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The 2020 Genesis G90 defines luxury sedan value

Written By | Jun 2, 2020

SEATTLE — To say that the Genesis brand has provided a shake-up in the luxury vehicle arena would be to understand things. In a few short years, Hyundai has catapulted its luxury brand into a world-class luxury brand that takes its competitors head-on and at lower prices.

With its 2020 G90, Genesis offers up the features we love in other luxury sedans from the likes of Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi – but at a fraction of the price. It competes with the Lexus LS, S-Class from Mercedes and the BMW 7-series.

This refreshed G90, over last year – has all of the latest Genesis design cues, including the huge grille upfront, great-looking slotted taillights, and a bunch of subtleties that give it an ultra-refined look. Its commanding look makes folks notice as you drive down the road — like a boss. It’s obvious that the level of intent in each small design is done in such a way to make its occupants feel safe, quiet, and special.


Our test model was outfitted with the 5.0-liter V8, naturally aspirated engine that is good for 420 horsepower and 383 lb-ft of torque. The engine is surprisingly quiet, even under a full-throttle, and delivers its power very smoothly over the entire rpm spectrum. The smooth-as-silk 8-speed automatic transmission delivers the power very well and does an admirable job of gear swapping.

We absolutely love the overall design and those new wheels. At over seventeen feet long, the sheer amount of presence the G90 has is commanding.

On the inside:

The first thing you notice, once inside, is how you feel. This car feels special. It makes you feel special. The luxurious materials used – from the diamond-tuck leather to the stitching and generous use of real wood surfaces – all add to an ambiance of luxury.

Although the seats aren’t massaging ones (unfortunately), they do have a programming mode where you enter in your height and weight. This will have the car automatically adjust the seat for the proper comfort and seating position.

The Lexicon-powered infotainment system produces excellent sound reproduction and has a very easy-to-use screen that operates with both touch and via a center console-mounted dial. There’s a very exhaustive menu system that gives you everything from navigation to custom drive-modes, to piping in relaxing sounds or themes.

There literally is not a bad seat in the G90. Just one glimpse into the back seating area and you’ll find that passengers back there are also sitting in the lap of luxury. There’s a command module for temperature control, audio volumes, and seat adjustments. Not to mention, there are plenty of connectivity and charging ports as well.

Ride quality is nothing short of sublime. Even in sport mode, where the steering gets a bit tighter and the suspension is a bit less dampened, the ride is simply divine for a car of this class. While it does a phenomenal job of dampening road bumps, it doesn’t feel ultra-spongy like your Great Grandpa’s 1978 Cadillac did.

Wrapping up:

The power from the V8 is absolutely on-point for a car in this class. Buyers of luxury sedans want the performance to feel as special as they do while driving the car. Acceleration is very brisk and braking is solid and shows very little fade, even after repeatedly doing hard-braking tests.

It’s been amazing to watch the evolution of not only Genesis as a brand, but the G90 in particular. Sure, it’s always been a good car over the years, but this 2020 model ups the ante in so many ways. It’s all the proof we need to see that Genesis is not simply a me-too company but one that is looking to compete on the world stage against the well-established luxury brands.

Price as tested: $76,695.00

For more details on the G90 and the entire Genesis line-up, go to:


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