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Signing Santa brings mall shoppers to tears with a bit of magic

Written By | Dec 8, 2015

WASHINGTON, December 8, 2015 – Santa Claus is a special guy. Forget the fact that he can visit so many children on Christmas Eve. Or that he can be in so many different malls at one time!

The magic of Santa is love.

So no one should have been surprised by the young child visiting Santa at a British mall. As the child sat on Santa’s lap, mom explained that the little girl had a hard time talking due to deafness.

Asking mom if the young girl could sign, Santa tapped the tot on the shoulder and began speaking to her in sign language. The girl answered back in sign, her face bright with the joy of being able to communicate her deepest wishes with the big red guy.

The conversation was caught on camera and posted by the mall.

“It was incredible,” said Graeme Skillen, the Cleveland Shopping Centre manager who witnessed the exchange along with hundreds of visitors, mall staff and security members.

“As soon as it happened, the whole area just went silent. Everyone was just spellbound by it. People were crying in the crowd,” he said. “Members of our security staff were almost crying. It was just an amazing moment.”

Skillen says that the Santa at the Middlesbrough mall has been with them for the last four years.

Jacquie Kubin

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