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Did Dominion and Scytl software change the election outcome?

Written By | Nov 15, 2020
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SAN DIEGO: In an ongoing story surrounding allegations of election fraud, on Friday, Texas Rep. Congressman Louie Gohmert told NewsMax that Spanish company Scytl cycled U.S. votes election night. Gohmert got wind of a German-language tweet that said the U.S. Army went in and seized Scytl servers in Frankfurt, Germany. Scytl’s main headquarters are located in Barcelona, Spain.

Security, Gohmert indicates, was breached as the media reported real-time results from vote count numbers coming from a foreign source.

Why is Scytl, an electronic voting company declared bankrupt by a Spanish court in June 2020, providing server software to a U.S. election? For what reason would a foreign company be given the opportunity to impact such information?

The answer may lay in the progressive push to create a global society, eliminating all borders among countries.

Scytl denies that they have servers in Germany or that their servers were raided by the U.S. Forces.

In 2012, Scytl acquired the Tampa based company SOE Software (“Supervisors of Elections”) in order to implement Scytl technologies in the United States. In 2013 Scytl acquired the software division of Gov2U, an NGO that is actually partnered with the National Democratic Institute for International AffairsScytl became a partner of Amazon Web Services around November 2018.

Then during the late winter – early spring of  June 2018-2019, Scytl did establish a backup center in Frankfurt, Germany.

There is a lot of smoke, and little clarity, surrounding these allegations.  And where there is smoke…

There is fire: The Scytl raid.

Gateway Pundit reports the following on the raid from an unnamed source,

“The US government, once they determined that this Dominion server was involved in switching votes, then the intelligence community began a search for the server and discovered that the server was in Germany. In order to get access to that server and have it available for use in a legal manner, they had to have the State Department work in tandem with the Department of Justice. They had to request that the government of Germany cooperate in allowing this seizure of this server.”

Both Scytl and Dominion are denying the vote switching allegations. (DOMINION VOTING SYSTEMS CATEGORICALLY DENIES FALSE ASSERTIONS)

Who is Scytl?

Scytl grew out of a cryptography research project at a Barcelona university. The company is a conglomerate, including Scytl Secure Electronic Voting software, and Scytl Voting Hardware SL.

Forbes reported in 2017:

“Founded in 2001 in Spain, Scytl organized 12 state-wide implementations, and its technologies were used in another 980 U.S. jurisdictions in 28 states, during the 2016 General Election.”

An election where Democrat officials were raising issues about the voting software. Facing debts of over 75 million euros, on 2 June 2020, a Spanish court declared Scytl bankrupt and started the process of auctioning off its assets. 

In late October, the Paragon Group subsidiary “Service Point Solutions” acquired Scytl including its U.S. subsidiary SOE.

Which begs the question as to who gave the sensitive job of counting U.S. election votes to the hands of a failing foreign company?

An examination of the Scytl server, if in hand, will reveal some truths.
“By getting ahold of the server they now are going to have the direct evidence of when they were instructed to stop counting. They will also discover who gave the direction to stop counting and who initiated the algorithm that started switching votes. The CIA was completely excluded from this operation,” reports Gateway Pundit.
In seeming accordance with Dominion Voting, “Scytl has a long history of election fraud in various nations including injecting backdoors in its election software,” reports
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Explosive evidence of Dominion fraud adds fire to Scytl server grab.

Attorney Sidney Powell told  Judge Jeanine on Fox News yesterday,

“We are collecting evidence through a firehose as hundreds of patriots across the country are stepping forward with what they know about this issue, including some people that are taking great risk to do it.”
“There is statistical evidence, there’s all kinds of mathematical evidence – essentially forensic evidence math that cannot be disputed. We have eyewitnesses to different features of the machine, we have eyewitnesses to different aspects of the machine being uploaded with data when it was not supposed to be and never being certified,” claims Powell.

Powell says Dominion and Smartmatic Software is responsible for President Trump’s votes being “dumped”, “flipped”, and that “computers [were] overwritten to ignore signatures.”

Smartmatic adds to the shady mix.

Smartmatic’s chairman, Mark Malloch-Brown, is on the board of Mr. Soros’s Open Society Foundation. Smartmatic USA Board Chairman, Vice Admiral Peter Neffenger (Ret). Neffenger currently sits on Joe Biden’s transition team.

The money to develop the Smartmatic software came out of Communist-run Venezuela and Cuba.

Smartmatic has been used in elections around the world. In Venezuela’s election, the software was manipulated to report a skewed tally. But the company said that it was an anomaly and cited the lack of election monitors as part of the problem. In the United States, monitors from both parties are allowed to watch vote counting. (Giuliani adds fuel to discredited theories about voting machines.)

There are allegations that the software was initially “created for the express purpose for being able to alter votes and secure the reelection of Hugo Chavez and then Maduro,” she adds.

More 2020 Election dirt coming.

Trump attorney Lin Wood tweeted out,

Legal bulldogs chase those perpetrating the alleged crimes. An unnamed American citizen has exported the hackable software to other countries, according to Powell.

“It is one huge huge criminal conspiracy that should be investigated by military intelligence for its national security implications,” Powell says.

Scytl and Dominion signal trouble afoot in national security and defense sectors.

Manipulating vote counting machinery is one way to eek out the president. Disloyalty such as this is long suspected.

“There are people inside the government trying to take this president down – State Department, intel community, and FBI…Sidney Powell and I sent both sent messages to the president yesterday that Christopher Wray needs to go,” says Gohmert.

Last week, former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper was fired by President Trump. (Why did President Trump fire Defense Secretary Mark Esper?)  Reports earlier this year said Esper and President Trump were at odds when states let ANTIFA and BLM terrorize and burn cities. Esper refused to send troops when the president threatened to invoke the Insurrection Act to quell vigilante violence. A defense secretary’s duty to his commander-in-chief cannot be disputed or partisan.

Consequently, we see Chris Miller, serving as Director of the National Counterterrorism Center, moving up to the acting defense secretary post. Along with Kash Patel, a top adviser in the Office of National Intelligence and fierce Trump supporter. Patel replaced Jen Stewart as chief of staff.

Unraveling secret sagas.

Congress was forewarned of election software interference by the Brennan Center for Justice in November of 2019. (A Framework for Election Vendor Oversight) The group writing, 

More than 80 percent of voting systems in use today are under the purview of three vendors. A successful cyberattack against any of these companies could have devastating consequences for elections in vast swaths of the country. Other systems that are essential for free and fair elections, such as voter registration databases and electronic poll books, are also supplied and serviced by private companies. Yet these vendors, unlike those in other sectors that the federal government has designated as critical infrastructure, receive little or no federal review. This leaves American elections vulnerable to attack.

Verified 2020 election fraud builds with volcanic fury. The question for many is what happened to all of Trump’s legitimate votes from beginning to end? (The 2020 Election began with Trump winning, and it may be how it ends) But more importantly, as information reveals, why did our Senate leaders completely ignore warnings about the Dominion software cabal, not challenging its prior use, as was done in Texas.

From the Center Square “Officials raised concerns for years about the security of U.S. voting machines, software systems

The Dominion Voting Systems, which has been used in multiple states where fraud has been alleged in the 2020 U.S. Election, was rejected three times by data communications experts from the Texas Secretary of State and Attorney General’s Office for failing to meet basic security standards.

On Mornings with Maria on Fox Business this morning, Powell ties some threads together:

Americans must demand from the state leaders full transparency into the decision to use the manipulatable software.  (Contact Your Politicians)

Protecting the President and the Constitution.

Perhaps the president and other advisors foresaw things coming in these revolutionary times.

Powell promised that “every state that had anything done to the machine prior to the election without a new certification is going to have to invalidate its votes. It’s going to have to go to the state legislatures to be decided.” (Could a Few State Legislatures Choose the Next President?)

Remember how the patriots formed this country from the bottom up, against a much bigger, militarily- superior foe. Big tech, big media, big socialists act as dictators programming true Americans. Yet, we know the outcome of the 1776 stand against tyranny.

Composite Artwork Dave McKinney
A backlit laptop computer keyboard. Photo Colin
Big Data. Photo DARPA
British Columbia Stanley Glacier. Photo Umair Khan
Blank SVG map of the United States. Photo Theshibboleth



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