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Abortion: From Roe v. Wade to the infanticide of America’s future

Written By | Feb 7, 2019
Abortion, Roe V. Wade,

WASHINGTON:  The practice of late-term abortion has been legal since 1973 when the Supreme Court upheld Roe v. Wade.  In that decision, the Supreme Court held that the right to privacy included the abortion decision. One of the Court’s most controversial decisions, the ruling overturned laws banning abortion in at least thirty-one states.

But along with Roe v. Wade there was a lesser known case, Doe v. Bolton allowing third trimester abortions so long as the mother’s health was in danger. Most people don’t understand that  this includes “mental and emotional health.”

Take a look at some chilling words from that Doe V Bolton ruling:

“We agree with the District Court, 319 F. Supp., at 1058, that the medical judgment may be exercised in the light of all factors – physical, emotional, psychological, familial, and the woman’s age – relevant to the well-being of the patient. All these factors may relate to health.”

If this has already been the federal law of the land, why is a new law even needed in New York and other states?

Follow the money. Consider that the body-parts value of a third trimester fully formed infant against a “clump of cells” as the justification for abortion in the first trimester.

These new state laws are bred out of anticipation and a need for a preemptive strike.

Since Roe v. Wade and Doe V Bolton overturned all previous state decisions regarding abortion, many laws against late-term abortions, still in the books of state laws, have been ignored because federal law has made them non-issues.

But with President Trump appointing more conservative justices to the Supreme Court, Democratic state legislators are working swiftly to firm up abortion rights to prepare for the possibility of Roe and / or Doe being overturned.

The New York State Department of Health reports that 87,325 abortions took place in New York during 2016. This number includes abortions performed on out-of-state residents but does not include abortions performed on New York residents in other states. If the federal decision by the Supreme Court overturns, the right to abortion at any time goes back to the states. When that happens, third-trimester abortions are under state protection.

Governor Cuomo has made a preemptive strike, giving abortionists, not doctors, the power over the lives of thousands of children.

How did we reach this point? How did our nation become so evil?

Part of the answer is that the frog (as the old saying goes) boils slowly. It’s easy to turn up the heat gradually so that people become familiar with incrementally increasing temperatures, or in this case, laws.  Just read the language of pregnancy termination.

Another factor is our failure to heed warnings from the great writers and social commentators.

In his novel l984, George Orwell predicted a time when we would change our speech to nullify the effects of our actions.

l984 has arrived.  In fact, this Orwellian language (or Newspeak, as he calls it in his novel) has been here so long, it has turned into 2019  and it will go far into the twenty-first century.

Some time ago, to place emphasis on the truth that abortion is nothing less than the taking of human life, Right to Life activists came up with a suitable term to describe their position, “Pro-Life.”

Advocates of abortion found a strategy of their own – “Pro-Choice.” This is understandable.  Choice is a nice word.  To say that you are against choice is to deny the Constitution and its protection of individual rights.

Is a fetus life?

If, in fact, the unborn fetus is a human being, what could be a more atrocious assault to freedom and dignity than the destruction of this baby?  “Baby?”  the pro-choicer shouts with anger, “Why that’s no baby. It’s a fetus.”

Yes, it’s a fetus.

Fetus, you’ll be interested to know, is the Latin word for “little one.”  Fetus means baby. Abortion means “termination of the fetus.” Termination means kill.  “Termination of the fetus” is Orwellian for “kill the baby.”

Since Orwellian seems a classier language than English, many wish to keep speaking Orwellian. That way, people will not feel the impact of what they are truly talking about.

But Orwell predicted another way of disguising an issue; the re-writing of history.

Here is the new history of the Right to Life movement:

“You see, it never had anything to do with concern for the unborn. Instead, a bunch of male chauvinist pigs who wanted to eternally suppress women sat around a big coffee table and decided that they were against all forms of birth control. Any man who denies a woman this fundamental right is against feminism in any form. He wants to see all women submissive to their husbands, rustling up grub in the kitchen.”

That is our new history of the abortion controversy, a clever re-writing of the fact that most of the leaders in the Pro-Life movement are women. This is not a man versus woman issue.  This is an issue women themselves are split over, even women feminists.

In fact, there is an organization called Feminists for Life, made up of people who care about the rights of all females including unborn baby girls.

Margaret Sanger’s Eugenics and Hitler

Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, and Hitler, the founder of the Nazi’s final solution, both believed in superior breeding. Sanger allegedly gave her approval to Hitler’s atrocities. Including early sterilization programs and advocated forced sterilization for those whom she considered unworthy to produce.

In a  1932 speech “My Way to Peace”  encouraging the state use of compulsory sterilization and segregation. The first class of persons targeted for sterilization is made up of people with mental or physical disability.

“The first step would be to control the intake and output on morons, mental defectives, epileptics.” A much larger class of undesirables would be forced to choose either sterilization or placement in state work camps. “The second step would be to take an inventory of the second group, such as illiterates, paupers, unemployables, criminals, prostitutes, dope-fiends; classify them in special departments under government medical protection and segregate them on farms and open spaces.”

Sanger also connected with the Klan.

In her autobiography, Sanger writes:

“I accepted an invitation to talk to the women’s branch of the Ku Klux Klan…. I saw through the door dim figures parading with banners and illuminated crosses…. I was escorted to the platform, was introduced, and began to speak…. In the end, through simple illustrations I believed I had accomplished my purpose. A dozen invitations to speak to similar groups were proffered.”

Mandatory Abortion

Some pro-abortionists would like to see the day when abortion is as mandatory in the U.S. as it already is in China. Certainly, Sanger wanted something very close to that with forced sterilization. Remember Sanger continues to be held up as a heroine by many liberal Americans.

But consider that abortion just reduces the need for sterilization and encampment by killing those Sanger and her ilk found untenable.

If that day ever arrives in America, all the Pro-Choice rhetoric will be out the window having outlasted its usefulness. There will be no more choice for mother or daughter.

But I’m confident we will have some new Orwellian lingo to smooth it over such as “necessary sacrifice for the good of society as a whole.”

Pro-Choice justification of abortion will continue

It is sad that our society justifies this practice. Personally, I am convinced that doctors who perform abortions realize just exactly what they are doing.  However, the young, frightened pregnant woman who is led to believe that abortion is just another form of birth control is not a cold-blooded killer and should not be labeled such.

This is one of several reasons why Christians who speak out against abortion spend just as much time talking about how God offers healing and forgiveness. There is always room for grace.

The New York Senate cheered enthusiastically at the passing of their new law. And Governor Cuomo, quite happy with his decision, had the World Trade Center lit up in pink to commemorate this special time in our history.

A line comes to mind from Chapter Three of the Star Wars saga: “So this is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause.”

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