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A Trump vs. Sanders Election 2020 contest? Be careful what you wish for.

Written By | Mar 2, 2020

SAN DIEGO. Too many conservatives have expressed hope that Bernie Sanders gets the Democratic nomination. They are hoping for a Sanders vs. Trump contest. This is because they believe President Trump will beat Sanders in a landslide. After all, the free, flourishing Trump economy versus the track record of government-controlled socialism will so clearly be in contrast! Plus he is an incumbent with a proven track record on jobs, fighting terrorism, stemming the boarder crisis and more.

To those Trump supporters, be careful what you wish for.

While I too am inclined to think Trump would win, lessons from the past should teach us to never assume anything.

When we assume the outcome of a Sanders vs. Trump contest, we may make an ASS out of U and ME

We are hearing from some in the mainstream media and Democrat establishment say that a Sanders nomination would spell certain doom for the party. Well, my friends, that is exactly what we heard about Donald Trump in 2016. The GOP was fearful of his nomination. The MSM salivated at the idea, inviting Trump on their shows time and time again in the hopes that it would happen.

Bernie Bros. and Bernie Sanders’ Socialism: America’s way forward?

After all, this crazy, extremist New York businessman loud mouth stood NO chance against Hillary, right? Watching him lose would be glorious fun.

Keep in mind that both men have one thing in common.

It is only one thing but it is significant. They are both populists! While Sanders doesn’t draw crowds nearly as big as Trump’s, his rallies are still big, especially when we compare them with the other Democratic candidates’ rallies.

Many people who have problems with Trump’s bull-in-a-china-cabinet personality are at least happy with our economy. What if the economy goes south? We all saw the stock market tank last week. But there is no guarantee that will be true in a week, a month or six months.  (These are the 10 biggest stock winners Monday as the market rebounds from coronavirus rout)

So the stock market can quickly turn around, and yes the economy is still good; jobs are still good, but it will still be eight months until the election, an eternity in the world of politics. Remember, Democrats say that the stock market does not positively impact anyone other than the top percent.  (‘Fundamental economic problem’: Rising stock market doesn’t lift all income earners)

Can an informed and thinking voter vote for Bernie Sanders

While no thinking person could view Sanders as anything but a threat to a good economy and a lethal solution to a bad economy, let us not be so naive as to believe most voters actually think.

For years, many of our universities have been indoctrinating students with the euphoria of socialism. Just imagine America’s financial stability in jeopardy come November with Bernie promising a lot of free stuff to people who are too emotional to ask how it will get paid for!

Not that nobody is asking.

Forbes Magazine certainly did their homework calculating up $200 billion for the Green Climate Fund,  a guarantee of  “tuition and debt-free public colleges,”  the cancelation of  “all student loan debt for the some 45 million Americans who owe about $1.6 trillion.”  (Bernie’s Math Problem)

There is an additional:

“$1.3 billion every year in private, non-profit historically black colleges and universities and minority-serving institutions, $2.5 trillion to build nearly 10 million permanently affordable housing units, $70 billion to repair, decarbonize, and build new public housing… the elimination of the $81 billion in past-due medical debt,  the guaranteed minimum wage for teachers of $60,000 a year, and the universal childcare proposals.”

Forbes goes on to remind us that “these new spending promises are on top of the $4.6 trillion the federal government is already spending.

 Bernie Sanders and Simon Legree: real and imaginary Health Care slavers

Forbes’ writer further assesses the way Sanders plans to pay for it all:

“He will ensure that the ‘billionaires pay their fair share of taxes.’ For example, he has proposed a wealth tax on the super-rich that begins with a 1% tax on wealth above $32 million. The tax would progressively increase capping out at an 8% tax on wealth over $10 billion.”

Add to this the cost of Medicare for all which the Urban Institute says would increase federal spending by $32 trillion a year.

And this is just for citizens.

None of these figures even take into account Bernie’s icing on the cake; completely open borders and free health care offered to anyone else who can make their way to America.

Sanders’ agenda is about more than finances

Countries where “wealth is redistributed” often become totalitarian dictatorships. In several television appearances last week, Sanders had positive things to say about one such former dictator, Fidel Castro, because of his literacy program.

Cuba is a Communist dictatorship where dissenters are routinely jailed or executed. But THANK GOD that due to Castro, a literacy program was started! After all, someone needs to read the obituaries! And how else will kids be exposed to such classic writers as Karl Marx?

While praising Castro, Sanders called our ally, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a racist.

This is the man who could become our president!

Is any part of America ready for a Sanders-ista government?
Sanders vs. Trump: No longer just crazy, now its Dangerous Bernie

President Trump should change the nickname; stop calling him “Crazy Bernie” and start calling him “Dangerous Bernie.”

Once again, I remain optimistic but only cautiously so. We are fools if we take anything for granted. A battle for the soul of our country has been going on for quite some time. And the split is virtually fifty-fifty.

Do not kid your self; Sanders could win! Donald Trump beat the presumptive Queen Hillary.

Work hard and pray hard against that happening.  A Sanders presidency would be a nightmare! We would no longer be the United States of America. We would be The Union of American Socialist Republics.

Bob Siegel

A graduate of Denver Seminary and San Jose State University, Bob Siegel is a radio talk show host and popular guest speaker at churches and college campuses across the country, using a variety of media including, seminars, formal debates, outdoor open forums, and one man drama presentations. In addition to his own weekly radio show (KCBQ 1170, San Diego) Bob has been a guest on many other programs, including The 700 Club, Washington Times Radio's Inside the Story, The Rick Amato Show, KUSI Television's Good Morning San Diego, and the world popular Jonathan Parkradio drama series, for which Bob guest starred in two episodes and wrote one episode, The Clue From Ninevah. In addition to CDN, Bob is a regular contributor for San Diego Rostra. Bob does a good deal of playwriting as well (14 plays & 5 collaborations), including the award winning, Eternal Reach. Bob has also published books of both fiction and non-fiction including; I'd Like to Believe In Jesus, But...and a fantasy novel, The Dangerous Christmas Ornament.