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Top 10 kitchen gadgets gifts for the at home chef

Written By | Dec 12, 2013

LOS ANGELES, December 12, 2014 – Everyone dreams of being a better cook. This list of kitchen gadgets was compiled to help guide you to buy the best gifts no matter what your budget is and who you’re buying for.

Buttercup: The butter maker by Chef’n. Add whipping cream to the Buttercup jar, let it sit out for eight hours and then shake it for three minutes (kids would love to do this). The whipping cream separates into two parts: butter and buttermilk.  The butter falls to the bottom and the buttermilk easily pours out. This gives you a great gift plus entertainment for the receiver. $14.95 at

Pasta Cooker by Lekue: Add pasta and cold water to the sleek container and microwave for the appropriate amount of time and voila cooked pasta. Give your recipient the gift of time. $35

Yolk Out by Tovolo:

Yolk Out by Tovolo

Yolk Out by Tovolo

Crack eggs into a bowl and use the silicone suction to suck up the egg yolks. Give a baker an opportunity to separate eggs with ease and in large batches. $6.95 at Sur la Table or

Olive Stuffer by Swissmar: Take desired filling and place it into the groove at the bottom of the stuffer, slide the stuffer into a pitted olive and inject the filling into the olive. Blue cheese olives are amazing but very time consuming until now, this gadget helps you make the stuffed olives you love with ease. $17.95

Twist 2-in-1 Silicone Whisk by Joseph Joseph: A flat and balloon whisk in one. The whisk comes flat and then with a couple of clicks it changes to a balloon shaped whisk. Fantastic to mix sauces in a pan or beat a batter, plus it’s easy to store. $9.95 at

Stainless Grill Clips by Sur La Table: Open the clamps and insert asparagus and grill. A fun and practical way to grill asparagus so it doesn’t fall through the cracks. $14.95 at Sur la Table

Citrus Spray by Lekue: Cut the top of the lemon and twist in the sprayer. A great cooking gadget to add a hint of lemon or lime to pastas, salads, cooked chicken and fish. $14.95 at Sur la Table or

Corkcicle by Corkcicle: Freeze the Corkcicle and after you open it place it into the wine to keep it at the perfect temperature. A perfect gift for wine lovers everywhere. It works for one or more bottles. You can say goodbye to the mess of a wine bucket or wine that’s too cold. $24.95 at

Star Microplane the Elite Series by Microplane: Take the cheese and run it along the coarse side of the Star grater. The grater grates, catches and measures the cheese plus it’s an easy size and shape to store. $16.95 at the Sur la Table website or

Purefizz Carbonated Beverage Maker by Mastrad: Add water to the bottle and top it off with the special top, insert the nozzle and in a matter of minutes carbonated water that competes with any you can buy at the store. $80

The Splurge: 

Ankarsrum Mixer

Ankarsrum Mixer

The Ankarsrum Mixer by Ankarsrum: A fun new all in-one mixer, blender, grater and more in an assortment of colors.  Need I say more?

The roller, scrapper, spatula set it comes with makes it different than a typical Kitchen Aid Mixer. The set  allows a batter to be mixed and scraped from the edges at the same time.

The Ankarsrum would be a gift for the person who loves and knows how to cook and bake. $699.00 at the Sur La Table website.

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Mary Moran

Upon graduating from the California School of Culinary Arts in 2002, Chef Mary Payne Moran began her professional career shelling crabs at the world-renowned restaurant, Michael's in Santa Monica. Simultaneously, she launched her own company, Hail Mary’s, founded upon the belief that good food nurtures the soul, and began catering weddings, parties and large corporate events. In the fall of 2008, Mary began teaching her culinary skills to others. Currently she can be found at Hollywood School House teaching her after school cooking class, and teaching her popular "Vegetables or Not Here I Come" assembly. Most recently, Mary has launched another division in her company as well as a chef she is now also a Certified Nutritionist for high profile clients. She helps her clients discover their healthy way of eating. Mary has recently been published in the Los Angeles Magazine, & The New Jersey Star Ledger. Daily she addresses cooking aficionados through her blog - Cooking with Chef Mary as well as her how-to webisodes on You Tube.