Political correctness can’t stop the brewing war

We are at war with Islamo-fascism whether we like it or not; Trump knows it, but Obama thinks it will go away if he doesn't say its name. The bigger threat to America isn't guns, but willful, PC blindness.

Compilation of images not intended to infringe on individual copyrights and are used for promotional purposes only.
Compilation of images not intended to infringe on individual copyrights and are used for promotional purposes only.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., June 16, 2016 — Russian revolutionary and original member of the Politburo Leon Trotsky famously said, “You may not be interested in war, but war may be interested in you.” It’s a tough realization that apparently has not yet hit the Obama Administration: Islamo-fascism is at war with us.

President Obama’s diatribe against Donald Trump this week is evidence of that fact. And as Trump observed, we’d like to see the same level of presidential outrage directed at the shooter as was directed at a political foe.

Obama can’t utter the words, “Islamo-Fascism.” He won’t face what they represent. They are about part of the world’s population announcing that from here on out, it’s their way, or the highway. It’s their way or live drownings. It’s their way or beheadings. It’s their way or downed passenger jets. It’s submission to the Islamic State, or death to all who oppose it.

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Obama seems to ignore Islamo-fascist terrorism and fundamentalism, reminiscing instead about the romance of calls to to prayer from minarets in Indonesia. He seems to be reliving his childhood, closing his eyes to the evidence that lately, something in Islam has gone terribly and tragically wrong.

Worse, he seems to self-identify more with the perpetrators than with the victims. When Trump called him out on this inconsistency, Obama and his bag men in the media got their panties in a bunch: “Islam is a religion of peace!”

Continuing this tepid response to Islamic terrorism post-Orlando is the “GOP Endorsement Bill,” or “Countering Terrorist Radicalization Act.” It is before Congress and slated for a vote as early as this week.

According to Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, the bill’s title and language are undermined by numerous exceptions that allow the president to continue his failed Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) strategy. Gohmert warned:

“All this is doing is giving more and more credibility to this ridiculous term ‘CVE’ instead of describing the killers that were behind 9/11, the Boston bombings, the San Bernardino attack, the Orlando shooter, the bomber in Times Square … all these people who are trying to kill us in America. We’re doing the same thing as the president … we’re not identifying radical Islam as the enemy which nurtures and motivates attackers. There is going to be more and more killings of Americans … until we can train our people to recognize radical Islam.”

Under his CVE strategy, Obama has blocked the FBI from examining supposedly non-political and peaceful networks of mosques that actually nurture jihadi attitudes. FBI attention is redirected to less dangerous, non-Islamic groups, such as small-government militias.

The reasons for terrorism post-9/11 have multiplied under President Obama. The most cited reason on the left is out of control gun sales. Democrats attack the Second Amendment every time a shooting occurs. White militias and politically incorrect speech, often dubbed “hate speech,” are runners up.

The left will not use the term “Islamic terrorism.” In Orlando, the gunman, Omar Mir Seddique Mateen, was heard shouting “Allah Akbar” while engaging officers; he called 911 during the shootout to pledge allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Bahdadi Yet progressive author Malcolm Gladwell told CBS moderator Charlie Rose that Mateen may have been inspired by the Columbine school shooting in Colorado.


Political correctness is an attempt to whitewash the truth, reminiscent of Stephen Sondheim’s lyrics in the classic musical “Westside Story”:

“Dear kindly Sergeant Krupke, You gotta understand, It’s just our bringin’ up-ke That gets us out of hand. Our mothers all are junkies, Our fathers all are drunks. Golly Moses, natcherly we’re punks! …”

“Officer Krupke, … This boy don’t need a judge, he needs an analyst’s care! … He’s psychologic’ly disturbed!

“Officer Krupke, you’re really a slob. This boy don’t need a doctor, just a good honest job. Society’s played him a terrible trick, And sociologic’ly he’s sick!”

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Americans, starting with the president, are so busy bending themselves into pretzels to make excuses for and understand the terrorist that the actual victims of terrorism are ignored. We are so far down the road of political correctness that we have lost all sight of the very real war that’s now on our doorstep.

Progressives, President Obama, President Bush before him, and most of the media search in vain for reasons and excuses for evil. Their go-to shibboleth is the National Rifle Association (NRA) and our Second Amendment right to bear arms. They won’t place full responsibility on the shooter.

Their failure—and the country’s—to face facts and deal with them honestly is creating an atmosphere of division, misunderstanding and fear. It is dangerous for Americans living today, and there will be repercussions. Just look at Europe.

If we are having difficulty with history as it’s now occurring, we should look at the history that’s swiftly fading in our rear view mirror.

The Communist Trotsky warned a century ago that war will arrive at your doorstep regardless of your interest in it. Allowing it to fester by denying its existence, as Neville Chamberlain’s Great Britain did, is not a new approach.

In hindsight, Britain’s approach to German fascism is instructive. What would the world look like today had Britain’s rulers continued, like Chamberlain, to excuse and accommodate Hitler?

What if no Winston Churchill had come along to understand Hitler’s and defy him? What if he had listened to those in Britain who were four square against entering the war? He might instead have engaged his nation in a the self-examination of merry old England’s short-comings—her colonialism, and even her entrenched class structure.

He chose more wisely. Churchill, not unlike Trump today, faced reality. He chose to defend his nation against a fierce enemy, whom he clearly named. He foresaw the evil that was taking over Europe and took a stand against it.

To accomplish that, he crafted his rhetoric to bring his nation together and to elevate nationalism, duty and honor.

“You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”

It takes courage to stand up and speak. The price of greatness is responsibility.

Men often stumble over the truth, but most pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened.

Churchill’s eloquent expression and Britains’ decision to defend itself and Europe against evil are beacons now honored by a free world. Liberty’s defenders during that Great War are today known as the Greatest Generation.

How will history judge America, 2016? Will it look kindly on our politically correct habit of sticking our heads in the sand as Islamic caliphate ideologues continue to kill innocent citizens? Or will it note a slow, inevitable return to strength, courage, and American values?

If we are to come to grips with Islamic terrorists as the warriors they are and not as misguided lone wolves, we must do as Churchill did and give political correctness a rest. We must stop vilifying those who identify the problem, and turn away from those who view evil killers as victims, offering them a cup of tea and a shoulder to cry on.

This week, as we mourn the loss of still more innocent Americans at the hands of Islamic terrorists, we might forgive President Bush his Comforter in Chief instinct to shield American Moslems from Americans’ vengeance after 9/11. After all, terrorism on our soil was new to us back then.

But Obama’s continuation of Bush’s moderation must finally yield to the truth. The president must consider crossing the aisle to acknowledge Trump’s blunt speech, calling out evil regardless of how uncomfortable it may be.

Years from now, Churchill’s words may haunt us if we fail to protect our country in the name of political correctness and Orwellian double talk.

“One ought never to turn one’s back on a threatened danger and try to run away from it. If you do that, you will double the danger. But if you meet it promptly and without flinching, you will reduce the danger by half.”

If we will face up to Islamo-fascism and return to honest, non-politically correct speech, perhaps we will be able to reduce the danger entirely going forward.

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