2015 Elections: Normal America beats Basket Case America

Liberals can blame low turnout, the whiteness of the electorate, the designated hitter rule, and any other number of excuses, but they got shellacked. Again.


LOS ANGELES, Nov. 4, 2015 — The 2015 election results are just as definitive as the 2014 returns. Democrats got their heads and their hides handed to them.

Liberals can blame low turnout, the whiteness of the electorate, the designated hitter rule and any other number of pre-planned excuses. They got shellacked. Again. Normal boring Americans have shellacked Basket Case America once again.

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The left has never figured out that many people in America who like President Obama personally dislike his policies. His re-election was not an endorsement of fundamentally transforming America into a European-style social democracy. Elections 2014 and 2015 are a clear message to those running for president in 2016.

The battle lines are no longer just Republicans against Democrats or even conservatives against liberals. The fight for the heart and soul of this country has become a struggle between Normal America and Basket Case America.

Basket Case America will never stop violently protesting, never stop trying to take away all of our freedoms and never stop making excuses for their failures. Self-awareness and self-reflection are non-existent in Basket Case America. The election results of 2015 clearly showed that Normal America has had enough and is pushing back.

KENTUCKY: Republicans won in a landslide. Kentucky usually votes Republican at the presidential level but frequently elects a Democrat as governor. Not this time. Gov.-elect Matt Bevin and Lt. Gov.-elect Jenean Hampton are both very conservative. They certainly are not from the establishment wing of the GOP.

Bevin is a proud evangelical Christian and tea party candidate. Hampton is a tea party candidate married to a military man. Hampton is also the first black woman elected statewide in Kentucky. Democrats are not expected to celebrate the diversity and multiculturalism she brings to the table.

Bevin was trailing late, but this race turned on the mislabeled Affordable Care Act. Obamacare is collapsing and has now punished Democrats in 2010, 2014 and 2015. Most Americans were happy with their pre-ACA healthcare.

Obama should have pushed cost containment. Instead he went for universal coverage, creating a wealth-redistribution scheme that has harmed far more people than it has helped. Normal America is pleading with their government to leave them alone and just give them their old healthcare back.

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VIRGINIA: Gov. Terry McCauliffe was supposed to be a moderate Democrat. Then former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg got hold of him. Democrats again decided to push gun control outside of New York and California. They tried this in 1994 and 2014 and were ruthlessly punished at the polls.

Rather than pick up seats, the Virginia legislature remains safely in Republican hands with a possible net gain.

Normal America does not want gun control, now being relabeled “gun safety.” Liberals have a habit of changing the names of unpopular failed ideas. Global warming becomes climate change, gun control becomes gun safety, and progressives become liberals and then become progressives again. The ideas remain awful. There will be no anti-gun zealotry in Virginia.

OHIO: A combination of leftists and Libertarians wanted to legalize marijuana. After all, the best way for government to take advantage of the people is to incapacitate them. The stoners love to pretend that marijuana is harmless. There is not a single positive contribution to society that results from more people getting stoned.

While some conservatives are willing to consider legalizing medicinal marijuana, recreational marijuana legalization was rejected by a two-to-one margin.

Normal America does not want more drug addicts. Normal America wants more people who contribute to society by going to work, holding a job and paying taxes. Ohio college students will have to just get high on life for now.

TEXAS: The Houston mayor is a lesbian who wanted to push a radical gay agenda that can best be described as anti-heterosexual. Gay marriage is the law of the land. Laws on the books already prevent discrimination. Gay America has won, but leftist gay activists cannot stop fighting, declare victory and go home. Leftists falsely labeled their law an equal rights law, because the word equality polls well.

The law enacted by the city council would have allowed sexual predators to go into women’s bathrooms. The citizens by referendum decided that an increase in sexual assaults was a bad idea. The repeal of Houston’s law was ahead by 25 points. Texas may be conservative, but Houston is a liberal city.

Normal America is not anti-gay, but they are tired of the left playing the gay card to blur the lines between the genders. Normal America also wants to protect people from becoming crime victims. Basket Case America tends to favor coddling criminals and giving them access to more victims in the hopes the criminals will just wake up one day and become nice.

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CALIFORNIA: Even San Francisco leftists have had enough of their own. The local sheriff has doggedly refused to enforce immigration laws. He wants San Francisco to remain a sanctuary city, even though the very concept is illegal. The death of Kate Steinle at the hands of an illegal immigrant with a long criminal history did not move the sheriff or city council. Thankfully, the few remaining sane people in San Francisco decided that they do not want to die. It is easy to be a pro-crime leftist when inner city blacks are being killed. When wealthy white liberals die, leftists all of a sudden notice crime.

Normal America is not anti-Mexican, but it is anti-crime. Illegal immigration by sheer definition is an act of law-breaking. Americans want their laws upheld. San Francisco may be tailor made for violent protesters in Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, Code Pink, and every other bloc of the Basket Case America coalition. Even San Francisco knows that it is difficult to make progressive social change when the city cannot keep its own citizens safe. Now that the last gun manufacturer has been driven out of the city, expect more crime. Banning guns and providing sanctuary for illegals is a recipe for more crime and more illegalities.

NATIONWIDE: The 2014 and 2015 results do not mean that Normal America is out of the woods yet. Democrats have taken every step possible to rig the 2016 election. Massive waves of illegal immigration, an even more massive influx of Syrian refugees and the release of thousands of criminals from prisons across the country is all about increasing the number of Democratic votes. Democrats refuse to change their policies and the voters refuse to embrace those policies. The only thing left for the left is to change the voters. Presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton has access to billions of dollars in foreign contributions that can be illegally funneled through the Clinton Global Foundation. With Obama in office and a partisan IRS, the flow of money will not be discovered until long after the 2016 election is over.

Basket Case America is down, but never out. Normal America is right on the issues, but that may not be enough. It only takes a small minority of zealots to destabilize an entire world. If Normal America does not keep pushing back, Basket Case America will burn everything to the ground in the name of progress.

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