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Levar Burton: The Rhino That Swallowed a Storm

Written By | Jan 17, 2015

LOS ANGELES, January 17, 2014- Late in December, actor Levar Burton read his very first children’s book “The Rhino Who Swallowed the Storm” to a small group of both young and not so young listeners at a mom and pop bookstore in Larchmont Village in Los Angeles, Ca.

Burton is most notable from his television show Reading Rainbow and his character Geordi Le Forge from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Burton has created a beautifully illustrated book to help children cope with difficult life situations. There is no doubt in today’s world that both children and their parents are faced with many challenges like natural disasters: hurricanes, tornados, fires, floods as well as emotional issues: separation, anxiety, anger, rejection, fear, illness, death, etc.

Both natural disasters and emotional issues require parent and child discussion and not every parent has the verbal tools to deal with such difficult issues. Burton has written this book to help parents navigate through these difficult issues.

The story begins with a scared Mica mouse and Papa mouse in their cozy home while a storm rages out the window. During this scary storm Micah remembers how her home had been destroyed by a hurricane in the recent past.

Papa mouse tries to calm her fears and concerns by reading Micah a story about the Rhino that Swallowed a Storm.

The reader then dives into the story of Little Rhinoceros and his magical world. At first his world is beautiful and bright, but then things turn gloomy and stormy. Little Rhinoceros was so distraught by all the things he loved being destroyed by the storm that he decides to swallows it.

The story continues and leads the readers on a journey of understanding of what fears, and concerns feel like and how to cope with them.

This book can be purchased on Amazon for kindle $9.99 and in hardcover for $13.00. You can also find Levar Burton on old clips of reading rainbow on You Tube. Burton is currently working on expanding Reading Rainbow into an App to reach a whole new generation.

His Kickstarter campaign achieved more than their goal of $1 million.

With their current accumulation of over $5 million they will now be able to provide The Reading Rainbow app everywhere plus give free subscriptions to over 7500 classrooms.

You can still donated to the Kick Starter campaign.

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