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Looking back on 2018: Why we write political commentary

Written By | Dec 18, 2018
Why we write, Karen Hagstead Cacy

COLORADO SPRINGS – In today’s extremely polarized political climate, those on the “Trump Train” are intent on defending their country in the only way they know to do. Some Americans campaign for candidates. Others hold signs at rallies. Still others of us write.

There is a revolution going on between populists and leftist socialist globalists.  The latter eschew free speech, wishing to replace free thought with political correctness and groupthink.

They are violent (see Portland, Oregon and Berkeley,) and they have a phalanx of propagandists (CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, PBS, NYT, BBS, et al.) spewing leftist slogans and hatred of President Trump.  For those of us who write an article, or simply post a political opinion on social media, the response from those who hate our president can be unfriending, either on social media or in the real world.

The following is a letter sent to a friend who has been offended by my political writing that runs counter to her leftist ideals.

It is 9:00 a.m., Mountain Time.  Retired United States Army Lieutenant General, Michael Flynn’s sentencing is in a half hour.  Michael Thomas Flynn is a retired United States Army Lieutenant General and, briefly, former National Security Advisor to Donald Trump. In December 2017, Flynn pleaded guilty to a felony charge of lying to federal investigators about contacts he had with the Russian government during Trump’s presidential transition.
FBI agents and top military commanders typically talk all the time. On occasion, they are colleagues attempting to solve mutual problems. Six days into the Trump presidency as the newcomers were still locating their offices and bathrooms, FBI Director, James Comey sent his agents over to the White House to talk with General Flynn. The meeting was presented to General Flynn as a “chat.”
He was told that no lawyers needed to be present. Comey said only last week he knew he could get away with abandoning established FBI protocol when interviewing anyone in the White House since the White House was not yet up and entirely running.
In that casual setting, Flynn agreed to talk with them. He had no lawyer; Comey advised him there was no need of one. Flynn had no idea he was a target of an investigation and was never informed of his rights, (Mirandized.) As a result of the “chat,” Comey caught him out in a “non-material,” (according to civil rights attorney, Alan Dershowitz,) “lie.” Then Flynn was summoned for many hours of additional interviews. Growing lawyers’ fees forced him to sell his house. As investigators drilled down, they threatened to go after his son. To save his son, he copped to their frivolous “crime.”
Dershowitz just said on Fox:
“They are going after him because he is low hanging fruit, and then squeezed to talk and then compose. They are trying to get Trump, and they will use every means possible and squeeze them to talk. Widely condemned as a tactic by civil libertarians but suddenly they are silent. They are fair-weather libertarians when it comes to Republicans.”
Like-minded political commentators know Trump is not stupid. They believe he is the smartest President we may ever have. As I do. On the world stage, Trump plays chess. He is a problem solver. He has gotten the USA out of bad trade deals and instead is doing bilateral agreements over which we have more control and advantage.
The constant hate against him has been astounding. Even his wife and son come under attack. Decorating the White House for the holidays, the First Lady designed an allee of red trees in a hallway for Xmas. Leftist propagandists even criticized that. The trees are beautiful, by the way.
When we saw Paris burning last weekend on the Champs Elysees, visible behind the tear gas was an allee of, you guessed it, red trees. Who is stupid here?
There’s a never-ending stream of other petty slings and arrows by the haters, all designed to bring down an elected a president who champions middle America. Worse, their “Team Hate Trump” employs sketchy attorneys, biased, corrupt security service employees, and a complicit leftist media to bollox up the Trump Administration by any means necessary. Their actions have been so despicable and extra-legal, they have caught the attention of many constitutional authorities including Harvard democrat, Constitutional professor Allen Dershowitz.
Writers’ articles calling out the current slow-moving coup d’etat in America – read, trying to overturn the 2016 presidential election — are not meant to be personal in nature. We are writing against the loss of the law (Mueller and company,) the loss of constitutional liberties and the lack of real reporting except at times on Fox.
Our country and our liberties are at stake. We live in an amazing time. Moreover, we can but do our part to counter the leftist socialist globalists.
Last note: Germany is tired of Angela Merkel and her open border policy. Moreover, France as well with Macron’s socialistic governmental high taxes on France’s middle class. Italy is also awakening to their socialist dictators. Britain is attempting to get out of the EU against the wishes of their globalist prime minister who just barely missed a vote of no confidence for her open border policies.
Are President Trump’s “My Country First” policies catching on in Europe?
Populism is changing the political climate

Clearly, recent events are showing us that “Populism,” e.g., the salvation of the middle class, is on the rise. We who write are doing what we know how to do to help rid ourselves of these socialists. Wealth and happiness are good things. Low unemployment, lowered regulations on American companies and making NATO nations pay their bills, ditto.

Our writing is never personal and is indeed not directed at individuals. It is our little way of joining the fight to help save this nation.

Hoping this helps to explain what we do and why.

Agree with us or not, our voices are with the Founders. Our hearts are with the American spirit, not the globalist group thinkers seeking power. Please do not take personal offense.

Lead Image:  President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump are seen in their Official Christmas Portrait on Saturday, December 15, 2018, in the Cross Hall of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks)

Karen Hagestad Cacy

Karen Hagestad Cacy, of Colorado Springs, is a former Washington speechwriter and transportation lobbyist. Raised in Portland, Oregon, she holds a BA degree in Russian and Middle East Studies from Portland State University (and American University in Cairo.) Her four novels are available on She is also the author of two plays.