With matters of life and death, America celebrates Kim Kardashian’s ass


ORLANDO, November 17, 2014 — The world remains on fire as ISIS, Boko Haram and other radical Islamists groups murder innocent citizens across the globe. Ebola is threatening to engulf West Africa and lead to a worldwide pandemic. Food prices are skyrocketing and fuel prices are still far higher than they were a mere six years ago. With everything going on in the world, there was still time for one woman with a knack for publicity and a stunning posterior to stop the internet world in its slack-jawed tracks.

Kim Kardashian became famous by posting a sex tape that revealed her to be a woman of numerous curves. In blunter terms, she has a spectacular backside. Kardashian shook her money-maker in front of the cameras and made millions of dollars. Those who mocked her did not have the luxury of laughing their posteriors all the way to the bank.

While Kardashian remains beautiful, she was never important. Pop culture has long been a barren wasteland containing far too many useless individuals dumbing down society with their mindless prattling and hollow lives.

Then Kardashian decided to “break the internet” by posing naked for the cover of “Paper” Magazine. She bared her luscious apple bottom to the world and started a debate on whether her behavior was appropriate.

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Those who liked the picture consisted of many men with pulses and many women content with a beautiful woman showing her beauty loudly and proudly. Those who disliked the picture included many jealous women as well as emasculated men afraid of those women. Emasculated men terrified of their own women took great pains to feign indignity at the picture.

A third category of people include those irritated that Kim Kardashian is ever a topic of discussion.

With matters of life and death at home and abroad, this theory posits that pop culture should never be mentioned for any reason. While this train of thought is usually accurate, an exception needs to be made. Kim Kardashian accidentally now has the power to be relevant to American society, and even very useful.

The battle against radical Islam stems from Islamist desires to establish a global Caliphate. The Islamists greatest wish is to destroy the Great Satan, America. They hate us because we are free, but they hate us even more because that freedom causes us to enjoy decadence. Erotic pictures of American women are one of the very reasons Islamists cite for trying to export Sharia Law to the world.

The Islamists are trying to force their values down Western throats. What better way to counter Islamist violence by beating them at their own goal? American airplanes should drop millions of leaflets in every Islamist nation with naked pictures of Kim Kardashian on them. Those finding this idea trivial fail to understand how powerful lust is and how Western culture has promoted lust to advance American interests. Our military has won wars, but our secular indulgences have won over people everywhere despite those determined to admit this.

In the 1960s America was locked in a struggle with the U.S.S.R. for control of the world. Even while the Cold War was raging, Soviet citizens were paying top dollar for black market staples of American culture. Blue Jeans and Beatles tapes were highly sought after prizes in the Russian empire. While the Beatles were British, it was their star status in the United States that made the rest of the world want their merchandise at all costs. As for blue jeans, no article of clothing is more quintessentially American.

In 1989, Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu was overthrown. While the Romanian people removed him, there was again a major American influence. Romanian citizens had fallen in love with the American prime time drama “Dallas,” starring the late actor Larry Hagman as dastardly villain J.R. Ewing. Hagman himself even noted the show’s role in showing off America’s opulence to the Communist world. Romanians saw the lust, wealth and power and wanted it for themselves. World leaders who castigated America secretly watched Dallas and its copycats “Dynasty” and “Falcon Crest,” along with the Dallas spinoff “Knots Landing.”

Rabbi Shmuly Boteach is the author of the book “Kosher Sex.” While the book is meant to be a template for couples to strengthen their own marriages, Boteach has explained that lust is too powerful an emotion to be ignored. If General David Petraeus, one of the most disciplined men on earth, could fall prey to temptation, then repressed Islamists trying to deny their own desires are ripe targets.

Osama bin Laden planned the September 11th attacks that murdered nearly 3,000 Americans. The very same hatred of the American way of life was cited as the motive for the attacks. Many of the 19 Saudi hijackers were spending the night before the attacks gambling in casinos and cavorting with prostitutes. The very men angry at Americans for parading around their women openly were tempted by those women themselves. When bin Laden was killed, American Navy SEALs discovered his private stash of pornographic magazines.

Inflicting repeated cultural images on a populace can affect behavior. The homosexual lifestyle was once a scandal. Now gays live their lives in the open and most people shrug. This was due to a relentless marketing and media campaign designed to offer a clear point of view.

The same goal can be accomplished everywhere. It would be much tougher for Islamist hardliners to keep their young men indoctrinated when these barely adult-aged boys are salivating over pictures of Kim Kardashian’s hindquarters.

Many Americans who dislike overt displays of sexualized images feel the way they do specifically because they are aware of the corrupting influence it has on the American people. Muslims are no different. Try as they might to deny it, they have the same internal desires. Sexuality and eroticism are not a unique American phenomenon. Adam and Eve confronted their desires long before any world religion ever existed. Humanity was founded on lust and its consequences.

Kim Kardashian’s exposed bottom should be sent everywhere in the Muslim world. The rulers can try and block the pictures and censor the internet. That will make contraband copies every bit as powerful as blue jeans were five decades ago.

Islamists know that America’s hyper-sexualized culture is a threat to the rigidity of radical Islam. They hate it and fear it because they secretly love it.

If America truly wants to spread its own global influence, then images of Kim Kardashian’s rear end should be dropped from the sky in all its perfectly picturesque posterior glory. Islamist boys can chant “death to America” while trying to kill each other for the right to view the images. Societies that turn inward inevitably collapse.

Now that would be a show worth watching that has not been seen since the Dallas finale.

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  • Sue Andersen

    Can you do a story on the #FBdoublestandard? The KK pictures are all over my newsfeed— the one above and her full frontals but Professional cover model/fitness model photographers are being banned by FB….jeopardizing their businesses…..

  • Vincenzo Bonello

    It doesn’t matter she is just going to keep doing it because she is an attention seeker. Attention seekers do these sort of things, so by us giving her a reaction she is fueled by it.

  • Vincenzo Bonello

    I just don’t get it, she wouldn’t have had been famous if we didn’t give her the initial reaction. Society is all messed up we publicize someone for doing shameful acts but then when someone does good you don’t really hear about it.

  • Kim Kardashian West, sex soldier fighting for the American way of life! Who knew? 🙂 Rock on, honey.