the Ukraine people and their suffering, Obama is the President who failed to help Ukraine. He sent blankets and Meals Ready to Eat instead of the military assistance.  But that was not worth their tears.

And its the same story of the political party calling wolf. When its really just them hiding in wolves clothing.

Eric Ciaramella, Brennan protege, more coup plotter than “whistleblower”

Remember DACA?  That was the end of the world.   Remember Russia? That was the end of the world. Remember the Wall?  That was the end of the world.  Remember family detentions?  That was the end of the world? Remember ICE? That was the end of the world.  Remember Sanctuary Cities?  That was the end of the world.

We are all tired of the Democrats’ tools of abstract-distract as they attempt to focus our attention on the next big “seminal” moment in their quest to destroy the President and the United States of America.

Failure to launch will inevitably become a failure to impeach. And will lead to the overwhelming re-election of Donald Trump in 2020.

Regardless of how much Chris Wallace or Matt Drudge or the other newly revealed never-Trumper’s in the media think otherwise.


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