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Capt. Ron Johnson: We will take this community back

Written By | Aug 19, 2014

CHICAGO, August 19, 2104 – Capt. Ron Johnson has spoken in the early morning hours showing intense emotion as he exhibited two guns, Molotov cocktails and firework devices taken from the “bad actors”, “provocateurs” or “criminals” that are bringing anarchy to Ferguson.

Johnson made it very clear that the police and leaders are hearing the pain, the anger that is the result of years of disconnection between the predominately black community and white police force. Earlier during the evening one man said “we are stopped coming home from the store, on our way to work. And we are tired of being disrespected every day.”

Johnson said that of the 31 persons arrested this morning, there were some from as far away as New York and California. Media reports that they are seeing persons in t-shirts promoting groups that they have seen as antagonizers at other protests.

One, wearing a t-shirt promoting revolution, was seen by one reporter at Occupy Wall Street demonstrations.

Johnson said that he, and his men, are heart broken over the businesses lost even as they stood by, not taking action, giving the impression to this viewer that he felt that the decision to not engage with the protestors was the wrong decision to make.

Johnson also said that the media has to be better. To stay back. Not step into the line of fire or the center of confrontations. He also said that when they do, he can’t always tell a journalist from an agitator, and that when they have a crew and a $50K camera, that is one thing. But for some of the smaller outlets, it is hard. But that if that happens they should stay calm and that as soon as they can identify who they are, they will be released.

Capt. Johnson is a man that is tired of the ongoing conflict. He told media that he is not going to send him men into these protests without every protection, giving the impression that it was ridiculous of the media to question the what they term as the “militarization” of the police force and which he sees as protecting their lives.

Going forward, Capt. Johnson is suggesting that everyone be off the street by 4pm tomorrow afternoon. That media be in their assigned area.  Then, if tensions flair the police will know that persons on the street are agitators, they can arrest them and give Ferguson back to the people of the town and help them rebuild their homes, their schools and their businesses.

“We are going to make this neighborhood whole, make this community whole and I am not going to let the criminals who have come from far away or from this community define this neighborhood.” – Capt. Ron Johnson

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Police Advance


Jacquie Kubin

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