A decade after 7/7, Obama speeding up training of ISIL forces

Blind to the reality, Obama continues to see the world, and ISIS, as he wants to

President Obama / White House photo used under United States Government works license.
President Obama / White House photo used under United States Government works license.

LOS ANGELES, July 7, 2015 — Ten years to the day after the original 7/7 London bombings, Western leaders have learned nothing. A precise decade after Islamists murdered innocent Westerners, a new age leader from the academic world lectured the West to be nicer to Muslims.

In 2005, British Prime Minister Tony Blair called evil out by name and demanded forceful action.

In 2015, President Barack Obama proudly claimed that he was “speeding up training of ISIL forces.”

It was a slip of the lip. He meant to say that he was speeding up training of anti-ISIL forces. The error went practically unnoticed, but what cannot be ignored was the overall substance of President Obama’s remarks. There was none.

Westerners are being murdered across the globe with impunity. America elected an adjunct college professor, and the ISIS sword is far more powerful than Obama’s veto pen. After twice admitting he had no strategy, Obama finally offered his version of a plan. His own words show that there is not even the shallowest outline of a plan’s illegitimate third cousin.

President Obama’s Independence Day opportunity against ISIS

Obama claimed he had a “60-nation coalition.” This is false. He has the equivalent of 60 students signing an online petition to protest the principal, knowing that most of them will not actually protest. He has 60 Facebook likes on a party invite knowing that most people will not show up.

President George W. Bush had a real “coalition of the willing” that was mocked by leftists as “window dressing” because it did not contain France. Those nations actually did things. Obama is a talker. He has non-binding verbal commitments from other talkers. There is no coalition. ISIS knows this.

Obama spoke of a “comprehensive strategy,” which is supposed to mean all things to all people.

He spoke about the “power of our values,” which means nothing to barbaric Islamists with completely different values. Obama really means his values. His values were going to make Islamists nicer. From Iran to Palestinians to ISIS, his values have only invited more Islamist aggression.

Obama then gave several metaphors solely designed to persuade the American people that a total disaster is anything but.

He began with “what’s working and what we can do better,” followed by “progress that’s been made.”

He listed numerous examples of how “ISIL lost” while glossing over their many victories.

We are “starting to see some progress,” simply because he says so.

Then, because he just cannot help himself, Obama blamed others for his mistakes

“If Congress really wants to help in this area” was him at his most hyper-partisan flailing.

He then made the remark about “speeding up training of ISIL forces.”

Then came the remarks that showed why he is the most dangerous Democratically elected leader in the Western hemisphere.

“No amount of military force will end the terror that is ISIL.”

He is wrong. He can repeat this statement and stomp his feet, but this statement will remain a leftist academic tantrum and nothing more. This is hope and change at its most destructive. This is his entire destructive leftist worldview.

ISIS fills vacuum left by Europe’s collapsed Christianity

He finally got one thing right about ISIS by saying that “They have filled a void.”

He created the void. His decision to withdraw from Iraq in 2010 is precisely why ISIS exists at all.

He spoke about Syria having a “new government without Bashar Assad.”

This was his “red line” in 2011 that he ignored. Once again, he offered an aspirational statement with no enforcement mechanism. Most of the world would like Assad to go. When most of the world wanted Saddam Hussein to go, President George W. Bush and Tony Blair unleashed the Global War on Terror to make it happen. Obama did the opposite, which is why the result was the opposite.

Then came the kumbaya nonsense about how we should all “work together as opposed to at cross purposes.” This means everyone should just do whatever he wants despite the failure that results from his poor decision-making skills.

Next came complete and total denial, as he mentioned the “scourge of violent extremism” and lectured that “The threat of violent extremism is not restricted to any one community.”

It most certainly is confined mainly to Arab Muslim males who kill Westerners in an attempt to spread a global Islamic Caliphate.

Another minor flub came when he spoke of “lone wolves,” even though that is impossible by definition. Tis was a harmless malapropism from somebody who is supposed to be smarter than everybody else. Obama wrapped up with more serious infractions from a political and sanity standpoint.

We must “discredit their ideology,” even though Obama refuses to say what that ideology is. He has banned talk of radical Islam everywhere he can.

His grand conclusion was sheer idiocy. Nobody wants to believe their sitting president is obtuse, but at some point Professor Peter Pan Postulate needs to just grow up.

“Ideologies are not defeated with guns. They are defeated by better ideas.”

If this were true, America should confiscate all the guns from the Secret Service and let them defend Obama with magic markers and a whiteboard.

ISIS could be defeated now — if Obama wanted to

After giving what was supposed to be a serious speech, Obama started cracking jokes.

He remarked, you know what I will take a question,” and “You guys got two bonus questions.”

None of this is funny.

His world vision is based on hope, not reality. His ISIS plan is a naive aspiration.

Americans took great pride in electing a partially black American leader. They just picked the wrong one. His face was new, but his ideas are the same failed, discredited ideas that are failing everywhere from Greece to Chicago.

The only solution to dealing with radical Islamists is hard military force. There is no diplomatic solution.

There is no coalition. There is no progress. President Obama has become delusional, a victim of his own ideological blindness. He obsesses over the world he wants rather than the one that really exists. His remarks show a man with zero understanding of human nature and how the world works.

Meanwhile, more innocent people will die while this man waxes poetic.

He doesn’t get it. Tony Blair got it. Barack Obama doesn’t.

America’s enemies from ISIS to Iran know Obama doesn’t get it. Our strategic adversaries, including Vladimir Putin, know he doesn’t get it. Our frustrated friends from England to Canada to Israel know he doesn’t get it. Even France knows he doesn’t get it. 

For the sake of world civilization, the world should pray his replacement does. Until then, there will be 18 more months of speeches where nonsense and presidential impotence are disguised as a coalition making progress.

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