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Little Frog’s Tadpole Trouble: Children’s Book Review

Written By | Feb 1, 2014

SILVER SPRING, Md, January 30, 2014 – Little Frog was happy with his family. It was just him and his parents. But one day, his parents told Little Frog that he was going to be a big brother, and not to just one sibling, but to nine tadpoles! Little Frog was not too concerned until the tadpoles arrived and took all of his parents’ time and attention away from him. He was also dismayed because his nine new siblings were unable to play with him or do anything other than be a distraction.

One day, Little Frog was so upset with the lack of attention he called the little tadpoles stupid. His father quickly reminded Little Frog that he was once a tadpole too. Daddy Frog told him that the tadpoles would grow up quickly.  And Daddy Frog was right. Before too long the tadpoles had grown, becoming frogs and new playmates for Little Frog, who became the best big brother of all.

This is a great book for young children who are about to welcome a new sibling into the house. It addresses the two biggest things children recognize as problems with younger siblings: the fact that they cannot play and the amount of mom and dad’s time that new babies take away from older siblings. The story also serves to remind children that babies are not babies forever, and a new addition to the family is a good thing.

The text uses simple words and only a small number per page, which makes the storytelling style great for a younger audience with short attention spans, perfect for future big brothers and sisters who may not otherwise understand what a new baby in the house really means.

The artwork is simple, but attention getting. Feeney uses only two colors, a bright lime green with red accents, and the occasional black line to illustrate her story. The drawings themselves are simple, and Little Frog and his family, are simply outlined characters. But with simple lines, she manages to make the characters expressive and friendly.

Author and illustrator Tatyana Feeney is originally from North Carolina, but studied illustration at North East Wales College of Art and Design. She now lives and works in Ireland. Little Frog’s Tadpole Trouble is one of three books that she has written and illustrated. She has also provided the illustrations for books by Anna Donovan and Patrick Deeley.

Little Frog’s Tadpole Trouble  (ISBN: 9780385753722) by Tatyana Feeney was published on January 7, 2014 by Random House Children’s Books. It is available as a hardcover or an ebook.

Brighid Moret

Brighid is a freelance writer, mother and reader. She holds an MA in Writing from Johns Hopkins University. Find her on Twitter @BrighidMoret, or follow @BigReadsLittleH for the latest children's book reviews.