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US, Canada, Australia, England, France: COVID Protests around the world (update)

Written By | Aug 18, 2021
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News video screen shot of protestors against COVID tyranny in France

WASHINGTON, D.C.: This past weekend there were a number of protests against mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations, vaccine passports, mandatory mask requirements, lockdowns, … and well the list goes on. Still, you would never have known about that watching any American news outlets.

This could be because they wish to keep Americans in the dark to avoid these kinds of huge protests here. OR, it could be because so much money is pumped into the news media by the advertisers of big pharma. Because the bigger the threat, and the buy-in by the people, the more money they make.

Nevertheless, tens of thousands marched in Sydney, Australia, Montreal, Canada, Paris, France, and London England on Saturday to protest the varying and wide COVID-19 government mandates.


Tens of thousands of people took to the streets of Sydney and other Australian cities on Saturday to protest lockdown restrictions amid a supposed new surge in COVID-19 cases. Police are said to have made several arrests after crowds broke through barriers and began throwing things at police.

The mostly unmasked protesters marched from Sydney’s Victoria Park to Town Hall in the central business district, carrying signs calling for ‘freedom’ and ‘the truth’. Some held banners that read, ‘This is not about a virus it’s about total government control of the people’.

The triggering event of the protests seemed to be the lockdown of Australia’s largest city of Sydney for a third week despite 46.7 percent of Australians have received at least one dose of a vaccine. (Australia administers one million Covid vaccine doses within four days)

Government officials have locked down Sydney for what they claim is a surge in COVID-19 cases.

The Australian state of New South Wales announced a snap lockdown because of a supposed surge in new cases of the coronavirus pandemic. The seven-day statewide lockdown was to begin Saturday evening August 14th.

Schools will also close for at least a week.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said,

“We’ve turned the corner, we’ve got it sorted. We’re hitting the marks that we need to make a million doses a week are now being delivered. We are well on our way to where we want to be by the end of the year and potentially sooner than that.”

The leftys of the media ‘down under’ are much the same as here.

A protestor actually striking a police horse leading to a reporter opening her online editorial with, “What makes you want to punch a horse?

One of her readers posted back and instantly owned her,

“What makes it acceptable for police to be riding in close proximity to civilians, towering over them on the back of a large and very powerful – and not necessarily predictable – animal? It is clearly threatening, potentially dangerous, and one could mount a very strong argument that such mounted policing, in such a fractious environment as a protest, is utterly outmoded and inherently dangerous in this day and age. It is a law enforcement practice that is closer to military intimidation and should, perhaps, be seriously reconsidered.”

The federal government said it will send extra Pfizer doses to Sydney while adults are also being urged to ‘strongly consider’ AstraZeneca in view of the scarcity of Pfizer vaccines.


Tens of thousands gathered Saturday in the streets of Montreal to protest against the province of Quebec’s new requirement of a COVID-19 vaccine passport to go into effect early next month. Quebecers going to restaurants, bars, gyms or attend public gatherings such as sporting events or festivals will need to present proof of vaccination against the coronavirus beginning September 1. This was from a proposed measure introduced by the province earlier this week.

Protesters could be seen with signs that said such things as ‘Freedom!’ and ‘We are not laboratory rats’. Other signs read ‘Dictatorship’, ‘The vaccine scam’, and ‘Health apartheid’. There were a number of Quebec flags also seen in the crowd of protesters. Women could be seen with posters that read ‘My body, my choice’, using the slogan commonly associated with the abortion rights movement. Some protests wore a yellow star on their chest with ‘Unvaccinated’ written across it.

This was reminiscent of the yellow Star of David the Jewish people had to wear in Nazi Germany during the time of the Holocaust and World War II.

The Canadian protests were peaceful and attended by entire families with children.

A wife and mother attending first protest to speak out against vaccine mandates saying,

“It should be the choice of each person whether to be vaccinated. With the passports, it is a means of forcing us.”

In Quebec is 84% of adults have had at least one vaccination dose, 70% having two.


Tens of thousands of anti-lockdown protesters took to the streets of London on Saturday against government lockdowns. Most protesters participating in the Unite For Freedom maskless. The government predictably says they are protecting against further COVID-19 infections. But with little proof what they are doing, will.

Their causes (like so many protests in other countries) are to decry forced vaccinations, health passports, and mask mandates. Signs in the crowd read ‘freedom’ and ‘lockdowns kill’.

Again, some people in the protest were seen with yellow stars on their shirts that read ‘No COVID Certificates’. This was an apparent parallel association to Jewish people who were forced by Nazis to wear yellow stars during the Holocaust.

One banner in the protest read ‘Stop the vaccine Holocaust.’

Meanwhile, the BBC is promoting people get a NHS-UK (National Health Service) COVID passport, available as a phone app. The BBC reports,

“Ministers want ‘higher risk’ settings in England – including nightclubs – to use the NHS COVID Pass to allow entry. The government plans to make it law by the end of September – after all, 18-year-olds will have had the chance to be fully vaccinated. Presently this is not a legal requirement so clubs don’t have to ask for proof.”

Cell phone apps are a good way to give up your privacy as well as your exact location on the globe!

It is reported that nearly 90 percent of United Kingdom adults have had their first vaccine dose while 75 percent have had both doses. The number of people getting vaccinated is now slowing more every day. It is not known whether these figures are accurate as reported.

Protests in Europe


Protesters were out in force in France for the fifth consecutive Saturday to oppose the country’s Pass Sanitaire (health pass) required for everyday activities. More than 250,000 people were at 200 demonstrations across the country. Each week the protests and number of protesters growing.

Protesters are accusing the government of underestimating the numbers and playing down the number of people angry about this new mandate. To obtain a French health pass one must have taken the shot(s), produce a recent negative COVID-19 test, or be able to prove there having coronavirus.

The protesters oppose the government’s decision to require the Pass Sanitaire for restaurants, bars, cinemas, theatres, and most public gatherings. (The French fight back against the “Pass Sanitaire” health pass) The protesters say their civil and personal liberties are being infringed upon by this new government mandate. Others oppose the vaccination of children. Paris protesters signs proclaiming, ‘No to the health pass’ and ‘Vaccine: Keep away from our children.

In May France began vaccinating the 12-17 age group of children.

August Protests in France are unusual as many families are on holiday.

August 15th is the National holiday of Assumption Day in France. It is a Roman Catholic holiday commemorating when Mary, mother of Jesus Christ, bodily rose to heaven.

The aim of French President Emmanuel Macron’s making the health pass obligatory is by coercing the population to get vaccinations The political Ministers hope it will also avoid a return to more restrictions including lockdowns and curfews.

Estimates are that of the 46 million French people, 66.8%, have had at least one vaccination. Just under 39 million reaching full vaccination. France is on track to reach its target of 50 million people vaccinated by the end of August. France is delivering 240,000 first jabs a day. The United Kingdom rate is 36,000 a day.

The anti-health pass movement is stronger in southern France where there is the lowest rate of vaccinations.

Ironically, French protests have united the right and left as well as people in between. The anti-vaxxers, the Gilets Jaunes (yellow jackets), and those politically opposed to Macron and his centrist government are also protesting.

“I am for the vaccine and had it months ago, but not the health pass, which is discriminatory,” said one protester.

The government claims the number of protesters is lower than the number of people getting the vaccine every day. They claim a ‘silent majority’ is in favor of the health pass. But last week Paris saw three separate protest marches.  There were also demonstrations in the French cities of Lyon, Toulon, Montpellier, Nice, Marseille, and Perpignan.

Julien Bargeton, a senator for the governing La République en Marche party, said,

“The solution is the vaccine. It’s simple, the vaccine saves life and the virus kills. What really worries me is the health situation that French people protest that’s their right … in reality, a majority of the French support the health pass.”

Public statements by politicians seem to be what is driving ever-increasing numbers of protesters to take to the streets of France each Saturday.

And in America, the picture is the same

There was a large protest in the Oklahoma State Capitol over the past week. But, again, national news didn’t want to report that! ‘Oklahomans protest mandates on COVID-19 vaccine, masks during Freedom Rally at state Capitol’

Oklahoma, OK, COVID, Protests

Facebook Meme – Unknown contributor

There have also been protests in New York City, Lansing, Michigan, Largo, Florida, North Canton and Akron, Ohio,

‘It’s Time To Resist’ – Rand Paul

Dr. Rand Paul, Kentucky Senator, gives ultimatums to politicians, unions, and law enforcement if they push vaccine passports, mask mandates, and the like, civil disobedience will result. Dr. Paul is a much more respected doctor/politician than Tony Fauci at this point in time.

IMPORTANT: Join the ‘Stop the Shot’ online webcast August 19th At 12:00 p.m. EST


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Mark Schwendau is a Christian conservative patriot and retired technology professor (CAD-CAM and web development). He prides himself on his critical thinking ability. Schwendau has had a long sideline of newspaper editorial writing where he used the byline, “- bringing little known facts to people who simply want to know the truth.” Mark is on alternative free speech social media platforms after lifetime bans from Facebook and Twitter and shadow bans from Instagram and Fox News commenting.

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Mark Schwendau

Mark Schwendau is a Christian conservative patriot and retired technology professor (CAD-CAM and web development) who prides himself on his critical thinking ability. Schwendau has had a long sideline of newspaper editorial writing where he used the byline, “- bringing little known facts to people who simply want to know the truth.” Mark is on alternative free speech social media platforms after lifetime bans from Facebook and Twitter and shadow bans from Instagram and Fox News commenting. His website is www.IDrawIWrite.Tech