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A Chinese Puzzle: Will China invade America’s ally, Taiwan?

Written By | Jul 7, 2020

USS Howard DDG-83 – Image US Navy

COLORADO SPRINGS:  Militarily, America is a blessed nation. Possessing as we do, two natural oceanic barriers guarding us against sudden foreign incursions.  Barring Pentagon military war-gamers whose job it is to worry about the unlikely, most of us cannot countenance an end to the long internal peace still safely underway.  A war here on American soil?  Simply, not happening!  We cannot visualize war.  We do not spend time worrying about war. (America and China approaching a new Cold War)

Added to that cock-eyed optimism is a national predilection, reinforced by today’s media to look at human events separately, one by one.  Most Americans do not spend their time connecting the dots of seemingly disparate news points.  Busy people have little time or patience for public policy puzzle solving.

The internet and quick news have turned us into quick-fix artists, wanting short headlines and speedy results. Never mind the pesky facts often hidden in the middle somewhere.

A tale of two protestors: How our politically fueled media fails America

Citizen prognostications and predictions are discouraged by policy and opinion makers in the New York-LA-DC axis.  They have resigned greater middle America to the ignominy of whatever it is we do each day.  Their only expectation of us is that periodically we vote.

Gradually these reporters, think tanks, and interest groups have morphed over the recent past into a bunch of self-proclaimed “elites.”  Whether or not their power over the communication outlets is exercised malevolently or by custom, they still insist that conclusions or scenarios by middle Americans are wrong, insubstantial, poorly thought out, or, most often downright conspiratorial.

The foregoing being the case, let us put forth some loosely connected facts about China from the cheap seats of America:

Strike One, the Wuhan Virus

We know China failed to stop international air flights from Wuhan Province and barred interior flights when the Corona Virus hit, thereby infecting the world with a killer disease.  We know they spent the early time in purchasing sophisticated medical equipment to deal with the virus.

Strike Two, the South China Sea

We know they are arming the South China Sea.   In recent years, China’s inventive engineering advances have allowed it to create more than 3,200 acres of new land in the South China Sea.  This has raised tensions and allowed Chinese forces to more easily project military power across the region.

On May 7, 2020, a Washington Post article by M. Taylor Fravel reports (Does the global pandemic open new South China Sea opportunities for Beijing? Not really.),

“The South China Sea is becoming even choppier. Last month, China started to conduct a seismic survey within Malaysia’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ), and a Vietnamese fishing boat sank near the Paracel Islands after a collision with a China Coast Guard vessel.”

He continues,

“A number of recent analyses have emphasized that China is seizing pandemic-created opportunities to improve its position in the South China Sea as other countries are distracted or otherwise unable to respond.”
Strike Three, Hong Kong Suppression

And last month, as reported by New York Times writers Chris Buckley, Keith Bradsher, and Tiffany May: (New Security Law Gives China Sweeping Powers Over Hong Kong)

“China unveiled a contentious new law for Hong Kong that grants the authorities sweeping powers to crack down on opposition to Beijing at home and abroad with heavy prison sentences for vaguely defined political crimes.  Communist Party leader, Xi Jinping has expanded his control over the city to quash pro-democracy protests that evolved last year into an increasingly confrontational challenge to Chinese control.”

The three reporters continued that:

“The text provided a far-reaching blueprint for the authorities and the courts to suppress the city’s protest movement and for China’s national security apparatus to pervade many layers of Hong Kong’s society. Ambiguously worded offenses of separatism, subversion, terrorism and collusion with foreign countries carry maximum penalties of life imprisonment.  Inducing residents to hate the government in Beijing or Hong Kong is defined as a serious crime.”
“Ambiguously worded offenses of separatism, subversion, terrorism, and collusion with foreign countries carry maximum penalties of life imprisonment. Inducing residents to hate the government in Beijing or Hong Kong is defined as a serious crime.”

In short, the idea of “one country, so systems” appears to have failed in Hong Kong.  The new Chinese clampdown in Hong Kong will kill forever any notion that Taiwan can be lured into a similar arrangement.

Strike Four, Beijing Media Blitz

We know that they have a media campaign that paints America and the American military as greatly weakened as a result of the virus. Kathy Gilsinan reported in The Atlantic (How China Is Planning to Win Back the World), that:

“As its global image takes a big hit, the Chinese Communist Party is using an arsenal of spin, obfuscation, hyperbole, and outright disinformation to win back its reputation.”

Gilsinian explains further that,

“Beijing has a much bigger prize in mind and a much longer-term plan to get it: The contest isn’t about who gets to run the U.S. It’s about who deserves to run the world. And China, with its economy poised to overtake that of the United States, has already plowed billions into crafting an image as a responsible global leader, and billions more into cultivating global dependence on Chinese investments and Chinese markets.”

Gilsinan quotes Bill Evanina, the director of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center:

“While the [Chinese Communist Party] has long sought to be a global influencer, their efforts today are aggressive and sophisticated. In short, they’re looking to reshape the history of coronavirus and protect their reputation at home and around the world.”
President Trump, a Problem for China Expansionism

And finally, it is no doubt safe to surmise, all reports to the contrary notwithstanding, that the Chinese must not be too happy with President Donald Trump, the first American president to reverse the good ole kumbaya days of the Chinese ripping off U.S. manufacturing and intellectual property.

Now, here comes the conspiracy part, the connecting of the dots.  Let us step out of our mainland base for a moment and consider “The Chinese Puzzle.”

With recent Chinese saber-rattling, the question is not “if,” but “when” the Chinese leadership will make the big overt move. And invade Taiwan, an American ally.

Consider, for a moment the timing if such were to occur.  America is reeling, health-wise, and economically as a result of “The Chinese Virus.”  There are riots in major democrat cities.  The young people of America, many schooled by leftist professors in the virtues of socialism and the sins of America, are in the streets, protesting the Trump Administration.

There is a presidential election on the horizon.

Trump’s opponent, Democrat figurehead in the basement, Joe Biden, fails to “see China as a threat.”

After so many years in public office, he has prided himself in the camaraderie of international relations.  Speak nicely to everyone and they will be America’s friends.  No duplicity, no foreign schemes.  Adversaries?  What adversaries?

America is at peril from Communism: We must first know the enemy

Conveniently, Democrats have chosen Russia as the main political fox to sneak into the American henhouse.  President Trump is Putin’s sock puppet, so they say.  Never mind the three-year failed investigatory coup d’etat by “Never Trumper’s.”  Or that the Democrats continue to use Mother Russia to secure the voting public’s attention against President Trump.

As they say in western movies, “Meanwhile, back at the ranch.”

As we look away to those that virtue signal and navel gaze, the Chinese are left alone to their own devices to undermine the President and leave the door open for the Pajama-Candidate to win.

Now, let us connect some dots

What if the Chinese take the plunge sometime this summer and invade Taiwan?  Predictably, America will respond.  The reelection of President Trump, already on the ropes due to the “Summer of Love” riots might become further bogged down by the pre-election military conflict.

A nice Chinese American war before November surely would redound back onto Trump, the big meanie.  Trump loses.  Biden wins.  And Biden and his globalist, clueless pals invite China back into the fold.  In the end, China gets Taiwan and Hong Kong.  And they can rid themselves of the orange man capitalist who insists on fair trade practices.

It’s a win-win scenario for everyone.  Everyone except those who wish America to continue as founded.

For those Americans, not so much.



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Karen Hagestad Cacy

Karen Hagestad Cacy, of Colorado Springs, is a former Washington speechwriter and transportation lobbyist. Raised in Portland, Oregon, she holds a BA degree in Russian and Middle East Studies from Portland State University (and American University in Cairo.) Her four novels are available on She is also the author of two plays.