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2014: The year the Western world rejected Big Government

Written By | Nov 9, 2014

WASHINGTON, November 9, 2014 — In 2009, the Western world overwhelmingly embraced Big Government. President Obama, the most statist man to win the American presidency since Woodrow Wilson in 1912 had just recently been elected, and the Democrats had been elected to filibuster proof majorities in both the Senate and House of Representatives; Francios Hollande was the first socialist elected as President of France in over 40 years; and, the Big Government eurocrats had a very strong showing in the European elections leading to a huge majority in the European Parliament.

The international statist movement was such a success that NewsWeek magazine released an edition with the headline “We are all socialists now.” The accompanying article was about how Republicans and conservative ideas were no longer relevant and how statists worldwide had won the war of ideology.

In the five years since 2009’s Big Government revolution, statist policies have predictably resulted in spectacular failures in every aspect of President Obama’s governance: his foreign policy of accommodation and diplomacy has sent a signal of weakness to our enemies and allies; he has added over 7 trillion dollars to the federal debt with absolutely nothing to show for it; his signature achievement- Obamacare – is a joke and suffers from extremely low approval ratings; his job approval numbers, even considering the fawning media, are so bad that four Democrat candidates for Senate in this last cycle refused to say whether they voted for him in 2008 and 2012.

The outcome of the 2010 and 2014 elections, and the resulting Republican majorities in both houses of Congress, reflect just how wrong all of the statist pundits like NewsWeek magazine were, and serve as a harsh reminder that statist policies will always result in failure, misery and ruin.

America is not alone in repudiating the Big Government welfare state in 2014. A wave of populism has taken root in many, if not all, of the Western European countries as well.

Since its inception, the European Union, which is made up of 27 countries in Western and Eastern Europe, has gradually yet consistently broken down the sovreignty of its individual member states in a way that is very similar to what Obama is doing to state sovreignty in America. The EU was created following World War II in an attempt to begin the healing process that had to occur after Hitler and the Nazis were defeated. It was originally just intended to be a trading bloc, designed to facilitate trade between the nations of Western Europe.

The EU today has fundamentally transformed itself from the common trading bloc that it was originally intended to be to a tyrannical, power-hungry bureaucracy that is determined to stomp out any sign of national sovereignty in its member states. For example, 75% of a member state’s laws are now created in by the European Union and the member states have no veto power over them; the European Court of Human Rights is the ultimate authority on legal issues; immigration between the 27 countries is regulated completely by the European Union and every country must allow other EU member countries’ citizens to live, work and collect welfare in any country within the EU at the host country’s expense (and with the EU’s recent inclusion of the extremely poor countries of Bulgaria, and Romania, this policy is resulting in a terrible drain on wealthier countries like the UK, Germany, and France).

In May of 2014, 21 of the 27 countries that are members of the European Union participated in electing MEPs (Members of the European Parliament) in the European elections. In many of these countries – particularly the Western European countries – eurosceptic, anti-establishment parties out performed expectations and, in the United Kingdom, France, Greece, and Denmark parties that advocated for leaving the European Union shockingly topped the polls.

UKIP (the United Kingdom Independence Party) was the first party other than Labor or the Tories to win a national seat in the last 50 years in the UK; the National Front in France went from single digits in the 2009 European elections to winning in France with over 27% of the vote; the Danish People’s Party skyrocketed in the polls in Denmark and won the election; and, anti-EU parties in Greece, the Netherlands, Italy and Germany also faired much better than expected in the elections, shocking the statist establishment.

In local elections, the anti-establishment parties have also done exceptionally well in many Western countries. President Hollande of France and his socialist party have dramatically fallen in approval polls and, in all polling regarding the French presidential election, Hollande is predicted to lose to Marine Le Pen, the leader of the eurosceptic party, National Front.

Additionally, Nigel Farage and his eurosceptic UKIP, were expected to suffer a dramatic drop in public support in UK local elections, as most people believed UKIP was only a protest vote for most of the voters in the European elections. However, when the public was asked about who they would vote for in local electiIn what has become a shock to the establishment, UKIP is polling much higher than expected when voters are asked about who they will support in the 2015 local elections. Additionally, UKIP has won two state-wide elections for parliament since the European elections in May.

As this trend continues to expand, one of two things will occur: there will either be a revival of free market capitalism and the American dream leading to decades of prosperity, similar to what happened in the early 1980s with Reagan and Thatcher leading the West, or, Obama and the EU bureaucrats will succeed in doing everything in their power to stomp out any dissent and continue to expand the reach of their failed, statist ideology causing America – and the rest of the free world – to fall into tyranny and hopelessness. These next two years will determine which path America and the West will choose. If these 2014 election results in the Western world are any indication, however, the future looks bright for the believers in freedom and liberty.

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