A 12-Step Program for Democrats to win back ‘Normal America’

Democrats, if you really care about Americans, be quiet and listen to what they want rather than forcing your prescriptions on them before they even speak.

Tolerance. (Cartoon by Branco, reproduced with permission. See below)*

LOS ANGELES, June 30, 2017 — We’re half-way through 2017, and Democrats have already jumped the shark. A considerable body of evidence supports this conclusion:

  • Hillary Clinton blames her election loss on everything but climate change, angrily labeling Republicans the “Death Party.”
  • Kathy Griffin blames Donald Trump and other white men for unjustified outrage over her grisly, “satirical,” virtual beheading of President Donald Trump.
  • Reality Winner sits in jail on charges of leaking classified material to the media in an attempt to bring down President Trump.
  • Ashley Judd and Liz Warren primal scream their pride about being nasty women.
  • Johnny Depp jokes in the U.K. about assassinating Trump.
  • Days after a Bernie Sanders supporter shoots Congressman Steve Scalise, Liz Warren attacks Republicans for passing legislation with “blood money.”
  • Never-ending protest marches lacking any discernable theme but pure hate are centered around “Resistance,” a term adopted from the terrorist Palestinian Liberation Organization.

The list continues to grow.

Democrats keep protesting, and they also keep losing elections. They just spent $40 million to lose what they considered a winnable Georgia House race.

Losing is a culture, and winning requires a culture change.

A shooting in Alexandria, a society eager to hate

Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton understood this. After watching Democrats get pulverized in three straight elections in the 1980s, Clinton, strategist James Carville and DNC Chair Ed Rendell dragged Democrats kicking and screaming into normalcy. After Clinton left office, a succession of Democrats abandoned his successful centrist approach, losing winnable Presidential elections.

Senator Barack Obama won the presidency in 2008 by feigning normalcy: He pretended to be a moderate. He understood that no liberal had won the White House since 1964, and Lyndon Baines Johnson was a tough-talking, anti-Communist, Texas alpha male.

While Obama pretended to be normal, Clinton actually was, at least in matters not involving sex. But in 2016, Hillary Clinton tried to be all things to all people and ended up distrusted by both sides. She was too crazy for Republicans and not crazy enough for the true basket cases supporting Liz Warren and Bernie Sanders.

Democrats can win back “normal America” the honest way or the crooked way. The crooked way is to flood America with as many illegal immigrants and Muslim refugees as possible. Obama tried to do this with some success, but President Trump is blocking and reversing Obama’s greatest ambitions.

The Supreme Court just reversed (for the most part) the injunctions of left-wing appellate courts meant to thwart Trump’s Constitutional travel bans on extra-Constitutional grounds that even involved judicial psychoanalysis.

Rather than trying to remake the entire electorate, Democrats may have to just stop hating that electorate. This will require them to do internally what Obama tried to do externally for America: Democrats need to fundamentally transform themselves.

Alcoholics have to go through 12 steps. Rage-aholic Democrats need to do slightly more.

Step 1: It’s still the economy, stupid. When voters are out of work, they listen to the candidates who spend every waking minute focused on getting them back to work.

Step 2: Nothing matters if we are all blown to Kingdom Come. Obama took the mother of all victory laps after killing Osama bin Laden, but voters were not fooled. Democrats still put multiculturalism and political correctness above national security. Former Democrat New York Mayor Ed Koch called himself “a liberal with sanity.” He understood the threat of radical Islam. Denying the existence of radical Islam is simply insane. The days when Democrats like FDR and JFK were trusted to keep Americans safe are long gone.

Step 3: Normal America is pro-gun. Deal with it. Coastal elites keep pretending that gun control will not infringe on Second Amendment rights. Normal America keeps saying, “We don’t believe you.” Changing the term to “gun safety” fools nobody. Every time Democrats push gun control, they lose. The solution is not slicker brochures or fancier words. The right move is for Democrats to just mind their own damn business and leave guns alone.

Step 4: Nobody who really matters obsesses over climate change. It is the least important issue in our lifetimes. When Normal America hears about climate change, they know it means massive government regulations and further control of every aspect of their lives. Donald Trump promised to put people back to work. Hillary Clinton promised to put them out of work. She rode the climate change train straight off the track into political oblivion. Climate change is a hobby for bored, rich white liberals. Normal America has spoken. They do not care about climate change.

Democrats double-down on a losing strategy

Step 5: Stop cursing. Appealing to Normal America requires acting normal. Young liberals who watch The Daily Show think constant cursing is hip and cool. Normal America finds such behavior barbaric. Trump got in trouble during the campaign for using profanity. He got the message and stopped cursing. DNC Chair Tom Perez curses in almost every speech to pump up the cheering savage hordes. His words will be inserted into Karl Rove campaign commercials in every Congressional district in 2018. Comedians unable to tell jokes without cursing are unfunny. Politicians unable to speak without cursing are dismissed by Normal Americans as fringe lunatics.

Step 6: Stop screaming. Massachusetts Senator Liz Warren is a progressive darling, but Normal America thinks she is unhinged. Acting like Joan Crawford in “Mommie, Dearest” is not normal. When she, Hillary Clinton and Ashley Judd did their “Nasty Woman” tour, it backfired. During the 2016 campaign, the Republican National Committee was led by Reince Priebus, the epitome of Normal America. His calm, polite Wisconsin demeanor was perfect for television. The same normalcy applies to current Michigan heartland RNC Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel. The DNC keeps choosing chairs like Howard Dean and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. They scream, repelling moderate voters. Normal politicians talk to voters, not at them.

Step 7: Stop violent rioting. From Occupy Wall Street to Black Lives Matter to Code Pink, Democrats are the party of violent rioters. They keep deluding themselves into thinking that they are peacefully protesting. They have adopted the “Resistance” rhetoric of the Palestinian Liberation Organization. They can claim to be patriotic, but all Normal America sees is nightly news reports of violent thugs looting, stealing sneakers and electronics, burning down buildings, and tossing Molotov Cocktails through GOP headquarters. Peaceful Democrats are culpable because they benefit from the violence. They refuse to disavow it because the Democrat Party needs the violent basket case votes. Bill Clinton demonstrated political normalcy during his famous “Sister Souljah moment.” Normal America looks at Democrats and sees an army of wimps who could never stand up to Islamist terrorists because they are afraid of their own screaming voters.

Savaged and suppressed by Democrats, the Tea Party was a peaceful movement based on the idea of restoring fiscal sanity. Most leftist movements fail to articulate what they stand for. If they are for everything, then they stand for nothing.

Step 8: Ignore the liberal media echo chamber. Twelve people [sic] watch MSNBC, and eight of them are conservatives doing opposition research. One million people read the New York Times and Washington Post, which means that over 300 million people do not. Get out of New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Stop treating Normal America as hicks, hayseeds, and hillbillies. They are people, and their lives matter too. The days when Normal America trusted and respected the media are gone. Walter Cronkite mattered. Rachel Maddow does not.

Step 9: Ignore Hollywood celebrities. They are politically toxic. Normal America recognizes elitist snobs when they see them and that’s what they see in the entertainment world. Not one celebrity endorsement has ever positively swung an election. No voter cares what Katy Perry thinks about climate change or Barbra Streisand thinks about gun control. Normal people know shallow, vapid nonsense when they see it and hear it.

Step 10: Stop worshiping academics. Pointy-headed, rigidly ideological ivory tower elitists vastly overstate their own importance. When Jonathan Gruber mocks “the stupidity of the American voter,” he represents everything Normal America detests. Academics outline postulates on blackboards. They theorize about people who do things. Unlike academic poseurs, listen to the people who actually do these things for a living. Having a degree in 18th century Russian footwear does not make professors smarter. It makes them insufferably boring and useless.

Step 11: Stop labeling everyone who disagrees with you Adolf Hitler or a bigot. In recent presidential contests, Conservatives saw no difference among Barack Obama, Al Gore, and John Kerry. They were all insufferable liberal snobs with bad ideas. Liberals kept trying to make the conflict racial when anyone with an ounce of integrity knew it was ideological. Hillary Clinton did not lose the election because of her gender. She lost because she was Hillary Clinton. Her biggest critics are women. Democrats keep crying wolf because they cannot come to terms with their own flaws. Normal America has had it with political correctness and identity politics. They see people obsessing over such things as lacking solutions to problems.

Step 12: Stop being anti-business. McDonalds is not an evil killer. Walmart does not promote slavery. Businesses create jobs. Businesses do things, which is more than can be said for many demagogic anti-business politicians. Bill Clinton started Americorps to promote national service. Perhaps it might be time to require anyone running for office to spend time doing an internship at an actual business.

Final advice: Democrats, leave people the hell alone. Mind your own business. Stop being control freaks. Stop trying to ban everything. Democrats are pro-choice on abortion and anti-choice on everything else. Normal America likes hamburgers, french fries, and soda. Stop trying to regulate everything Americans see, do, hear, touch, taste, smell, feel and think.

Rather than force people to care about what you care about, ask people what they care about and listen to them without judging them. Stop trying to be global social workers.

As a proud Syrian recently said to CNN, “If you really care about helping us, help us stay in our country.”

If you really care about Americans, be quiet and listen to what they want rather than forcing your prescriptions on them before they even have a chance to speak.

*Cartoon by Branco. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with Comically Incorrect.

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