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In 2016, the masses defeated the pompous asses

Written By | Jun 4, 2018

LOS ANGELES: It looks like the 2016 election will never end. Democrats have yet to come to terms with how they lost, why they lost, and why they deserved to lose. Hillary Clinton still has not figured out exactly, “What Happened.” They are oblivious to the fact that Normal America does not want a King Pompous Ass.

The left’s newest therapy session disguised as a book comes from Obama advisor Ben Rhodes. “The World As It Is” is the least accurate title of anything since the French resistance.

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The World As It Is by Ben Rhodes on

President Obama believes that the world was just not ready for him. He was too ahead of his time. The rebuttal to Benghazi Rhodes’s book should be entitled, “Escape from Candyland: The world as it REALLY is.” Donald J. Trump defeated Hillary Clinton for one main reason.

The masses defeated the pompous asses

Not all liberals are smug elites in love with the smell of their own bodily functions.  However, sadly for Normal America, too many of them are. Normal Americans like it when politicians look them in the eye. This is difficult when a person’s nose is so far in the air that they can see France from their house.

My mother, a woman of the people, saved her son from becoming one of these insufferable gasbags. I was forbidden as a teenager from buying a t-shirt that read, “I’m not arrogant. I’m just better than you.” This t-shirt is modern liberalism, and the heart of everything that is Barack Obama.

The only way he was ahead of his time was in becoming the pre-millennial millennial, a spoiled brat with sky high self-esteem and zero notable life accomplishments.

Everything about Barack Obama’s narrative was a lie.

He was never a constitutional law scholar. He was a lightly regarded adjunct professor. He was given low marks by his students and held in low esteem by his colleagues. Despite his expertise in mastering nothing that mattered, he was socially promoted due to his melanin content percentage. Obama was never a typical black, white, Muslim, Christian or atheist person.

At his core, Obama has always been the stereotypical, pointy-headed academic. He was a typical professor. He confused being a snob with being a man of actual useful intellect.

Obama was Professor Pompous Ass.

Like most pompous asses, he had all the answers. He was right about everything. He labeled people who disagreed with him as either imbecilic dunderheads or evil regressives. Like most pompous asses, he thought his own moral self-righteousness was for the good of everyone else. He was a master of being, but not of doing. When everything he tried failed, it was because Americans could not grasp that failure was really success.

The evidence was his say so, which ended the discussion.

It was not Obama’s fault – anything

When he violated protocol in front of the Queen of England, protocol was declared silly. When he failed to grow the economy, it was because no man could. Economic stagnation was the new normal. When his foreign policy got millions of innocents killed across the globe, it was because the world did not grasp societal norms. He invented phrases such as workplace violence to deny that radical Islam existed. Despite a corrupt government led by a Torquemada of an Attorney General, he declared himself scandal free.

Like most pompous asses, he did not need evidence to prove he was right. His mere being was the evidence.

From President Pompous Ass to King Pompous Ass

Unhappy with the Constitution and separation of powers, the Professor Pompous Ass who became President Pompous Ass promoted himself to King Pompous Ass. He disliked drug laws, so he refused to enforce them. He disliked companies that donated to Republicans, so he raided those companies and fined them. He disliked reporters who failed to worship him, so he spied on them. He even had a Fox News reporter declared an un-indicted co-conspirator.

He unilaterally approved 40 changes to the Affordable Care Act after it had passed. Every one of those changes was unconstitutional. He decided to give illegal immigrants the path to amnesty because he felt like it.

After saying, “I am not a dictator,” he took the very actions he previously denied being allowed to take.

A King Pompous Ass needs help to rule over the plebeians.

He appointed Hillary Clinton to be Princess Pompous Ass. After she got innocent Americans killed, John Kerry was hired to be Prince Pompous Ass. Kerry eagerly began planning to surrender to Iran and help them get a nuclear bomb. He declared the Iran deal a success simply because he said so.

Americans kept trying to let President Obama gently know that he was getting too full of himself. In 2010, they took away his House of Representatives. In 2014, they took away his Senate. In 2015, candidates and propositions representing his values were defeated in state and local elections coast to coast. Every time Obama was rejected, he tripled down and explained why he was right and everyone else was wrong.

By 2016, Americans had become weary of this man who spoke of hope and change but governed by vengeance and rage.

The only thing slower than economic growth was Obama’s personal growth, forever stunted and left behind in the faculty lounge. Like the worst of the pompous ass professors, he could lecture others on end about everything while being able to personally understand nothing.

Then came the 2016 Presidential election. Princess Pompous Ass Hillary Clinton was determined to become Queen Pompous Ass. All she had to do was steamroll over those pesky ordinary voters as Obama had done. Unfortunately for her, she was no blank slate. Voters had 25 years to determine that she was unlikable, inflexible, abrasive, condescending, insufferable, grating, unpleasant, unethical, unworkable, and frumpy.

Obama in 2008 had zero successes, but he had yet to accumulate a litany of spectacular failures. Hillary had the lack of successes and the massive failures combined. Like Obama, she was bad at everything.

Unlike Obama, she was unable to hide her inability to be good at anything.

The Pompous Ass Agenda vs. Normal America’s Agenda

Normal America wanted jobs. The pompous asses spoke about climate change. Donald Trump visited Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. The pompous asses campaigned mostly in New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Princess Pompous Ass barely campaigned at all, preferring afternoon naps to meeting with those pesky voters.

Trump insisted that he could bring back robust economic growth. The pompous asses insisted that the public government sector of slow growth was the modern reality. Trump vowed to crack down on illegal immigration. The pompous asses labeled anyone who wanted secure borders a racist. Trump vowed to crush ISIS. The pompous asses called such rhetoric barbaric.

Trump vowed to get government off of people’s backs and out of their way. The pompous asses warned of societal collapse without their massive taxation, regulation, and crony capitalism.

Normal America’s results are in.

The Trump policies, also known as anti-Obama policies, are clearly working. Growth has skyrocketed. America’s enemies are nervous. American hostages kidnapped during the Obama administration are being returned home. The jobs are back. The confidence in America is back. The masses are happy. The pompous asses remain defiant.

They are left to argue among themselves over whether to give themselves credit for recent successes or deny those successes even exist.

Barack Obama was not ahead of his time. His packaging was new and different, but his ideas were as old and stale as the rectal belchings of your below-average pompous ass professor. He was Katy Perry, but with less substance. He was The Spice Girls, but less serious. He was Paul Krugman, but less furry. He was the love child of Thomas Friedman and Jayson Blair, a combination of vapid obtuseness and pseudo-intellectual fraud.

He was in love with himself and impervious to those questioning his catastrophic policies. Voters were weary of his malodorous self-gratulance.

All of the horses and all of the men, could not rebuild the Pompous Ass reign

When his chosen successor was even worse than he was, the masses finally overwhelmed the pompous asses. All of King Pompous Ass’s horses and men could not put Princess Pompous Ass Harpy Dumpy back together again.

Let Ben Rhodes write his silly little book. The overgrown adolescent he worked for needs constant validation. With every executive order that gets revoked, the pompous asses are pushed one step closer to irrelevance. Outside of the media, Hollywood, and academia, nobody listens to these failed human beings anymore. The dignity of the human man has been restored.

The American dream has returned. The pompous asses have been given the mother of all pin-pricks.

That sound you hear is the last ounces of an empty balloon’s gasses, leaving and taking with it America’s once potent pompous asses.

Eric Golub

Brooklyn born, Long Island raised and now living in Los Angeles, Eric Golub is a politically conservative columnist, blogger, author, public speaker, satirist and comedian. Read more from Eric at his TYGRRRR EXPRESS blog. Eric is the author of the book trilogy “Ideological Bigotry, “Ideological Violence,” and “Ideological Idiocy.”