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Can acting A.G. Matthew Whitaker restore Justice to the DOJ?

Written By | Nov 10, 2018

WASHINGTON, DC:  With Matthew Whittaker, the acting Attorney General in the wake of Jeff Sessions resignation in place, Democrats predictable hue and cry is for his recusal from all aspects of the Mueller investigation.

That is not only ridiculous. It flies in the face of longstanding actions that need to be taken.  The American people have to have a semblance that the DOJ stands for Justice and not political thuggery. Its time Whittaker acted on a number of fronts.

Andrew McCabe Grand Jury looking at FISA abuse

Wingman Eric Holder, and political patsy Loretta Lynch

It is funny how Democrats never seem to want President Trump to have a “wingman” as his Attorney General. That was Eric Holder’s self-description when he was sicking the IRS on the Tea Party.  And smuggling guns to Mexican drug lords.

Democrats are never bothered by Obama having a staunch ally like Loretta Lynch shredding legal ethics while meeting with Bill Clinton. Or Hillary being exonerated by the most corrupt FBI director in bureau history, Jim Comey. Nothing to see here folks. Move along. But having a qualified acting A.G. is once again a constitutional crisis.

Time to get some Justice from the DOJ

According to the Obama DOJ, the use of the FBI, DOJ, CIA, State Department and White House to spy on a major presidential candidate is just fine. Mounting an illegal coup against the sitting President doesn’t seem to bother them at all.

For some reason, the DOJ seemingly exists to protect the coup plotters.  And their nefarious unconstitutional acts of treason against the Constitution and the sitting President go un-prosecuted.

In 2018, hope and change is hope that a partisan DOJ is about to change. After two years of a Mueller inquisition that has produced no evidence of Trump collusion with the Russians. But there is plenty of evidence of malfeasance on the part of the Justice Department, and collusion with the Russians by Hillary Clinton.

It is time sanity, decency, and yes, Justice is restored to the DOJ.

FISA Warrants, Carter Page and spring target George Papadopoulos

Now perhaps we can see the unreacted FISA warrants that contain incontrovertible evidence that the top levels of the FBI, DOJ and State Department conspired to frame Donald Trump for conspiracy and treason.

Bruce Ohr: Mueller Inquisition is Peter Strzok’s “Insurance Policy”

Perhaps, in hindsight, we can see that Carter Page and George Papadopoulos were targets of a CIA operation. A covert criminal act sponsored by John Brennan and approved by the White House. Now it can be revealed that both British Intelligence and Australia were involved in penetrating the Trump campaign. Using foreign spies try to implicate them in acts of espionage and Russian collusion.

Accountability for Brennan, Comey, Clapper, and the Coup Plotters

Wouldn’t it be nice if finally there was some accountability for the criminal activity of James Comey, James Clapper, John Brennan, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Bruce Ohr, Nellie Ohr, Sally Yates and the other myriad co-conspirators in the worst abuse of political and state power in the history of the Republic?

Isn’t it about time that John Brennan, James Clapper, and James Comey were indicted for leaking classified information to the New York Times and Washington Post. Shouldn’t these crimes find some accountability? When will these criminals pay for their actions against America?

Coup plot leader Barack Obama just won’t go away

Indictments for Strzok, Page, Ohr and McCabe

A US Attorney can secure indictments from a Grand Jury against Strzok, Page, and McCabe. They need to answer for using their official positions to lie to the FISA Court and staging a coup against a sitting President of the United States.

Then, perhaps we can learn how high in the White House hierarchy the assault on Donald Trump reaches. Maybe now Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett, Ben Rhodes, Samantha Powers, and yes, even former President Obama will be called on fort their crimes against the Republic.

Accountability for Fusion GPS and Perkins-Cole

Christopher Steele, and Fusion GPS, and Perkins-Cole, and Glenn Simpson and the other criminals who concocted the entire Russian Dossier and their criminal allies at the Hillary Clinton and John Kerry State Department need to answer for their abuse of power.

It is about time the media pays some attention to the greatest political act of savagery in our nations history. The staging of a coup d’etat against a sitting President by the administration of the outgoing President.

Tony and John Podesta need to answer for their actions. Shouldn’t Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills and Sydney Blumenthal have their immunity stripped in order to answer for their crimes.

John Brennan: Conspiracy, Sedition, and the coming Grand Jury

Expose the coup plotters and punish them, all of them

No, say Democrats, Whittaker must recuse himself so that none of this can happen. Democrats must continue to have their conspiracy to destroy our Democracy intact, unquestioned, unmolested. What a farce.  They have been caught engaging in criminal activity. And they continue to be the darlings of a media that does not care about the truth.

Well, lets hope not. Whittaker has 7 months to correct the horrific injustices of the last 3 years. He can start be declassifying the entire FISA Memo so we can see what they FBI, Comey, White House, CIA, Brits, Australians, and Obama engaged in.

Inspector General, Grand Juries, and Acting Attorney General Whittaker

He should hurry along the numerous Inspector General reports regarding all these issues. The prosecution of Hillary Clinton for her emails and attendant immunity agreements needs to be revisited.  The A.G. should seek indictments of the leakers, Comey, Brennan, and Clapper. The reports on the unmasking of Trump officials by Rice, Powers, Rhodes, and other Obama officials needs to be sped up.

There needs to be accountability for the criminal conspiracies of the Obama Administration against our own Government. It needs to happen quickly.  So many crimes, so little time.

Lets hope Matthew Whittaker can stand against the Democrat cabal and return a sense of Justice to the DOJ. The American people have been the victims of this unconstitutional assault on our country for far too long. They need to know what is actually happening.

Now that President Trump has an actual Attorney General, lets hope can we get some answers, soon.





L.J. Keith

LJ Keith is a non-partisan commentator taking aim at all aspects of governmental domestic and foreign policy and the American socio-political landscape with an eye toward examining the functional realities of the modern age, how they can be understood, and what context to view the changing face of life in America and its place in the world at large.