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A brave new world: Fighting freedom stealing tyranny within our borders

Written By | May 7, 2020
Tyranny, Waco, Fast and Furious, Moye, Lightfoot, Cuomo, Shutdown

WASHINGTON: Once again, tyranny is afoot in America.  “Armed Texas SWAT Team Raids Daddy Zane’s Bar in West Odessa After Breaking State Orders and Reopening — 8 Arrested!” says Gateway Pundit. While on Conservative Treehouse, it is, “Dallas County, Texas, Salon Owner Jailed For COVID-19 Noncompliance” WND warns, “City demands churches turn over names, addresses, phone numbers!

If that isn’t scary enough, yet one more headline to let Americans know exactly where they stand, “If We Need to We Will Arrest You and We Will Take You to Jail,” warns Mayor Lori Lightfoot of Chicago.

The really scary thing is that these are not idle threats.

People are being arrested, tried, convicted, and imprisoned for going to work, talking in the park, worshiping God, or getting together with family, friends, or neighbors.

A tale of many cities: Lightfoot, Moye, Cuomo and an absent free press

Shockingly, these same liberal bastions that incarcerate people for wanting to earn enough money to feed their children, are imprisoning them for disobeying an executive order, not a law. This means that a governor could sign the executive order today that a compliant judge will jail you for tomorrow.  Whether you knew about the new “law” or not.

Furthermore, those very same officials released felons out of the very same prisons over fears those who actually violated the law would contract the COVID-19 virus because they were confined in a jail cell.

Most of those released felons are now freely re-breaking the law, not social distancing, nor staying at home as demanded by executive orders, or their parole officers. They fear not about returning to their cells, because those cells are now being filled with social distancing violators, and hardened working mothers.

Is there something wrong with this picture?

The thing is, as a fiction author I could have not have come up with a plot like this that three months ago anyone would have found believable enough to buy the book. Today it is reality, and while perusing the MSM, there is story after story about how this is the new normal.

The fact is, it is normal in communist China, where every aspect of your life is regulated by the communist government. It is also normal in Cuba, North Korea, and Venezuela. All communist dictatorships. It is also normal in Iran, an Islamic dictatorship.

Demanding America accept a “New Normal” that erodes our rights

The MSM trying to convince us that this is the new normal for America is nothing more than propaganda attempting to prepare us to surrender our rights as citizens. Rights protected by the U.S. Constitution. Then turn America into another communist utopia.

If we surrender our rights to these despots masquerading as our leaders, they will be forever lost. That is the gambit being played out during this Chinese flu pandemic. If they can gain absolute control over us now, out of fear of influenza, they will own us forever.

This control, in violation of our basic rights protected by the Constitution, is known as precedent. And once the precedent is established it is reused, even more harshly, in the future. Just look at how the Patriot Act was abused under Obama, due to the precedent of using FISA warrants to spy on Americans.

How this all came to be

ChiCom and the World Health Organization

It all began when Chicom disinformation, disseminated by the World Health  Organization, which was controlled by China, persuaded us that, first there was no Covid-19 transmission from man to man. Then that it was unlikely to spread widely. Finally, those PPE precautions were not necessary.

This allowed China to buy up all the worldwide medical supplies to cope with this virus while sending thousands of infected people worldwide to infect as many as possible.

And then, again using WHO as their propaganda vehicle, overexaggerated the volatility of the disease to scare the world into unnecessarily destroying their economies. China has quickly revitalized theirs because they developed this virus in the Wuhan Virology Laboratory, and knew how to control its spread from affecting most of that nation outside of Wuhan Province.

Where do we go from here?

Most of us see what is happening. We don’t like it but what are we going to do about it? The simple answer is that we will not accept this as anywhere near normal. Some true Americans are already protesting this governmental overreach.

In fact, Ms. Shelly Luther, of Dallas, Texas, is the hair salon owner who refused to bend a knee to an officious judge. Judge Moye who would “allow” her to go free if Luther paid a punitive fine, and admitted that she was wrong. Apologizing to the judge, as well.

In other words, he wanted to see her grovel at his superior feet. Then pay for the pleasure of humiliating herself. She would not submit. Her form of protest cost a $7,000 fine and 7 days in jail. Fortunately, Governor Greg Abbott has ordered her release from jail. (Salon owner released on orders of Texas Supreme Court after Gov. Greg Abbott forbids putting coronavirus scofflaws in jail)

Kings, lords, dictators, and tyrants behave in this fashion.

It is why it is written in our Constitution there can be no titles or rulers, and that government is of the people, for the people, and by the people.

Maybe this judge has been called ‘your honor’ for so long that he believes the title enables him to behave as a knighted lord. In fact, too many politicians today, most with a D after their title, believe that their honorarium as mayor, governor, representative, senator or president, is a lifelong tribute to the kingdom. It puts them above the ordinary citizen.

You know, the people protected in the Constitution. The people who have acquiesced to the government for so long that we have become complacent to governmental excesses.

When America attacks it’s own citizens

Excesses like what happened on Ruby Ridge, Idaho, where overzealous federal agents killed one child and his mother.

In that case, ATF agents entrapped a former Green Beret, Randy Weaver, into cutting the barrel of a shotgun they bought from him to 17 inches, one inch short of legal. They did this to force him to spy on a group of anti-government ranchers near him.

A group he had nothing to do with. When he refused, they served an arrest warrant, which ended up with the FBI killing the mother and child.

In the end, Weaver was found not guilty of all charges. It is the same tactic the government used against General Flynn, George Popodopolus, and others in the coup attempt against President Trump.

Barr on Durham probe: Coup plotters sought to Sabotage the Presidency

The feds followed Ruby Ridge with full-blown combined police, military assault against a religious group in Waco, Texas, known as the Branch Davidians. (‘Waco’ Deserves The Spotlight A Netflix Feature Is Giving It) While there is fault on both sides of this event, it was begun as a stunt by the ATF in order to cover for their blunder at Ruby Ridge.

It was Public Relations.

In the end, 76 men, women, and children were killed by the joint FBI, Texas National Guard attack upon the house, after a 51-day siege. Four ATF agents were also killed during the initial attempt to serve a warrant, and 16 others wounded.

Both incidents happened under leftist hero Bill Clinton, who wanted to implement meaningful gun control on America. Due to it being a leftist president, the press sided with the White House and trashed both Weaver and the Davidians, overlooking all governmental excess. (Clinton, Reno and Waco: the Real Story)

Worse happened under leftist superhero Obama with Fast and Furious, a scam intended to introduce gun-grabbing legislation.  Fast and Furious was yet another ATF scheme where they allowed gun stores to illegally sell AR-15’s and AK-47’s to Mexican cartels in order to learn where the cartels were located.

Will Trump reveal skullduggery of Fast and Furious and the CIA

The idea was to then recover these hundreds of weapons and then introduce gun control legislation due to the ‘ease’ of cross-border sales. Even though they set up the entire thing. But the inept ATF lost track of all the guns they allowed to go south. Leading to the death of a Border Patrol officer, Brian Terry.

Of course, the equally inept FBI was right there, after Terry’s death blew open the entire gun-running scam, it was learned that the officer’s murderers were being directed by them. That fiasco cost the lives of police on both sides of the border, and its effects are still killing innocents today.

One of the guns used to massacre nine American Mormons traveling from a homestead in Mexico to one in America was traced back to the Fast and Furious debacle. Women and children died as a result of Democrat politicians’ belief that the little people don’t matter.

How do we stop this tyranny from spreading?

Because most of us have been centered on raising and supporting our families we have ignored these growing signs of tyranny. But our present lockdown due to the Chinese flu pandemic has opened our eyes to a truth that has been staring us right in the face.

We, meaning all of us, must band together to stop this now. Most importantly we must reelect President Trump, along with those Keep America Great Republicans for all other offices. Not RINO’s or globalist Republicans. Not Democrats.

And then the hard work begins, we must take all of these politicians and government officials to task for their unlawful orders during this crisis,

That means taking most to court to defend the indefensible. These illegal precedents must not be allowed to stand. And finally, we must never again allow fear to overpower us.

Never again shall we trade freedom for security. Because if we do, we will have neither.




Joseph Ragonese

Joseph Ragonese

Joseph Ragonese is a veteran of the United States Air Force, a retired police officer, has a degree in Criminal Justice, a businessman, journalist, editor, publisher, and fiction author. His last book, “The Sword of Mohammad,” can be purchased at in paperback or kindle edition.