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Trump’s gift to America: A Patriot movement hungry for truth

Written By | Jan 20, 2021

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SAN DIEGO: A dignified farewell to Donald Trump’s amazing presidency brought a mix of tears, anger, and resolve to fight corruption. We know Donald Trump as a fighter and can deduct that what he does “is in the best interests of his people.” If he’d taken bold action to arrest the traitors, thieves, and Obamagate criminals, patriot blood may have stained the streets. No one wants that. Note that Trump faced a feckless Congress, a compromised Pentagon, a rogue FBI, and activist federal courts against him. The rejection and disloyalty ignite a hunger for truth and justice within the patriot movement he leaves behind.

We don’t need convincing that we were deceived.

The criminal actions against President Trump weren’t acted upon before the election as proven in fake Russia hoaxes, riots, and endless criminal cover-ups in government. Tucker Carlson on his show yesterday talked about Julian Assange, an international journalist, and John Kiriakou, a former CIA officer. Although he wasn’t sure of either man’s politics, he said “both men went to jail for telling the truth.” Neither stole classified documents from the U.S. government, nor hacked into anything. (Video has been banned  – but we will leave this 1984 reminder here)

Tucker Carlson with Pamela Anderson on an Assange Pardon…

(video via Rumble, who does not censor as YouTube does.)

Assange brought Americans the “information they had a right know,” says Carlson. The truth about how the  Democrats rigged the 2016 election against Bernie Saunders. Lies build upon more lies making it nearly impossible to uncover the truth. Kiriakou simply told the truth about what the military and our Intel agencies were doing during the Iraq War. A war Biden championed. From war policy, to China, to Hunter, Biden proves he is unfit for command

“If you say something true you should not be punished, because we should value truth above all,” says Carlson.
Trump even at this hour is trying to give truth to his people.

Epoch Times reports President orders declassification of Crossfire Hurricane investigation documents, “portions of which were classified and not released to Congress or the public, Trump said in a memorandum for the attorney general, the director of National Intelligence, and the director of the CIA,” says Epoch Times.

“The FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane counterintelligence investigation into the 2016 Trump campaign was launched in July 2016 to investigate allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential elections, including possible links between Russia and any political campaigns.”

“FBI Director Robert Mueller. By April 2019, he concluded that the investigation found no evidence to establish that Trump or his campaign had knowingly conspired or coordinated with the Russian government to sway the outcome of the election.”

When the matter of truth is a threat to national security.

Americasdirtylaundry reported the following about the Osama bin Laden raid in May 2011:

“The whole thing was set up by the administration to pump up Obama’s numbers leading up to the 2012 re-election.”

“VP Joe Biden’s statement that it was SEAL Team 6 who had killed Bin Laden set those men up “for the kill.”

Conservative Daily Post reported October 2020:
“Yesterday, President Trump retweeted claims that a CIA whistleblower has evidence that Obama and Joe Biden were involved in a payoff to Iran that was designed to cover up the deliberate murder of Seal Team 6.”

Highly-trained American warriors were set up called to reinforce an engaged Army Ranger unit under fire in the Tangi Valley, Afghanistan. “Extortion 17 resulted in 38 deaths, including nearly two dozen Navy SEALs. Many of these SEALs were made famous, credited with the killing of Osama bin Laden, says Freedom Outpost. (Extortion 17 is a Bigger Scandal and Betrayal than Benghazi)

Obama lied about how it went down.

Nicholas Noe a USAF Veteran, sought out Allan Harrow Parrot, a CIA Whistleblower, after truth about the Chinook crash and offered a series of tweets from Parrot in DJHJ Media. (DOCUMENT DUMP: UPDATE CIA Whistleblower Parrot Makes Good on Promise-Story of Seal Team 6 and Biden’s Alleged Involvement)

Noe also made a video with Charles Woods, father of TY Woods, who was killed at the Benghazi compound in Libya.

“In the video Parrot made promises to release to Woods shocking documents, audio and video to prove that Joe Biden was involved in shocking crimes and betrayal, along with Hillary Clinton, John Brennan, Leon Panetta and Bill Richardson involving the death of Osama Bin Laden and Seal Team 6,” says DJHJ Media.

“A heavy price has been paid for what we are uncovering, and millions of people want to see,” Parrot said.

The documents were delivered to a “Congress Person” for evaluation, reported DJHJ media October 12.

The circumstances surrounding the crash are suspicious to say the least.

Extortion 17 suicide mission is full of holes, unanswered questions. There were no drone or satellite eyes in the sky focused on the Chinook. Especially one with so many Special Operation Forces packed into a single helo. The Chinook was old and slow and noisy; it hovered unusually long over the eventual crash site. Seven Afghan commandoes were replaced last minute and the flight manifest never listed who they were. The SEALs bodies were cremated without the families’ consent. Photos and list of those who died here: Extortion 17: The deadliest day in the DEVGRU history

Retired Air Force Captain Joni Marquez a pilot of an AC-130 gunship was called to fly close air support in the same rocky area. They fired on the Taliban. She was denied “permission to engage” when she relayed two Taliban were still alive. Those two went back and got reinforcements as well as missiles. The reported cause of death but some think the blast may have come from on board.

“The rules of engagement prevented Marquez and her crew from doing what needed to be done and saving these fighters. These battlefield rules of engagement were changed by Gen. Stanley McChrystal under Barack Obama,” says the Mark Levin show.

The new bombshell report from the Michel Dade Project is that the SEAL Team Six knew the lies about the bin Laden raid saying the kill was a decoy and that bin Laden was taken to Iran.

Truth is bin Laden’s al Qaeda is aligned with the Iranian regime.

“Al Qaeda has a new home base. It is the Islamic Republic of Iran. As a result, bin Laden’s wicked creation is poised to gain strength and capabilities,” Pompeo said at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, referring to the late terror mastermind Osama bin Laden, one of the group’s founders, says New York Post.

Dirty Laundry: Patriots died for the Republic Biden promises to undo.

Marquez watched from her infared monitor as one of the Navy SEALS was then ejected from the burning Chinook helicopter. She watched his heat signature fade from red to blue, knowing that she was watching as his life literally slipped away from his body.

“We had to sit and watch that, and I think that was one of the hardest things that I had to do,” she said. “That man was, you know, dying on the ground.” Marquez says,”  reported on Libertyfriendsblogspot.

She believes with her whole heart that had her team been given permission to take out the terrorists, 38 warriors “would still be alive today.”

Just like the pleas from Benghazi.

“But soon it became clear that the Compound attackers were terrorists (mainly al Qaeda) that planned and carried out the attack. The success of the attack was aided by the fact that the Clinton DOS had removed the normal security afforded such a Compound. This was done in spite of numerous requests by Ambassador Stevens, Gregory Hicks, and others for upgraded security in Benghazi: all of their requests were denied. Additionally, Clinton and her DOS actually drew down the U.S. security there and replaced it with the Feb 17 Brigade…Ansar al Sharia which is an arm of al Qaeda.”( from anonymous report)

When truth is a threat to Trump deserters.

“Conservative talker Rush Limbaugh said Tuesday on his nationally syndicated radio show that Breitbart News senior contributor Peter Schweizer has “not been wrong” on the bombshells in his reporting while discussing his revelations about Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and his wife Elaine Chao’s financial ties to China,” says Breitbart.

“Schweizer on Sunday detailed how Mitch McConnell and his wife, Elaine Chao, are financially tied to the ChiCom Communist Party. “Schweizer said on Fox News Channel’s ‘The Next Revolution,’” that’s with Steve Hilton. He said “that McConnell’s ‘position on China has softened over the years,’ which he argued is due to the growing relationship between the Chinese government and the Chao’s company.”

Sniveling McConnell warns Trump from his cush little China Chair to not pardon Assange, the truth teller. Or Trump could be convicted,” says Todd Starnes.

Democrat’s coup d’etat fails to stop 75 million.

Just like the Russia Hoax field didn’t stop Trump. Only made Democrats look treasonous and bad.

“Dossier author Christopher Steele admitted to the FBI he leaked the Russia collusion story during the height of the 2016 election to help Hillary Clinton overcome her lingering email scandal and because he believed Donald Trump’s election would be bad for U.S. relations with his home country of Britain, according to documents declassified by the president in his final full day in office,” says Justthenews.

Trump was left with his closest/trusteed inner circle and faithful voters.

We know more Trump traitors now. Hence we know more corruption. Not going to stand down and let things go. “Not after living through one of the greatest presidencies in history,” quoted Father Frank Pavone. It’s not going to be easy in the coming days after Joe Biden takes over.

He calls for healing yet he and his followers continue to attack Trump supporters try to silence us. They’ll open the borders to illegals, cartels, and terrorists to disperse among us, but build their own wall around their defiled granite castle.

Don’t worry. Former US Navy SEAL and FBI Special Agent Jonathan T. Gilliam’s book “Sheep no More” teaches safety for your family, your business, and organization.

Gilliam does a “deep dive study into how to know yourself, know your surroundings, and as I have said to many, how to act and not react. As he repeats many times to be aware and alert,” says an avid fan.

Trump wished Biden good luck. He’ll need it as the patriot movement Donald Trump inspired is very alive and hungry for truth and won’t settle for less. How do we fix and finish what Trump started?

It’s in our power as the patriot movement lets a fallen Congress know who is boss. And never gives up freedoms to evildoers.




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