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2016 – 2020: What four years of Democrats’ lies will cost Nancy Pelosi

Written By | Jan 14, 2020
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WASHINGTON: Speaker Nancy Pelosi has lost the last shreds of credibility with the unending Democrats lies and the House’s latest Impeachment stunt. And she has no one to blame than herself. Well, she can blame Adam Schiff, the Squad and House Colleagues whose only goal is to destroy President Trump, but in reality, the Speaker has the coveted gavel. Pelosi could have stopped any and all of this Impeachment nonsense before it began.

Retaining her now tarnished reputation as a savvy politician. She is now seen as being manipulated by her party and Adam Schiff’s overwhelming hate for Donald Trump. As Sean Hannity is fond of saying “She is Speaker in name only.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is running that party.

Americans are not blind. They know that the Democrat party, well before his inauguration, had Trump in their sites. Maxine Waters screaming “Impeach #45.” Al Green saying “This president must be impeached so he does not win.”

Then there is Adam Schiff lying to congressional colleagues, and America, as the Chairman of the Impeachment Hearings. Schiff lying by saying the call the President made was a “classic organized shakedown.”  Only Schiff failed to read the President’s words, instead offering the “essence” of what he wished the President had said. Saying that his interpretation is what the President “meant to communicate”:

Only most of America yell foul on Schiff’s abuse of his role as Chairman.  That you cannot just “make it up” in order to destroy a President.

The DNC Conspiracy against Trump

Americans are not forgetting that the DNC conspiring first to guarantee the election of Hillary Clinton and then to remove President Trump. That they weighted the 2016 elections in Hillary Clinton’s favor by disavowing Bernie Sanders as a viable candidate.  Sanders was shuttled, discredited as a legitimate candidate.

Sticking with Hillary Clinton: #SandersSellout

Had they not done that, he may have been the Democrats front runner in 2016 as he is in 2020.

(Bernie Is Now Leading Iowa According to the Best Poll in the Game)

DNC Conspiring to ensure Hillary Clinton’s 2016 win

The women of the DNC being the chief manipulators of the 2016 election. DNC Chairwoman, Donna Brazile, fed candidate Clinton the questions to be asked during the Presidential Debates, which is hardly fair, even in a political battle.

But that all seems rather mild when you start to scratch the surface of the Democrats Duplicity.  In 2017 excerpts from her book, Brazile says that after she took over the Democratic National Committee, she investigated “whether Hillary Clinton’s team had rigged the nomination process” through the DNC, and discovered evidence that they did. “I had found my proof and it broke my heart,” she wrote.

Debbie Wasserman – Schultz and IT Aide Pakistani National, Imran Awan

DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz allowed Pakistani National, Imran Awan, to act as the Democrat IT Aide. At the height of the 2016 Presidential Election, the DNC was hacked. Then Congressional Police caught Awan hacking Congressional Accounts. He was accessing documents he did not have clearance for.

He was hacking, stealing, and then threatening to blackmail House members. Which may be part and parcel of why Democrats, led by Wasserman Schultz are so busy trying to make this scandal just go away.  They do not know what Awan knows.

Awan has fled to Pakistan, along with his wife, family and suitcases of cash. All while he continued to use a ‘back door’ to log into and peruse House correspondence, removing data from the House network.

Awan’s arrested, her laptops recovered: Why is DWS so angry?

Democrats are busy trying to keep this scandal hidden. When Wasserman-Schultz laptop computer was found by Congressional Police, allegedly left in a phone booth by Awan, Wasserman-Schultz threatened the police, demanding its return.

There is more to this story. Hopefully, it is on the Attorney General’s to-do list.

Democrats lies and conspiracies against Donald Trump

Still fresh in American’s minds, and search results are the DNC conspiring to spy against Candidate Trump. Including the DNC law firm, Perkins Coie, meeting with a “top FBI official” to discuss allegations that they knew were at best unverified, but in truth were fabricated lies and fallacies.

Or that the Hillary Clinton’s campaign paid Fusion GPS and Christopher Steel, to compile a dossier of fake intelligence alleging that Donald Trump, and his campaign, were colluding with Russia to hijack the 2016 election.

Delusional Hillary Clinton: Her endless Stalinist meddling in US elections

That America’s leaders of our top intelligence agencies – the FBI and DOJ – lead by James Comey, John Brennan and James Clapper and including operatives such as Bruce and Nellie Ohr, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page – conspired to create documents that were nothing but palaver – idle lies and fallacies – that they presented to the FISA courts as verified truths.

That neither the Robert Mueller and Horowitz reports did not give Democrats the results that they promised (lied to) Americans they would.

Impeach 45, Impeach 45

The House Judiciary Committee has published nebulous Articles of Impeachment against the President. Democrats lies claim that the President is guilty of Abuse of Power in connection to the 2019 conversation with newly elected President and Obstruction of Justice because he refused to bow down to their demands for witnesses and documents.

In the Mueller report, it is made clear that the obstruction-of-justice statute requires corrupt intent as an element of the crime. Mueller notes that corrupt intent can be alleged by the conduct itself. However, where there is a plausible legitimate governmental motive for an official’s conduct, that inference might not be possible.

The cliff that Democrats impeachment fraud will drive America over

In such cases, the element of corrupt intent must be established separately—a difficult evidentiary challenge. Mueller left the issue of Trump’s intent up to Congress. And the House failed because The President did release the transcript of the call which clearly shows no verbalized intent to harm Ukraine.

Then during what seemed never-ending proceedings, they were unable to find one legitimate witness to the Abuse of Power claim in reference to the Ukraine phone call.

As to the Obstruction of Justice, there are procedures a President takes to protect the Oval Office. This is not obstruction so much as protecting the business of the President. The office of the President relies on having a Judge review requests to determine if documents, or witnesses, should be compelled. Why? Not to hide information, but to protect the President’s ability to have open and free conversations with his advisors.

But Pelosi demanded that after nearly two and half years of trying to find a reason for Impeachment, the time was now immediate, that the President was a national security risk. More Democrats lies.

Then following the House Impeachment vote, she has sat on those articles for nearly a month.

Senate Trial is imminent

Speaker Pelosi claims that she will have a House vote to hand over the articles to the Senate tomorrow. The articles of impeachment will be put on parchment paper, set in a special cherry wood box, and walked over to be presented to the Senate.

We can anticipate the trial to start next week. (McConnell announces impeachment trial to start next Tuesday) While Pelosi has not identified who will represent the House, presenting their argument to the Senate, White House counsel Pat Cipollone and Jay Sekulow, a private attorney who represented Trump during the Russia investigation, will make arguments before the Senate in defense of the President.

What Nancy is losing

Beyond her reputation, Nancy Pelosi will most likely lose the Speakers gavel in 2020, if not her seat as she is being challenged by Agatha Bacelar (D), Shahid Buttar (D), Tom Gallagher (D), John Dennis (R) and DeAnna Lorraine (R) are all is running for election to the U.S. House to represent California’s 12th Congressional District. With the travesty of what is happening in her district, Pelosi may very well lose.  The primary election is on March 3, 2020. (California’s homelessness increase ​is higher than all other states combined)

It would be interesting to see if Trump could campaign for Dennis and Lorraine, capturing the votes of California independents and libertarians to take over Pelosi’s seat.  Wouldn’t that be fun to watch?

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