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Ferguson, Missouri: Michael Brown family speaks out on autopsy

Written By | Aug 18, 2014

CHICAGO, August 18, 2014 – Attorneys representing the family appeared this morning.

Attorney Benjamin, who represented the Trayvon Martin case, was the first to speak after introductions. He introduced Dr. Baden, forensic pathologist who performed the autopsy on Mr. Brown.

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Crump says that what the witnesses say was accurate, that he was fleeing when he was shot multiple times by Officer Darren Wilson and that Dr. Baden’s comments will help to offer clarity to the questions that the family has.

The first question asked by the mother, was how many times was Mr. Brown shot, and how much pain did Michael Brown suffer. The response was six time and no, he did not suffer.

The second question the mother had, according to Crump, is what else is needed to arrest the killer of my child.

Attorny Daryl Parks next speaks.  First on the shots.  The bullets are shown as being from the front, which does contradict the witness statements.

The first bullet wound he disucsses is the top of the head, that entered the head and traversed through the brain toward the right side of his head. The bullet was recovered from the body.  The second was a bullet that entered at the hairline and exited through Mr. Brown’s eye.

Michael Brown autopsy drawing

Michael Brown autopsy drawing

Park says those two things, those two wounds, were reason enough to arrest the officer.

Anthony Gray, the third Brown family attorney, said that a report said that the events last night might have been “spurred by the autopsy report release” that  is not true as the report was released two hours after the police attacked the citizen protestors.

Dr. Michael Baden, forensic pathologist, says (paraphrased, not direct quote) that when someone dies after an encounter with the police, and community concerns are predictable, and the parent of the decedant does not trust the government responsible for the death, the family will request an independent autopsy.

The reason for this is that when there is not transparency, and when I was chief Medical Examiner for NYC, the sooner the information is released to the family and the community, it stops some of the concerns.

The first question familes often have is did my family member suffer, and being able to tell the mother that the wound to the top of the head would have ceased all feeling of pain.

Dr. Baden has said that many black men are killed every day, and this is the first time to his recollection that the President has gotten involved.

Professor Shawn Parcells spoke about the autopsy and that the autopsy was done with the body in what he called an atamoical position.

Shots are to the top of the head, the apex, at the hairline which entered at the top of the hairline, exited his jaw and rentered at the neck. There is a wound at the top of Brown’s right arm, two graze wounds and one at his bicep.

Medial aspect of the right arm happened (the only wound seen on both views) may have been the wound that occured may have been the wound that happened as he was walking away, when he put his hand up or as a defensive wound. In other words, it can be interrpretted to fit multiple scenarios.

Dr. Baden says that the distance between the muzzle of the gun and the body was at least two feet away, however this is without having examined the clothing, which could filter out residue.

In response to reporters questions, he said that all this information could have been released shortly after Mr. Brown was shot, which in Baden’s estimation, would have stopped some of the violence.

Dr. Baden responded that there are abrasions on Mr. Brown’s face as he fell down.  However there is no evidence of a struggle and that an examination of the police officer by the family is important.

Dr. Baden has said that witness accounts are lining up to fit scenarios.  From a science point of view, we can return which witness observations are most consistent with the forensic findings.

There was no reference to tox reports, which can take weeks to get results from, but that those would not lead to cause of death at this time.

Parcell spoke to say that they can not determine the order of gun shot wounds, but that they feel the last two, to the head were done as he knelt down.

Dr. Baden said that all of the wounds, except for the one at the top of the head, were survivable.


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