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A fool’s errand isn’t leaving, it is remaining in a corrupt political relationship.

Written By | Feb 14, 2021
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A fool’s errand isn’t leaving, it is remaining in a corrupt political relationship. Photo by Pat Whelen from Pexels

For any who are willing, the book The Constitutional History of Secession is a well-written and thorough examination of secession. From the Glorious Revolution forward into English and western history to the present. At least insofar as what secession means. It certainly has nothing to do with slavery as a political focus. It has everything to do with individual justice and the concomitant rights of man, regardless of “race, color, creed, etc.” (the usual nonsensical “I-am-good” bilge). He worked to separate from the fools errand of American politics

It is actually what the Declaration of Independence stood for.

But justice today is to break away from the lunatics who are in and comprise the government.

Almost universally they are lunatics or liars. There is no third way. Let them have Washington D.C. as a state—all by themselves.

No, “liars or fools” isn’t insensitive invective. It is not a “rant.” There truly is no third possibility. Who can view any of the vicious little monsters of the Squad: (“let’s impeach the MF”), or a childish old woman who stands up before congress and tears apart a speech given by a president as if she were an 80-year-old third grader, as anything but disgusting wretches. Fools are wretched.

Or who is anything but a fool who will print trillions and trillions of dollars, call it money, then spend it all over the world on nonsense and wars and votes?

Then the collapse of one of the once great pillars of western civilization will be said to be a result of racism or sexism, or trans-ism or any number of fool words or expressions created by these wonder-wretches.

Constitutional law has become a game of changeling scrabble. And the players are inimitable game-players who make up words, and ideas that suit the moment. And the referees are the “scholars,” who have lengthy degrees from our once grand universities (now illiterate swamps as well) and are themselves a collection of gamesmanship simpletons. (Biden Mixes Declaration of Independence and Constitution Into a Blender and It Comes Out Incomprehensible – John B. Wells News)

William Buckley once said (paraphrased) that he would rather be governed by the first 500 names from the phonebook than by Congress.

That use to be funny. Now it may be a reality now

Snowflakes beware, Trump Republicans are winning!

Moreover, current actions by these congressional-actors are the disemboweling of the constitution (what’s left of it) and democratizing the law in mob-like kinship.

And they are led by vicious Democrat “leaders” who are no more than public robber-barons themselves and their Republican second-teamers call them touchy-feely euphemisms such as “the loyal opposition,” or “our friends on the other side.” What other side?

There is only one side, the Washington Swamp side.

There are 535 members of congress and each swears an oath to uphold the constitution. But it is a sure bet that not more than one in ten could pass a simple 10 points middle school civic test on the basics of that document. (Maxine Waters Tries to Quote the Constitution to Attack Trump, Goes Horribly Wrong | Opinion)

The leaders could not lead without disloyal weaklings and hacks like the Republican leadership, Senate and House. They are not an opposition. Perhaps they are worse. Fifth Columnists always are.

Many in this massive western land want no more association with such ilk in Washington nor Congress

or their constituency, other than as separate governing states or nations. And at that, no friendship with them afterward. Let them meld into hell alone, or with their own democratic demonic souls.  They are calling those whom they oppose political, “terrorists.”

The Democrats’ Impeachment of the American Republic

There is NO two-party “system.” This is simply a polished lie. There is one party of Democrats/Republicans vs another Democrats/Republican. If it can be called either a “party” or a “system” the forces of justice and rights are embattled between the people and the Washington Establishment/Swamp.

But can it be done? Can the people leave the system?

That is the people who are on the verge of disgust with it from those people who do support it.

Tucker Carlson said the other night while interviewing a guest on the severity of the current situation, that these politicians are going to push some lunatic into something bad. It is difficult not to believe.

The so-called insurrection was a BLM/Antifa scam attached to the people’s assembling in legal and peaceful demonstration. The damage was not inflicted by the people’s complaint but by the animalistic soldiers of the Washington Establishment and their strategists, the Democrats/Republicans.

In Texas, there is a strong movement to leave and reclaim its former independent republic.

And its proposal will at least be presented to the legislature. Texas Republican chairman Allan West came out in favor of it. (Texas Republicans endorse legislation to allow vote on secession from US | Texas | The Guardian )

The Republican party is as failed as the Democrat party. The comparison of the two has been made before (by me, anyway): they are comparable to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

One (Republicans) is smooth-talking and would-be intelligentsia and the other is a  fast-shooting killer. The two parties together are no better than a couple of crooks.


Democrats rob and steal every day with various legislative gimmicks where they deliver free money all over the world. They have run up a bill for “the people” of between 20 and 30 trillion dollars mostly at gunpoint. No? Try not paying the so-called “income” tax. You go to jail at gunpoint. After all, who would go to prison voluntarily?

Try getting an explanation for their shenanigans.

They write (or have written) 5000-page bills which no one can or will probably ever read. Then the printing presses roll out billions all over the world while the peasants (the people) in hiding are doled out a few hundred dollars because Butch and the Kid “care” about the people-peasants.

Through their madness, or dishonesty they are stealing property, wealth, lives, and anything they can put their wretched illegally elected hands on. The two sides (the people and WES) cannot live as one in union. We must live apart or those who believe in law and justice will find their way into a constant frictional relationship that cannot survive sanity. Biden Mixes Declaration of Independence and Constitution Into a Blender and It Comes Out Incomprehensible – John B. Wells News

The problem today is the concept of justice.

As it stands now, the United States government, not to be confused with the old United States republican union, apparently believes in Mao’s missive that: “all power comes from the barrel of the gun.”

This is how they read justice. They have shown that with the commandeering of the state national guards for a sign of their power.

The “people’s house is now wrapped in barbed wire and held captive by bayonets.

And the people pay for it. Irony, irony, irony!

Make no mistake, those troops aren’t there because Joe Biden or Chuck Schumer, or Nancy Pelosi loves veterans. They like veterans only when they can use them for personal attention and help.

I know what Patrick Henry once said when offering his opinion on remaining tied to the British Empire. I know what Stephen Austin said when Santa Anna refused to honor the Mexican Constitution of 1824.

But I cannot quote them here. Big Brother is watching me. And so is Big Tech.


Paul Yarbrough writes novels, short stories, poetry, and essays. His first novel. Mississippi Cotton is a Kindle bestseller.

His author site can be found on Amazon. He writes political commentary for CommDigiNews.


Paul H. Yarbrough

Paul H. Yarbrough

Born in Mississippi, now calling Texas home, Paul H. Yarbrough is bringing his writing talents to the political arena. Yarbrough has completed three novels. He is also the humorist behind the weekly column, Redneck Diary.