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Rush Limbaugh: A fearless ‘guiding light’ in American politics

Written By | Feb 18, 2021
Rush Limbaugh

Composite Artwork Dave McKinney – share-alike Rush at the EIB Microphone, FOX 2 St. Louis, video frame, Heart Sparklers Kartik Gupta from Pexels, Fireworks, Maria Orlova from Pexels, Star 3D Gold, Χρήστης:Andrikkos,

SAN DIEGO: I turned to Rush Limbaugh many times to find answers to the Right vs Left political chaos. To hear his ‘voice of reason’ was a blessing that is already missed. Listening to him on the radio taught me about important issues I used to not care about. Despite America’s information wars and growing division, his show gave me hope for a better day. Limbaugh was our American Republic’s champion, gushing over her virtues, founders, and history.

Today he lost a brave battle with lung cancer, but tomorrow we can’t lose the fight for truth he inspired for over 33 years.

His death at 70 ends the nationally-syndicated talk show host’s reign over the EIB golden microphone.

He left behind an era of irreplaceable radio excellence as ‘America’s Anchorman’. Rush Limbaugh revolutionized the talk show industry with his strong conservative voice and strong criticism of liberal policies and politicians. His dissenting Liberal Democrat views led to him to become the target of hate from his enemies. All the while his patriot’s heart was full, as he reminded us how fortunate we are to be American.

The famous host of ‘The Rush Limbaugh Show’ came prepared, never sounded scripted and gave his listeners an informed and clever perspective only he could give. I’ll never forget his opening theme song “My City was Gone” by the Pretenders playing before his monologue hit the airwaves. Then we’d hear him begin,

“Greetings, my friends. Great to have you. Rush Limbaugh kicking off big, brand-new week broadcast excellence. 800-282-2882 if you want to be on the program.”
Love at first sight and longer for others to come around. But come they did by tens of millions.

Limbaugh shined his light on Conservative thought and policies and invited us to as well. He was an expert at dissecting dark Liberal motives and unpeeling the layers of Left media lies and propaganda. He once said during a recording session in earlier years, “Views expressed by the host on this show will soon become federal law. Why? Because they are grounded in truth, decency, dignity and respect for the individual.” Some first-time fans that saw him at a live stage appearance were enamored. (vintage video of Rush courtesy Blaise Media on IMDb)

“I loved him I thought he was great – very entertaining, very informative,” says a female fan.
“First time, I’m a fan now. The guy’s awesome,” says a male fan.
“The tears symbolic, the sobbing and sadness all over America as the final segment of the Rush Limbaugh program for the day has arrived,”  Limbaugh once said.

We never wanted to see that day, Rush.

For over three decades Limbaugh was a voice of influence.

His opinions ran the gamut of Big Government to women’s issues, to football he followed and cultural, racial, and environmental controversies. He exposed liberal vices and the tearing down of our Republic by corrupt socialist leaders. The ‘man with the golden microphone’ ripped apart fake news and asked the questions no one else asked.

Limbaugh told Chris Wallace of Fox News in 2018 re: the Russia hoax,  (The Beginning of the End of the Russia Hoax)

“I’m astounded that there isn’t one voice inside Washington that wants to even challenge this concept.” Somebody says it; they all run with it… I have never believed that the Russians had anything to do with the outcome of our election, this one or any previous election.”
“For a year and a half, we have been subjected to a — I don’t know what the word is — sham, scam, hoax. Whatever it is, there have been a lot of conspirators, and they have been eagerly conspiring knowingly together. The conspirators include 99% of the American Drive-By Media. Several people involved in the intelligence apparatus of the United States in the CIA, the DIA, the NSA, take your pick,” continues Limbaugh.
Presidents took note of Limbaugh’s backing.

As a defender of liberty Limbaugh held unrivaled influence over American voters. Presidents saw he dominated talk radio and changed politics. Unnumbered Liberals confessed on his show they had turned to the Right. Decades on the air helped him configure the GOP. Both parties could agree the Limbaugh was a citizen voice people flocked to.

“President George H.W. Bush reportedly carried Limbaugh’s bags into the White House for an overnight stay, amid a months-long effort by Bush to court his support, an early signal of Limbaugh’s unique influence over conservative voters,” reports Forbes.

One Conservative confessed in tears his allegiance to Trump, a president Limbaugh fought for.

“No one stands for us, Rush, only you and Donald Trump! God forbid. What do we have left? I love my president. I’m not a revolutionary, Rush, but I would die for my president.” reported Yahoo News.

President Trump recognized the heroic service Limbaugh gave to his country.

On February 4th, 2020, Rush received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Trump during his third State of the Union address to Congress. (See President Trump’s statement on Limbaugh’s death at end of this story).

‘El Rushbo’s’ long-time success and accolades made the Democrat Left furious and especially enraged the ‘Drive-by Media” he gleefully coined. He warned us about Left attack media for years. This talk show king inspired a movement. He “rejected most conventional wisdom,” believed “character matters,” and didn’t think “looking through the prism of fear is going to accomplish anything.”

Radio host Rush Limbaugh, right, is congratulated by Larry King at the Radio Hall of Fame induction ceremony at the Museum of Broadcast Communications in Chicago, Ill., Nov. 7, 1993. The hour-long ceremony was hosted by King, a former inductee, and broadcast nationally by 95 radio stations. (AP Photo/Mike Fisher, Licensed)

Rush was not afraid to be Rush.

He was born in Cape Girardeau, Missouri on January 12, 1951, as Rush Hudson Limbaugh III.

The Limbaugh family is a prominent political family from Missouri. Its members have served as attorneys, politicians, judges, and political commentators both in the Missouri area and on a national scale. Georg Friedrich Limbach, the first family member in America, was born in Germany circa 1737 and arrived at Berks County, Pennsylvania. (Wiki)

“Grandfather Rush H. Limbaugh, Sr. died at age 103. [He] was the oldest practicing attorney in the USA at the time.”

Limbaugh revealed to the world in 2001 he was mostly deaf but would continue hosting his show with cochlear implants. In February 2020 he courageously announced his diagnosis of advanced lung cancer. I used to marvel at how he endured the rigors of cancer treatment and still came to work to serve his audience during the great upheaval in America.

“I meet the people that make this country work,” he said.

MaHa Rushie’s radio career took off with KFBK, Sacramento. He dropped out of college to become the most famous radio show host in the world. Operating all these years with energy and power he confessed as, “talent on loan from God.”

“I think passion is the magnet to anything,” he stated.

Forty-three million listeners were drawn to Limbaugh’s magnetism seeking answers and a friend.

Rush was there when all seemed lost.

He used humor to make his points to illustrate the absurdity of Liberal politics. “Do not doubt me,” he says and you believe him and laugh at his satire. Confident and calming he was even when things were rough and scary at election time. Steve Byas writes in The New American,

“Following the 1992 election, in which Bill Clinton had won the presidency, former President Ronald Reagan wrote Rush. “I know the liberals call you the most dangerous man in America but don’t worry about it, they used to say the same things about me. Keep up the good work. America needs to hear ‘the way things ought to be,’” a play on Limbaugh’s book by the same title.”

Truth is dangerous to Liberals, and Limbaugh the truth-seeker employed it. His positive nature while facing serious challenges was contagious. The microphone on – he went about saving your day.

‘Do not doubt’ Limbaugh loved America and her people.

With Rush Hudson Limbaugh III goes a piece of America that he shaped and held together.

“There aren’t too many legends around, but he is a legend,” Trump said in ‘He Loved the People of This Country So Much’: President Trump Reflects on the Passing of Rush Limbaugh
Limbaugh left a lasting contribution to the world.

He made a magnitude deposit of his ‘mostly unconventional wisdom’ in our memory banks. His vision of what it meant to be a conservative at CPAC 2009,

“Let me tell you who we conservatives are: We love people. When we look out over the United States of America, when we are anywhere, when we see a group of people, such as this or anywhere, we see Americans. We see human beings [and] We don’t see groups. We don’t see victims. We don’t see people we want to exploit. What we see — what we see is potential. We do not look out across the country and see the average American, the person that makes this country work. We do not see that person with contempt. We don’t think that person doesn’t have what it takes. We believe that person can be the best he or she wants to be if certain things are just removed from their paths like onerous taxes, regulations, and too much government.”

Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America:

“The great Rush Limbaugh has passed away to a better place, free from physical pain and hostility. His honor, courage, strength, and loyalty will never be replaced. Rush was a patriot, a defender of Liberty, and someone who believed in all of the greatness our country stands for.  Rush was a friend to myself and millions of Americans – a guiding light with the ability to see the truth and paint vivid pictures over the airwaves. Melania and I express our deepest condolences to his wonderful wife, Kathryn, his family, and all of his dedicated fans. He will be missed greatly.”

Agreed from one of his forever “Ditto Heads.”

Composite Artwork Dave McKinney - share-alike
Rush at the EIB Microphone, FOX 2 St. Louis, video frame,
Heart Sparklers Kartik Gupta from Pexels,
Fireworks, Maria Orlova from Pexels,
Star 3D Gold, Χρήστης:Andrikkos,

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