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Online Winter Solstice Festival heralds the coming season

Written By | Dec 18, 2020

Washington– Traditional cultures and communities around the world regard the Winter Solstice as an important benchmark in time to pause, contemplate, celebrate, and commune with one another. As 2020 draws to a close, many are striving to reconcile this year’s special circumstances and social distancing with our collectively felt need to set aside time and space to observe this moment. This is an ideal moment for collaborative efforts that marry together tradition and innovation; in fact, the arts have been vital, in 2020, for keeping our collective spirits afloat.

The Shift Network is hosting a free virtual Winter Solstice Fest from December 18-20, with offerings that gather together an accomplished and eclectic group of visionaries, musicians, speakers, and Indigenous elders. Their music and rituals are intended to rekindle our energies and set intentions of peace and community for the coming year.

The Winter Solstice Fest will culminate in a live feed of a sunrise ceremony at Stonehenge with Chris Park and guests.

Christmas 2020 – coming just when we need it the most

Turning the challenges of limited travel and social distancing into an advantage, the virtual format allows people from all over the globe to participate, adding a further global element to the internationally-representative group of presenters. While the event is free with signup, there is also a VIP option that unlocks bonuses and extra events.

In addition to music, the Solstice Fest’s lineup will include special ceremonies, workshops, and live “link-ups” to other Solstice events across the world. Special musical performances and healing arts will underline the intentions of the event, and sacred offerings and prayers will be interspersed throughout, for an experience that will be both artistically inspiring, and spiritually renewing.

Musical Performances will include:
Presenters will include:
  • Digital Artist and visionary Android Jones
  • Activist and Prana Vinyasa master teacher Shiva Rea
  • Writer, activist, spiritual counselor, and elder Yeye Luisah Teish
  • Sahara Rose • Isis Indriya • Nat Kelley and more.

Be prepared to engage in self-care, participate in ceremonies, and set

Intentions to focus on and manifest goals, objectives, and a new future going into 2021.

These celebratory moments played a vital role in revitalizing community spirit and affirming vital health for the coming year.

In the spirit of honoring these ancient traditions, The Shift Network presents Winter Solstice Fest on December 18, 19, and 20.

The online festival will present an international lineup of musicians, artists, visionary speakers, Indigenous elders, and more with the 3 days cul The 3-day event will also include special ceremonies, workshops, and live “link-ups” to other Solstice events across the world. Woven throughout the event will be sacred prayers offered by first nation elders and spiritual teachers from many nations.

Check here for the entire list of presenters, schedule, and ticket information.

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