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VELISEK: A conservative Christian speaks out

Written By | Apr 30, 2015

WASHINGTON, April 30, 2015 —I am a conservative Christian, and I make no apologies for that. There are those who label me as the enemy because of those beliefs, and that is their choice. It makes no difference to me. I am confident in my beliefs and my views.

The Founding Fathers established the United States with a religious base. That didn’t happen by accident and was intentional. This country was founded as a gift to later generations, and they assumed that the religious principles it was founded on would remain the building blocks for the nation. And they will.

No matter what the government tries to do, or how many insults  and degradations Christians have to deal with, we will remain truthful to our beliefs. Government will never replace God, will never control the thoughts or decisions of the everyday man, Christian or not. Christians will not give up self-determination because there is no spiritual development in it, and takes us from the Godly life we want to live.

Atheists are threatened by the thought of God and by those who believe in God. Christians embrace God, and it fills a void in their lives. Many of us walk around with smiles on our faces because of the peace we get from God. Atheists become irate when we talk about God or ask what is missing in their lives. Why are they so afraid of something they say doesn’t exist?

I have learned a great many things in my life, and my religious life is no exception. One of the things I have learned is that each of us must be responsible for what we do and what we say. There were those in the time of Jesus who were non-believers and were as upset then about Christ as some people are today. Because of their fear, they even tried to wipe the Christians out of the Roman Empire. They failed. We are still here, and we will always be here.

I firmly believe that the Lord has put all of us in this world for a reason. Whether it is to help one person, to spark one idea, or to move a mountain, all of us — Christian or not — have a reason to be here. You don’t have to admit it, you don’t even have to think about it. You are a part of God’s plan.

The world has changed, people’s attitudes have changed. Some say that because of this, Christians need to move forward with the times and change the attitudes they have so they can more fit in. They point out that Jesus lived so long ago, he would change too; it’s just progress, and that is where we all need to be.

While these are very admirable thoughts, they are also wrong. God hasn’t changed, and the laws that God expects us to live by haven’t changed.

The prosperity, patriotism and happiness of this country lie on the foundation of religious morality. That is the way the founders expected it to be. It has not stayed that way because too many people think they are above those laws. They think they have the right to indulge themselves to the detriment of others. It is against the laws of decency, of morality and, yes, God.

The difference between Christians and others comes down to responsibility. Christians are responsible for themselves and to God. Others may be responsible for themselves, but that responsibility often slips and degrades to an attitude of “I can do anything I want.” This country is divided between those who accept responsibility for the actions they take and who that don’t.

Christians live without the world of today’s political correctness, materialism and the amoral culture that this world has become. We not perfect by any means. But we do have a responsibility to God and try to live up to that responsibility. This world, with its anti-religious taunts and hatred, does not matter to us. We are not responsible to them. Perhaps that is what makes atheists so angry.

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John Velisek

John C. Velisek is a retired Navy Veteran, entrepreneur, write, and lives in Apple Valley California with his wife. Working since he was 14, he has recently retired to write full time, about a terrorism, racial issues, the economy and government on a personal level.