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President Trump unveils Platinum Black Empowerment plan

Written By | Sep 26, 2020
Atlanta, Economic Summit, Domestic Terrorists, Terrorists, ANTIFA, KKK

Image a screen shot from Twitter posting.

SAN DIEGO: President Trump told a crowd of black supporters in Atlanta his plans to designate ANTIFA and the KKK – Ku Klux Klan as terrorist organizations. Fulfilling a promise he made earlier this year as unchecked violence continues to plague American cities. He called out far-Left Democrats blindsided to the needs of black Americans.

Housing & Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson started off the rally,

“This is about people who believe in our system and people who want to fundamentally change us into something else. Killing, destroying, intimidating people, those are not Godly principles and we should never invite people into our community no matter what has happened who throw bombs and loot and destroy peoples livelihoods,” says Carson.

“On no issue has the Democrat party more totally failed the black community than public safety,” says Trump.

He explains Democrats exist “at every level of government in America’s inner cities. The socialist/liberal Left running “19 of the top 20 most dangerous cities in America.”

Democrats invite groups like ANTIFA (anti-fascist) to continue reign of terror.

ANTIFA employs bombs, bullets, brute force in cities like Seattle, Portland, and NYC. City officials order Law enforcement to ‘stand-down’, and deny police effective methods to stop the terrorists or protect themselves.

Robert C. O’Brien, United States National Security Advisor told ABC News in May, the president’s and his concerns,

“It’s the violent “Antifa radical militants” come out “under cover of night, traveling across state lines, using military-style tactics to burn down our cities. And they’re especially targeting the most venerable parts of our cities. The minority section, the African-American sections and Hispanic areas and burning down businesses of people that are trying to get a leg up.”

O’Brien points out the distinction between terror groups and peaceful protesters, who he says “have every right to take to the streets. That’s what makes America different from any other countries around the world.”

Trump told supporters in Atlanta, “Instead of fighting for public safety for these communities, the Democrats are attacking our police. And empowering far Left, rioters, looters, and anarchists.”

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ANTIFA’s nemesis Ku Klux Klan.

KKK is an American white supremacist hate group founded in 1865 after the Civil War. It expanded like stealth into almost every southern state. They engaged as a “white southern resistance to the Republican party’s Reconstruction-era policies. Trying to establish political and economic equality for black Americans,” says, adding,

“Though Congress passed legislation designed to curb Klan terrorism, the organization saw [as] its primary goal – the re-establishment of white supremacy. Fulfilled through Democratic victories in state legislatures across the South in the 1870s.”

KKK is the oldest American hate group, still active. Groups splinter, compete with other white supremacist movements. The terrorist thugs target primarily African Americans but also attack Jews, immigrants, and the LGBTQ community.

Trump plans to designate Juneteenth as a federal holiday, making lynching a hate crime.

Who you gonna call?

“I’ll always support the heroes of law enforcement, including over 50,000 incredible black police officers, who risk their lives every day to keep us all safe…Those pushing to defund the police are hurting black communities the most,” says President Trump.

Charles Barkley agrees, rejecting the notion of defunding police yesterday on TNT,

“We need police reform and prison reform and things like that.” Yet he asks, “Who are black people supposed to call Ghost Busters when we have crime in our neighborhood? We need to stop the defund or abolish the police crap.”

“When there is police misconduct, the justice system must hold wrong-doers fully responsible and accountable and they will,” says Trump. He reminds the nation grieves for the tragic deaths of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and Ahmaud Arbery. Yet we can never have mob rule perpetrated by ANTIFA and KKK.

Although not designated a terrorist organization, BLM tenants of mob rule come as threats from the top.  BLM activists hold signs “defund “dismantle” “disarm” police…or burn.

He adds, “To have safety, to have prosperity, to have everything you want to have, we must always ensure the rule of law.”

The designation of both Antifa and KKK – puts the two “under the domestic terror label laid out in the 2001 USA Patriot Act,” reported New York Post.

“Federal resources will be coordinated with state and local officials through the existing network of 56 regional FBI Joint Terrorism Task Forces to apprehend and charge “the violent radical agitators,” Attorney General Barr said.

Platinum rarer than gold or silver.

Trump’s remarks on domestic terror and crime came as part of the unveiling of his “Platinum Plan”. He promises empowerment policies to boost economic opportunities for black Americans if elected.

Atlant, Economic Summit, Domestic Terrorists, Terrorists, ANTIFA, KKK

ATLANTA, Sept. 25, 2020. President delivers ‘Black Economic Empowerment: The Platinum Plan’. Screen grab Fox Business

The Platinum Plan includes an increase of $500 billion as capital for black businesses. Which in turn opens up 3 million new jobs for black communities, and 50,000 new black-owned businesses, the document said.

“We need to concentrate on educating people and I’m building our community and that is what President Trump is doing – building our community. All you have to do is look; all you have to do is open your eyes to see what is happening. He believes in the principles of loving your neighbor, of caring about the poor, of living values and principles. God bless this country and God bless our President,” says Secretary Carson.

Trump, a platinum leader for the next four years. Both sides would agree he’s rare, although for polar opposite reasons.

Featured Image: Image a screen shot from Twitter posting.

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