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From war policy, to China, to Hunter, Biden proves he is unfit for command

Written By | Sep 29, 2020
Iran, Iraq, War, Trump, Biden, Foreign Policy, China, Russia, Foreign Policy

WASHINGTON D.C., March 19, 2003. Screen grab

SAN DIEGO: By now, everyone’s seen the video where Biden calls troops in Abu Dhabi “stupid bastards”, “dull”, “slow”.  Demoralizing people that have lost limbs and lives fighting endless wars in the Middle East, of which Biden helped greenlight.  Although Biden’s insults to the military alarm good Americans, his fitness to lead the nation’s forces casts bigger doubt than a tongue whipping.

Biden’s stance on engaging America into foreign wars is all over the map. Overlooking America’s national security as his son Hunter profits from dealing in China, Moscow, and Ukraine is frightening.

The Senator’s past is a legacy of using his elected high-ranking positions to gain power and cozy up to China.

Andrew Bates, of Biden campaign’s response team, pushed back on the “stupid bastards” comments as “a joke”. No one’s laughing, Joe, as these warriors face bullets, rockets, and IEDs daily.

And live with images that terrorize dreams.

Iran, Iraq, War, Trump, Biden, Foreign Policy, China, Russia, Foreign Policy

FALLUJAH, Iraq, Nov. 2004. A US Marine gestures as his unit tries to push into the center of Fallujah. Trooping past dead bodies and abandoned weapons, U.S. Marines fighting their way through Iraq’s rebel-infested Fallujah are blasting their way through walls and hammering open doors seeking fighters and guns in the dayslong battle against Sunni Muslim insurgents. AP Photo Anja Niedringhaus, Licensed

Biden’s devastating foreign policy blunder.

As chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee when authorization for the Iraq invasion was cast, “Biden was at forefront of the debate of what course to pursue.” (

President George W. Bush detailed to the nation that Iraq had violated the requirements of the truce that ended the Persian Gulf War in 1991 by failing to “destroy its weapons of mass destruction (WMD), to cease all development of such weapons, and to stop all support for terrorist groups.”  Biden warning Hussein posed a threat to the U.S. with his pursuit of the development of nuclear weapons.

Senator Biden offers his thumbs up to confront Saddam who thumbed his nose at the world and refused to alter his conduct.

“Ultimately, either those weapons must be dislodged from Iraq, or Saddam must be dislodged from power,” said Biden.

Biden defended the decision months after the war started. In a Brookings Institution address on July 31, 2003, Senator Biden again defended his vote to authorize the use of military force in Iraq,  Saddam and his elite Republican Guard and the Iraqi Army were defeated quickly. Leaving Iraq without an army, without governance – setting up the land for bands of insurgents and criminals. Angry, violent fighters our troops faced next.

On Nov. 27, 2005, Senator Biden flip-flops telling NBC’s “Meet the Press” that his 2002 vote authorizing force in Iraq was “a mistake.”  In an interview with NPR on Sept 3, 2019 former Vice President Biden begins the narratives that, “Immediately, the moment [shock and awe] started, I came out against the war at that moment.”

Thus blaming Bush for essentially sneaking in a war on him. However, Biden is lying about his former support of the war and his vote to authorize military force in Iraq.

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Biden botched troops’ withdrawal; cost lives and defense millions.

Obama gave the task to get troops out of Iraq to Biden, which he failed at leaving Iraq defenseless, with no organized or adequately-trained forces. The Iraqis sifted through massive destruction, void of sustainable democratic leadership that fit their culture. Biden oversaw the country being torn apart after years of war.  (Joe Biden’s Haunted Legacy in Iraq – Biden’s long and contentious record in the country opens a window onto his foreign policy—and an identity crisis in the Democratic Party. This is the definitive history | The Atlantic)

Insurgent propaganda told the dismantled Iraqis ‘look what America did’. And Americans who lost loved ones to the war said ‘look what Iraq did to us’.

Iran, Iraq, War, Trump, Biden, Foreign Policy, China, Russia, Foreign Policy

BALAD, Iraq, 2009. Staff Sgt. Craig V. McDermott, the senior transportation movement request manager with the 90th Sustainment Brigade out of Little Rock, Ark., and a Taylor, Mich., native, visits a memorial T-wall painting Oct. 27 at Joint Base Balad, as a tribute to the Soldiers from the 724th Transportation Company who died as the result of an April 9, 2004 convoy attack. Photo 139th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment

Seventeen years after Biden voted to engage the military in Iraq, Iraqis are returning to some normalcy, security.

In March 2020, Biden tells MSNBC that ‘he went to war in Iraq to prevent war and did an about-face adamantly saying that Saddam did not have WMD.

Thousands gave their best in Iraq. However, Vice President Biden, giving a speech to 1000 members of the 380th Air Expeditionary Wing on March 7 2016, calls those troops “stupid bastards”.

Wars are generations long. We know President Trump is working every day to remove troops from unending wars in the Middle East. President Trump has lead Middle East homogeneity with the Abraham Accord, the first positive step toward peace in the Middle East in over a quarter of a century.

Voters must ask, if, as commander-in-chief, would Biden walk us into wars with Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea?  Biden and Obama were leaders of appeasement in Iran and China. So whether it is engaging in war, or the handing of America to Iran and China is a head-scratcher.

Give and take foreign policy leads to serious conflict of interest with Hunter Biden

As VP and Obama’s point man on Asia foreign policy,  Biden’s cozy relations with Chinese Vie Premier Li Yuanchao magically opened the way in 2013 for son Hunter to obtain rare and lucrative business partnerships with China. With trails that would lead to the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.

All the details are in a probing documentary called “Riding the Dragon: The Bidens’ Chinese Secrets

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Biden on camera says he is “very glad to see China rise up.” Hunter Biden’s financial web is so intricate – it’s hard to follow the money. Here’s a few of the secrets.

  • BHR was founded in 2013 by two Chinese-registered asset managers, Bohai Industrial Investment Fund and Harvest Fund Management, and two U.S. organizations, Rosemont Seneca Partners and Thornton Group LLC.
  • Rosemont Seneca is a Washington, D.C.-based investment and advisory firm. The firm’s founding partners are Hunter Biden,  Devon Archer, and Christopher Heinz.

Just the News reported Sept. 11, 2020,

In 2015, “Biden’s investment fund BHR co-purchased Henniges Automotive with Chinese military contractor [Aviation Industry Corporation of China] AVIC, which has been identified as front for China’s military and was sanctioned before the Obama administration approved [the] Biden-connected sale.”

China’s J-20 stealth jet, believed to be a copycat design of the Lockheed Martin’s next-gen fighter, the F-35, comes from stolen secrets.

Iran, Iraq, War, Trump, Biden, Foreign Policy, China, Russia, Foreign Policy

(TOP PHOTO) MARINE CORPS AIR STATION MIRAMAR, Calif.- An F-35B Lightning II assigned to Marine Fighter Attack Squadron (VMFA) 211, Marine Aircraft Group (MAG) 13, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing (MAW), refuels in flight with Marine Aerial Refueler Transport Squadron (VMGR) 352 while conducting flight operations above Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms, Calif., Oct. 4. U.S. Marine Corps photo Lance Cpl. Becky Calhoun/Released. (BOTTOM PHOTO) CHINA, 2016. Flypast of the Chengdu J-20 during the opening of Airshow China in Zhuhai. Photo Alert5

Henniges Automotive move to China rings the alarm bell, but who’s listening?

Henniges called the deal “one of the largest acquisitions by a Chinese company of a U.S.-based automotive manufacturing company in history.” (Henniges Automotive acquired by China’s AVIC Automotive).

“The timing has left many, including Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), questioning whether the CFIUS decision whitewashed security concerns because the vice president’s son was involved in the transaction. Those concerns were heightened this June when the Pentagon listed the entire AVIC conglomerate on a list of companies subject to future sanctions because of its ties to the People’s Liberation Army,” says Just the News “Hunter Biden teamed with Chinese military supplier to acquire dual-use Michigan auto parts maker 

2016 saw BHR Investments in China General Nuclear (CGN). Also in 2016, the U.S. Justice Department charged CGN with stealing nuclear secrets from the United States. (What We Know About Hunter Biden’s Dealings in China -Joe Biden’s son owns a stake in a private-equity firm that has participated in various transactions | WSJ)

BHR agreed to purchase Lundin Mining Corp’s minority stake in African copper mine Tenke Fungurume Mining S.A. for $1.14 billion in cash. Then, in turn, sold a 70% stake of its holding company to China Molybdenum Co. for a reported $2.65 billion. Molybdenum is a strong, anti-corrosive, mineral with a high melting point used in making armored vehicles, missiles, and aircraft.

Hunter Biden’s Chinese BHR was competing with his own country, America, for this rare earth mineral, with the approval of Vice President Biden.

While the money flowed into Hunter Biden accounts, it flowed out of everyday Americans’ accounts.

While the Bidens overlooked national security for cash, droves of U.S. manufacturers fled to China.

“I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings,” says Biden.

The red dragon is not shy as they seek world economic control. Trump strives for good trade relations, yet puts the tariff skids on to stop China’s unfair trade practices. President Trump is clamoring to regain American jobs and eliminate dependency on the red state, always rattling their saber. President Trump is investing in Puerto Rico to return pharmaceutical manufacturing (Trump unveils $13B for Puerto Rico and pushes return of island’s drug manufacturing). Trump saying that while a senator, “Biden devastated the island of Puerto Rico, by voting to eliminate a tax provision ” allowing Puerto Rico to become a dominant player in pharmaceutical manufacturing.” Sending those jobs and riches to China. (Bring the Drug Industry Back to Puerto Rico – Improve the island’s finances and reduce dependence on China.)

While opponent Biden says, “Hey man, what’s wrong with China?” He should ask the U.S. Navy that very question the next time China fires a missile near or flies AVIC-built jets too close in the contested South China Sea trade route.

The ghost would-be commander?

Beyond integrity, loyalty, and backbone, it takes energy to lead the world’s finest military forces. We’re talking six diverse branches including the Marines, Navy, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, National Guard, and the growing Space Force.

The President can’t ‘call a lid’ after 9:00 am. Or tell America’s allies I am ‘done for the day’ when they put out a distress call. America’s top military leader has to think clearly and communicate decisively as crises foreign and domestic erupt.   (Now we know — President Obama was MIA on Benghazi)

Fox Business’s Maria Bartiromo says about Biden “There’s a gaffe every day, there’s clearly a cognitive issue.” If Biden cannot communicate without coaching or help of some kind, how can he lead from the top? Or negotiate with world leaders like President Putin or Xi Jin Ping?

All in the family…money.
“My dad used to have an expression. He’d say – when someone would come up and say – his name was Joe. And they’d say, Joe, let me tell you what I value. And it’s not a joke – he’d look and say, no, don’t tell me what you value; tell me what your budget is. I’ll tell you what you value…” Joe Biden says to NPR, a  clear expression of this attitude toward Americans.

As to the future of the foreign policy, Biden says:

The next president is going to have to be able to pull the world back together – not a joke. Literally, not figuratively – pull the world back together, reunite our allies.  (‘Details Are Irrelevant’: Biden Says Verbal Slip-Ups Don’t Undermine His Judgment)

With his foreign policy of moving the US Embassy to, and recognizing Jerusalem as the center of Israel, fostering peace agreements between Israel, Bahrain, and the UAE, taking effective and tough stances on North Korea, China, and Iran, President Trump has accomplished greater strides towards Middle East Peace than any other President in history.

On the other hand, Joe Biden’s philosophy of foreign appeasement, kowtowing to the UN, and his cavalier opinion toward the military, from defunding to sending badly supported troops into war,  is impossible to translate on any battleground.

BAGHDAD, Iraq, 2004. A 1450th Transportation Company Convoy drives down a crowded street in Baghdad, while trying to find an alternate route out of the city. The unit typically stuck to highways, but ground operations forced them to find a different route on this mission. U.S. Army photo Staff Sgt. Mary Junell


Featured Image: WASHINGTON D.C., March 19, 2003. Screen grab

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