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Reviewed: 2019 Genesis G80 AWD 3.3T

Written By | Jan 9, 2020

SEATTLE — Hyundai’s premium brand, Genesis, continues to make a splash in the automotive world with price competitive vehicles that offer a lot for the money. While not much has changed with the G80 in the last couple of model years, we’re still seeing it as a strong value proposition with excellent value amongst its German and Japanese competitors.

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This 2019 G80 3.3T Sport is a handsome four-door sedan that’s powered by the same potent V6 found in the KIA Stinger. With 365 horses are on-tap as well as 376 lb-ft of torque. Our test model is the all-wheel-drive variant that does an incredible job of minimizing wheel spin throughout various kinds of weather. Additionally, the extra grip during hard acceleration is a beautiful thing. Genesis mates an eight-speed “Shiftronic” transmission with paddle shifters that does a speedy job of slamming through the gears.

While the EPA rates this car at 17mpg (miles per gallon) around town and up to 24mpg on the highway, you’ll be hard-pressed to see those numbers unless you can keep your foot out of it.

Even though its design hasn’t changed in a few years, it still looks relevant with a nice combination of bold, elegance and flare. Its styling has design cues from both German and Japanese autos and blends them in a rather harmonious way.

Pricing and warranty:

With a price of $58,745, you’ll see that Genesis has positioned it very well to the competition. It’s also the only brand with a 10year / 100,000 mile powertrain warranty and the “white glove” service. This means that whenever your Genesis needs serviced, they will come and pick the car up from you and bring it back when it’s ready.

As we’ve come to expect from Genesis, the inside is pure luxury. Besides the infotainment system, that’s clearly borrowed from Hyundai, everything here is top-shelf. From the leather seats, to stitching around the cabin and minimal plastics – it feels special. Plenty of legroom in the rear as well. Front seats are fully adjustable with excellent lumbar support.

One of the hallmarks of Hyundai/Genesis vehicles has been the exceptional audio performance of their high-end infotainment systems. The one you’ll find inside this G80 is no exception. Excellent frequency response across the entire audio spectrum. Support for AM/FM/XM CD and Bluetooth Audio are available as well as a few apps and Apple CarPlay / Android Auto.

Driving it:

Driving the G80 feels special. It also feels heavy. Not in a bad way per se but in a way that reminds you it’s first and foremost a luxury sedan. One that just happens to have a healthy amount of power under the hood. Pressing the accelerator pedal and you’ll feel the car propel itself to 60 rather quickly — about 4.7 seconds.

It handles the corners rather adeptly with very little body roll. That is thanks to its adaptive suspension that adjusts itself automatically to driving conditions. At high speeds, the car remains super smooth. One could easily hit triple digits and the car remains quiet inside and almost beckons you to push it harder.

There’s really not anything to not like about the G80. It fits right into its own when shopping the competition. It’s clear that the folks at Genesis have done their homework. They have built a world-class performance sedan that should be highly considered if you’re in the market for one. The only caveat about the Genesis brand right now, however, is that they’re still being sold at Hyundai dealerships. Not that that’s a bad thing, however, it’ll be nice when the day comes that Genesis is large enough to warrant its own branded dealerships.

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