Oklahoma executioner may be a sign of things to come


CHARLOTTE, NC, September 28, 2014 – There is much more to the Oklahoma beheading story than meets the eye.

As always, the Muslim community quickly made it clear that the actions of Alton Nolan, who beheaded a female co-worker at an Oklahoma City food processing plant, had nothing to do with Islam.

In addition, the politically correct crowd was making certain that Nolen’s malicious murder was labeled “workplace violence” so as not to confuse it with terrorism.

And, of course, mainstream media was debating the idea that ISIS may have infiltrated the United States much quicker than first anticipated.

Beheadings are nothing new. Decapitations have been prominent throughout Islamic history. They are “new” to the West because we thought the process ended with Henry VIII and the French Revolution. Not so. They have been common practice in Saudi Arabia for decades.

The Koran clearly endorses beheadings. In Sura 47:4 it says “When you meet the unbelievers in the battlefield, strike off their heads….”

Unfortunately, the revival of beheadings by ISIS and the coverage in the media may provide fuel to would-be jihadists seeking to emulate terrorist groups.

According to further details that have surfaced about Alton Nolan, he converted to Islam while in prison in 2011. Many prisoners convert to Islam during their incarceration because the faith speaks to very nature of many who have committed criminal acts.

The most obvious question then, is “what battlefield was there at a food processing plant in Oklahoma?”

That question is not a difficult answer because many Muslims believe jihad is the sixth pillar of Islam. Therefore, every place where non-believers exist is a “battlefield” for an Islamic radical.

Perhaps the most disturbing thing about Nolen’s actions, at least temporarily, is the influence the ISIS beheadings had upon him and others who fit into his category of extremism.

Nolen appears to have been influenced by the trio of recent social media executions. Otherwise he would have committed similar acts himself prior to committing the murder last week.

That suggests there are likely others who have also been similarly impacted and there is really no way to tell when and where they might strike.

The danger lies in the fact that such people more or less blend into society. You cannot recognize them as members of the Islamic State and their beliefs are not precisely those that are truly Islamic. Therefore, they become a potentially hidden menace that might be a threat anywhere at any time.

People like Nolan are not true advocates of the religion of Islam. Yes, they have been brainwashed by their own ideas of what jihad is, but chances are they do not truly understand the tenets of the religion as their counterparts in the Middle East do.

In other words, their beliefs simply provide justification and rationalization in their own minds that killing innocent people is all right. Declare yourself a Muslim and then non-Muslims are fair game because that is what they believe the Koran teaches.

Such ideas are different than those of the true believers in ISIS and other extremist organizations. That does not excuse their methods and motives, but it does demonstrate that their mindset is definitely different.


Bob Taylor has been traveling the world for more than 30 years as a writer and award winning television producer focusing on international events, people and cultures around the globe.

Taylor is founder of The Magellan Travel Club (www.MagellanTravelClub.com)

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  • Paul Vincent

    This is a quote from the article “Nolen appears to have been influenced by the trio of recent social media executions. Otherwise he would have committed similar acts himself prior to committing the murder last week.”

    Says who? Everyone has to start somewhere, this guy just started here. I’m not saying he wasn’t influenced, but not everyone who beheads someone has a past victim.

    Also, I fail to see how his beliefs are much if any different from those in ISIS. The article repeatedly says it’s different, but fails to say how. What do they believe then, if not the same radical thinking this man might have? He just seemed to be a shorter distance down the same path if you ask me, but the end result is the same.

  • badforu

    Now that it is in our own back yard, its going to come down to providing your own security. How long to you let a situation go before you act? All kind of things popp into your head. Cant count on the cops to stop it, as with the OK murder, appears he was on a tear, without getting shot there would of been more, without a doubt. How will profiling play into it. For security purposes, profiling will become completely acceptable, everyone knew that was a joke anyways. If they look like a bum, probably a bum. I really dont want to learn the muslim religion nor there many sects.

    Everyone said obama would bring the USA down to a third world country? Where are we now, and im sure it wasnt his fault.

    • Colonel Sanders

      Maybe I’m reading it wrong, but you can’t possibly be suggesting that the United States of America is a “third world country”, can you?

      • Boris

        It’s well on its way. Half the population on gov assistance (and growing) rapidly declining tax base, rapidly increasing debt. The U.S. will unfortunately become a banana republic within the next 10-15 years.

        • Colonel Sanders

          Oh, don’t be ridiculous.

          The U.S. is one of the wealthiest nations on the planet and is in no danger whatsoever of becoming a third world country, or banana republic, or whatever nonsensical, baseless, term you want to use. These slippery-slope arguments some of you nut-jobs throw out there just get more and more absurd.

          Rather than trolling the Internet with your alarmist fear-mongering nonsense, perhaps you would be better educating yourself on what the terms “third world country” and “banana republic” actually mean, because clearly you haven’t a clue.

          And as for people on government assistance, you should know that the VAST majority of those figures consist of those on social security, and medicare, and those receiving veterans benefits. Do you really think the U.S. would be a better place if we just let retirees and veterans starve, get sick and die?

          How very patriotic of you.

          • Amadaun

            I see that “Colonel Sanders” is the latest left-wing seminar troll to invade our precincts. The U.S. is already well on the way to banana republic status because that’s our president’s agenda for fundamentally transforming the country. Your final comments on “assistance” are the clue. Changing the topic to something else to avoid dealing with the actual issue. You don’t give a rat’s derriere for veterans, and are simply using the reference to get off the subject while ridiculing the author. Name calling, ridicule, getting comments off topic. Classic trollery. Read something besides Das Kapital.

          • Boris

            Wealthy? I guess in your warped mind 18 trillion dollars of debt constitutes wealth. Go back to watching Espn, you’ll be in more familiar company intellectually.

            How did retirees ever survive before FDR before the glorious state came in on unicorns promising all of these unsustainable fantasies?

            Go back to your bucket of fried chicken Colonol, leave the serious topics to the grown-ups.

  • EpsilonAurigae

    Media highlights and repeatedly shows beheadings, copycat guy comes along and beheads someone.

    Who is responsible? Where did the savage get his idea to behead someone?

    The media bears 100% culpability.

    • TheSkeptic

      What? The evil people holding the bloody knives are 100% responsible.

      • EpsilonAurigae

        Well, where did he get the idea? You can’t do anything unless you can visualize it first.

        Remember the people poisoned by aspirin, from bottles that had been tampered with in a drugstore? The media broadcast it, and sure enough, there were copycats trying the same thing in other cities.

        • TheSkeptic

          He got it from Islamists.

          Don’t blame the messenger.

          • EpsilonAurigae

            He got it from the media, just like morons like you regurgitate the CNN Kool-aid and think you have a functioning brain.

        • Amadaun

          FWIW, the painkiller incident involved Tylenol, not aspirin. Just thought you’d like to know.

    • carmi2

      Reporting crime causes crime? Interesting concept. I guess it’s true if you’re already nuts, but then if you’re nuts you just might commit some kind of heinous act anyway regardless of the media.

      • EpsilonAurigae

        Not enough sleep? Consult with doctor

        • carmi2

          Aw, I hurt your feelings. Oh well, blame the media, not me!

          • EpsilonAurigae

            Don’t forget to turn on your headlight when your ride your Schwinn at night. Reflectors help, too.

          • carmi2

            Sounds an awful lot like personal experience. You can stop waiting for the bus from out there where you are. They don’t run out there.

  • tiresius

    Yeah, all those ISIS characters were fired from their jobs too. How in the world can Bob Taylor extrapolate from an incident thousands of miles from his locale and base his opinions on information that surely comes 100% from media reports? Irresponsible and inflammatory.

    • TheSkeptic

      Because there are several common threads, including the belief systems in these “peoples” heads deriving from Islam. How can you ignore those commonalities?

    • Amadaun

      Not extrapolation, O fake Greek seer. Based on historic fact. Plus, the fact that Islamofascist murderers always tell us what they’re going to do and why they’re going to do it. Likely it’s high time we took them literally and stopped making excuses. BTW, speaking of the media, it took me over half an hour to discover that at least one of the Moore, OK victims was white. Had this situation been the other way around, the media would have us dealing with another Ferguson, MO.

  • A Rand

    Wow is this a biased article. Hardly “news” more like commentary with a sprinkling of what happened.

  • Mark_Melrose

    The Muzzies doth protest too much. Send them back to their caves.