A plague on the houses of Cliven Bundy and Harry Reid

Harry Reid - Cliven Bundy
Harry Reid - Cliven Bundy

FRESNO, April 25, 2014 — Both Cliven Bundy and Harry Reid recently took to the public stage speaking in their self-righteous tones. Both have been exposed as false prophets. Both of these demagogues attracted plenty of followers before proving to be a major embarrassment to people who initially supported them.

Cliven Bundy became a national symbol in the fight against government overreach when the federal government sent in the equivalent of storm troopers and seized cattle from his Nevada ranch. Bundy’s family has tilled that land for over a century. Private citizens immediately flocked to Bundy’s ranch, excercising their Second amendment rights by bringing their guns with them.

With fears of an impending bloody confrontation, the government did not create another Waco or Ruby Ridge debacle, but backed down. Conservatives celebrated a temporary victory.

The initial problem with Bundy was that he had not paid fees required by the government. More than one court ruled against him. One could see him as morally in the right, but legally he was not. Some of his supporters felt his breaking of the law was justified, a dangerous train of thought that the right repeatedly and properly accuses the left of driving over the civilization cliff.

Bundy permanently lost the moral high ground when he made racist statements that were completely irrelevant to the dispute. Conservatives are often the victim of false accusations of racism, but Bundy smashed through the line. He claimed that blacks were better off when they were picking cotton. His remarks were vile and completely wrong. No sentient individual would support Bundy’s racial view, and condemnation from former conservative supporters was rapid and deep.

Meanwhile, another demagogue with a history of incendiary remarks could barely contain his glee at Bundy’s self-immolation. United States Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has a history of demonizing conservatives. Although Nevada is Reid’s state, he had nothing to do with this federal issue. He interjected himself into the controversy to fire up his liberal base heading into what is expected to be a rough 2014 election for Democrats.

Reid referred to Bundy and his supporters as “un-American” and terrorist before Bundy made his racist comments. Sadly for conservatives, Reid was accidentally right about Yosemite Sam Bundy. The gun was fired, and the innocent victims were conservatives everywhere. Bundy’s comments about blacks were un-American.

This does not absolve Reid. He got lucky. Usually his incendiary charges turn out to be wrong. He accused Mitt Romney of being a felon and a murderer. He claimed that Romney had not paid taxes for over a decade, a completely false charge. He has repeatedly attacked the Koch Brothers using that same slur of un-Americanism. The Koch Brothers have never been charged with the violation of any laws. Reid repeatedly refers to them as part of a “right-wing hate machine” despite the brothers having views on gay rights and other social issues that are closer to Reid’s Democrat base than that of the GOP.

Reid is also somebody with unclean hands. He has faced repeated allegations of corruption, and only weeks ago saw his own slush fund exposed. He paid thousands of dollars to his granddaughter for specious work with cryptic bookkeeping notations meant to conceal the familial relation. Reid also made racially charged comments about President Obama that were ignored by the mainstream media that tends to give liberals a free pass on gaffes.

Bundy is the last person to lead a noble movement. Reid is the last person fit to throw stones and question somebody else’s integrity.

Bundy is the wrong person to lead the backlash against government abuses of private citizens.

He is a fatally flawed spokesperson, but that cannot and must not be allowed to obscure the issue of government oppression itself. The federal government is too big, too bureaucratic, too intrusive, too abusive, and too disconnected from the real world of private citizens. The federal government must be reined in. Bundy is wrong to espouse racial poison, but those frustrated with a bullying federal government are right to be upset.

Between IRS, EPA , and NSA abuses, the Obama administration’s deeds are far worse than Bundy’s words.

Bundy is guilty of stupidity. Reid is guilty of malice. Bundy is a private citizen expressing odious opinions. Reid is one of the most powerful government officials engaging in harmful actions. Reid can regulate Bundy out of existence.

Bundy represents himself and a rapidly diminishing number of supporters. Reid represents an entire political party. Bundy lives off of his land and the sweat of his brow that comes from toiling the land. Reid lives off of the taxpayers, enriching himself while not producing any tangible good. Reid knows as much about the Bundy ranch as he does the Bunny Ranch.

Whoever supported Bundy ended up with egg on their face. Whoever supported Reid made excuses for the politics of personal destruction where the ends justify the vicious liberal means.

They both are toxic individuals who need to fade into the background.

A plague on both of their houses.

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  • Sandra Goetz

    massive amounts of WE THE PEOPLE still stand with Cliven

    • Roger Telstar

      The rest of We the People, the vast multitudes, know he is a welfare queen.

      • Sandra Goetz

        that’s hilarious.

  • Bren Pool Vignaroli

    I STAND WITH CLIVEN and his family…and I disagree with your assessment that he is a demagogue. He is a simple man with a simple dream…to live and work in America the way it was meant to be…not to become the center of some fabricated terrorist plot in Harry Reids evil little mind.

    • Roger Telstar


    • blacktygrrrr

      Harry Reid was an imbecile for calling Cliven a terrorist. However, Cliven’s comments were racist. Conservatives, which I absolutely am one, must not have tainted spokespeople. It harms our movement and distracts from the overall issue.

      eric @ the Tygrrrr Express

  • Eric

    You mean WE THE WHITE PEOPLE….

    • Sandra Goetz

      plenty of black people standing with him too, including the Marine who stands guard outside of his house. Wait for it, maybe the media will pick up on it. but, oh sadly, maybe not. they aren’t that bright.

  • J Barnhart

    So Reid was right…because he got lucky, not because the guy is a freeloader, criminal and racist…

    • blacktygrrrr

      Reid made his comment about Cliven before Cliven made his comments. So yes that is luck. If I say you are a bankrobber, but you have never robbed a bank, but for some reason a week later you do, then technically I am right, but by chance.

      If you fail to understand this point then you fail to grasp it deliberately.

      eric @ the Tygrrrr Express

      • J Barnhart

        ? He called the guy a thief…after he stole…

        • blacktygrrrr

          I am addressing Reid’s comment calling Cliven and his supporters racists and domestic terrorists. You are advocating something I am not arguing rather than address my actual point.

          eric @ the Tygrrrr Express

          • J Barnhart

            Oh no…I know (ONLY BECAUSE YOU TOLD ME) that he was guessing about the racism part….
            LOL…and he was right…

  • Roger Telstar

    Cliven is a fool of fools incarnate. It IS NOT HIS LAND. It is as much mine as his and I as a tax payer owe him NOTHING. HE OWES.

  • WRSI

    This opinion piece doesn’t deserve a lasting life, but if it did get one, it would be in some dictionary’s list of examples for “False Equivalency.” This is precisely the sort of “Both sides do it!” stuff that hack polemicists always toss over their shoulders for cover as they scuttle back under the ideological rock from whence they came.

    • blacktygrrrr

      The only people who attack hack polemicists are commenters who lack the ability to even reach hack polemicist status. Your comment lacks substance because what you meant to say is you disagree with me but cannot articulate why.

      eric @ the Tygrrrr Express

  • Del Griffith

    Um, he’s a rancher not a sodbuster. So he doesn’t “till the land” – in this case he overgrazes the forage on public lands without paying grazing fees. But don’t let facts get in the way of your story.

    • blacktygrrrr

      You have every right to nitpick, but how does that affect the overall point I made in my column? If you cannot say why, then you just wasted everybody’s time by commenting.

      eric @ the Tygrrrr Express

  • sameolbs

    Harry Reid is the face of the Democratic party. His unethical use of campaign funds for his granddaughter’s jewelry store should be enough for him to step down but he won’t. This was in the amount of $30,000. Also Reid participates in insider trading. How do you think he got rich? If you did that, you would be locked up