On August 9, was Michael Brown a gentle giant?

Which is the real Michael Brown?

FERGUSON, MO., August 16, 2014 — Michael Brown was the 18-year old man shot in the street of Ferguson, Missouri on August 9 by police officer Darren Wilson.

Brown had just graduated from Normandy High School in the spring and was scheduled to start classes at Vatterott College, which has four different campuses in the St. Louis area, to learn the heating and cooling trade, two days after he was shot.

Brown had been visiting his grandmother, Desuirea Harrison, in the blue collar neighborhood of Ferguson, a suburb of St. Louis on the fateful day when he and a friend headed out and stopped at a convenience store.

Through the released surveillance video from that convenience store, it is clear that at six feet four inches, Brown was a big boy. A big boy who was in an intimidating and provocative mood that day.

A big boy who was unarmed and ended up lying in the street dead from an officer’s gunshots.

That is about where the known facts end, and where the spin from both sides begins.

From watching the recently released surveillance video, it is clear that regardless of the claims of family members saying Brown was a gentle giant, on that day he was not in a gentle mood.

The video shows Michael Brown and his friend Dorian Johnson inside the Ferguson market. It appears that Brown asks the clerk for cigars and when he puts the inexpensive, machine rolled cigars on the counter, Brown picks them up and hands them to Johnson.

The clerk says something, presumably asking for money. Brown then reaches across the counter grabbing more packages of the cigars and then the two boys head for the door.

The video shows the clerk running for the door in an attempt to stop the boys. Brown, who was considerably larger than the clerk, takes the clerk by the shirt and pushes him away.

The clerk says something and Brown aggressively comes toward the clerk again. As the employee backs away, Brown and Johnson leave the store.

This is reportedly when that clerk called the police to report the theft, which brought Officer Darren Wilson onto the scene.

The video depicts a much different Michael Brown than the one in the photo released by the family of a much younger Brown at a Chuck-e-Cheese type establishment.

As both sides continue to try and spin the information to support their side, some facts do not change.

After watching the video, it is not hard to believe that Brown was the type of kid who would walk down the middle of the street blocking traffic. Nor is it hard to believe that he was the type of person who would engage a police officer, but he was also the type of person who should have survived that confrontation.

Michael Brown had the desire to aggravate that day. He gained police attention by stealing and then walking down the middle of the street, interfering with traffic. Unfortunately, he earned the attention from the wrong policeman.

It is extremely difficult to explain shooting an unarmed man. It is impossible to justify the second shot.

Darren Wilson’s actions seem to be those of an officer who was scared, not confident, and possibly not well trained. This is the responsibility of the police chief.

The police handling of the situation in Ferguson, Missouri escalated the tension instead of defusing it.

As soon as word started to spread that there were going to be citizens gathering, the police should have reached out to community and religious leaders asking for assistance.

The predominantly black community should have seen a presence that included faces like theirs.

Deploying a large group of heavily armed white police officers is never going to calm an escalating protest in an African American community.

Look at what happened as soon as the state police took over and put Officer Ron Johnson as the intermediary between police and the people. Peaceful protests.

Riot gear and military presence is very intimidating in a peaceful society. When you strip the military down to the basics, it is a man with a gun, excellent for attracting other men with guns.

Police Chief Thomas Jackson stated that the heavily armed military type of officer was out of necessity because he did not want to put his officers in harm’s way.

No one does, but at the beginning of this situation there were certainly troublemakers in the crowd. There were also grandmothers, mothers and children who would have self policed. Shouldn’t the heavy equipment been held in reserve until needed not before there was even a problem?

Another infuriating situation resulting from the Ferguson riots is the media and politicians acting shocked over the heavy weaponry of the local police forces. Where have they been for the past 15 years?

In 1990 Congress enacted the National Defense Authorization Act.

Section 1208 of the act allows the Secretary of Defense to “transfer to Federal and State agencies personal property of the Department of Defense, including small arms and ammunition, that the Secretary determines is (A) suitable for use by such agencies in counter-drug activities; and (B) excess to the needs of the Department of Defense.” In 1996, Congress replaced Section 1208 with Section 1033.

In accordance with the act, the DoD also sold the equipment cheap.

Recently the police force Watertown, Connecticut, (population 22,514) acquired a mine-resistant, ambush-protected vehicle, priced at $733,000, designed to protect soldiers from roadside bombs, for $2,800. There has yet to be a landmine reported in Watertown, Connecticut.

And now the government is questioning how this could have happened?

For now, Police Chief Jackson has released most of his authority to State Police. Hopefully they will be more capable of figuring out what actually happened and keeping calm in the process.

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  • Being human

    Good article. It’s rare to see articles like these with all of the racial issues involved. Some are pointing to Michael Brown being completely innocent, while others are saying that he’s a thug who deserved to die. It’s very possible that both were in the wrong. Michael Brown possibly robbed a store, and it’s definite that the cop was overly aggressive. There’s still too much information left to decide the whole story.

    I’m just wondering though. The video seems to not be very credible. The pictures seem pretty blurry, and there’s no audio, which makes it very hard to determine what happened. Another thing that seems suspicious is, how come Dorion Johnson isn’t arrested for the robbery? How come the video was released so long after the murder? How come the name of the officer was released so long after the murder? To me, these things just don’t add up. I’d like to get your thoughts on these questions, because I’m just trying to search for the truth.

    It’s hard to trust people these days. Conservatives seem to be saying that since this guy’s a thug, he deserved to get shot (from people who watch way too much Fox News). While supporters are saying that Michael Brown is a complete angel.

    • Schpenauers Hundt

      rioting again yes says it all. Any excuse Why anyone would want to be a white cop in a black hood is beyond me.He was a thug ,unfortunately that puts you in danger of someone killing you when your 6’4 300 pounds and charge someone. If he would have been the same size and a skinhead or a Polynesian most likely would have ended up dead as well.

      • Being human

        Because of your size that puts you in danger of someone killing you??? Really??? Robbing the store shows that Brown was in the wrong as well, but that justifies murder? How many of us did stupid stuff when we were kids that could have gotten someone hurt? Some of us have probably stolen small things as well. If people deserve to die for this, then most of America would be dead.

        • foodie

          I would bet that the majority of us have NOT strong armed someone half our size and robbed them.
          That wasn’t the reason this guy was killed, however, he obviously attacked a cop and was killed because of that.
          Your expectations of normal behavior are way off — either you need to get a better class of friends or you are headed for the same 10 to 15 prison sentence that Brown was. Not “college” (some private hack trade school actually) – rather PRISON, and that’s why he was so aggressive to the cop – that and he was likely jacked up on pcp –the tox screen will show that too I suspect.

          • Being human

            You’re just putting words in my mouth. The majority of people not strong arming someone is besides the point. All I’m saying is that Michael Brown shouldn’t have been shot six times for robbing a store. Robbing a store doesn’t justify getting murdered. He should have been in court for stealing, but not shot. Wilson also should have used better judgment. If he thought Brown was going to be a problem, then he should have called for backup. This way, Brown wouldn’t have been shot, and Wilson wouldn’t be facing trial.

            How are my expectations of normal behavior off? I’m just trying to say that most of us have done things we’re not proud of in life. Still doesn’t mean that we should get shot for them. Also, even robbing the store doesn’t justify murder. Brown wasn’t even armed.

            Maybe he was so aggressive with the cop because the cop was harassing Brown. It’s a definite possibility. Like I’ve been saying through all my posts, both were in the wrong, but that doesn’t mean that Brown should have gotten shot six times.

          • Schpenauers Hundt

            What nonsense your in danger and fire in with an auto you will,likely empty the clip. there are more black on black homicides in one eyar than blacks killed by the ku klux klan in 150years. however you know it s all due to white racism. If the guy had been a 6’4 300 skinhead he would have got the same thing. Be Serious.

          • Being human

            Well, was the policeman firing with an auto? I’m honestly not sure, but I was just wondering if you could tell me. Black and black homicides and your Ku Klux Klan statement are irrelevant. The point of this is to show that cops are using careless judgement, and lives are ending short because of it. I honestly don’t know if these cases were because of white racism or not, but in the end, that’s not the point of this case. Also, if you deny that white racism doesn’t exist, you’re just deluding yourself.

            There’s not enough evidence yet to show that the cop was in any danger. Facts are still coming in.

            All of your points are comparing apples to oranges. What matters is that people are saying that Brown deserved to be killed because people think that he stole something and assaulted an officer. There’s proof of neither yet. Since Wilson had a good six years of service, he probably wasn’t racist, but a lot of people on these threads definitely are.

          • Schpenauers Hundt


      • domici merchant

        I think the officer did us all a favor!! I wish he would come to Lancaster Ca & get rid of some of these undertow that has infiltrated our city!! Beware white people keep low class blacks out of your neighborhood, if you want a nice area destroyed, turn it over to African Americans!!! I’m black & that ilk of Black people make me sick!!!

  • CB

    He didn’t possibly rob the store. Diorian Johnson already admitted that it was them in the store. Johnson’s story has more holes than the Titanic. He claims that the officer pulled up and grabbed Brown and tried to pull him into the car. The laws of physics aren’t in play in Ferguson, where a seated cop is going to try and pull a 300 lb. 6’4″ man into his car through the driver window.

    This story is factually incorrect as well. Officer Darren Wilson was NOT the officer who responded to the robbery call. A different officer responded to that call. Wilson had no knowledge of the robbery when he first encountered Johnson and Brown. He simply told them to get out of the street because they were Jay walking. He then got the dispatch report describing the robbery and the two men, and backed up to investigate.

    At this point the facts are unclear. The Officer’s story is that when he tried to get out of the car he was assaulted by Brown, who also reached for his gun which subsequently went off in the car. Brown then ran away from the vehicle, at which point Officer Wilson got out of the car with his gun drawn and ordered Brown to freeze. Brown then charged the officer and it took multiple shots to take him down.

    Other witnesses (of which there are CURRENTLY none that say they saw the entire incident, but that could change) say the cop shot him for no reason, and that he had his hands up and was surrendering.

    The officer is a 6-year veteran, and has never fired his gun until this incident, nor had any complaints.

    Michael Brown has no adult criminal history – However, he was only 18 so it is likely that any record he would have had would have been juvenile which we are not privy to. SImple fact, we have no TRUE history on Michael Brown but the 5 minutes preceding, which point to him being a thief, and not afraid to use his size to intimidate or assault another person.

    Lots of questions remain. Toxicology and ballistics being the most pertinent right now.

  • disqus_RTGJxhM6Fx

    Sounds like a thug and a violent criminal was taken off the street and an excessive-force loving cop is also taken off duty. Win win for all involved.

    I can’t really relate to fear of police excessive force. I’ve never acted in ways that would attract such police interventions, nor do I speak to authority in ways that invite problems. I can definitely relate to being victimized by thieves, thugs and robbers though.

    Good riddance. They should sue his parents for white washing his image. Definitely not a ‘good boy.’ Totally deserving this.

    • Being human

      I agree with you that both were in the wrong, but this doesn’t mean it’s good that the Brown was murdered. Many of us have done stupid things when we were younger, but that doesn’t justify murder.

      Why do you think his parents should be sued? All parents would defend their children, and the Brown family is no different.

      • torrent

        Again…. It wasn’t murder. He was shot while committing a crime, assaulting an officer. Was it excessive? I am not sure yet but it definitely wasn’t murder so quit sensationalizing it.

        • Being human

          We don’t have proof that he assaulted the officer yet. His body was found 35 feet away from the car, and you don’t call that excessive? I’m not sensationalizing anything. Someone was murdered. Even if he was a thug, he should still have due process of law. We can’t trust Dorion Johnson, or Wilson, because both of them are going to use whatever information they can to back up their side of the story, and both are going to be extremely biased. What we can look at is the eyewitness testimony, gun shots, and anything around the crime scene. Also, the video at the store doesn’t count as evidence, because we don’t know what went on. Since the video has no audio, we don’t know what took place between Brown and the clerk. Also, Brown was standing at the register an awful long time for it to be a robbery, and it looks like he was paying for the cigars. don’t you find it a little suspicious that Ferguson police put it out the day they released the name of the officer?

  • Al Waishard

    It was only a matter of time before he killed or maimed someone. No great loss to humanity here.

    Nice job on the article.

    • domici merchant

      You got it!! & this is coming from a black man!!! I saw pix of him holding up a blood sign online, plus I jus get the inclination he was a gang banger & trouble

      • Al Waishard

        domici: We have to ignore the majority of the media that seeks to exploit these kinds of incidents, for the sake of a ‘good story’.

        Let’s suppose a huge White teen menaced and beat up a Black store clerk for a box of cigars, and then sometime later was shot by a Black cop while trying to snatch his sidearm. It would then be a case of ‘he got what he deserved’, no riots, looting or collateral damage. I certainly wouldn’t lose any sleep over it.

        The media wouldn’t care and most normal people wouldn’t either.

    • Being human

      Do you have a time machine that showed him killing or maiming someone? How do you know? Maybe it was only a matter of time before the cop killed someone in the future for jaywalking. A ton of people seem to think that just because Brown robbed a store that justifies murder. That’s pretty sad if you ask me. Most of us have shoved someone around, stolen something, or done something stupid, does this mean that most of us should die?

      • janderson2000

        You’ve robbed somebody by threat of violence? You should like just as much of a thug as this scum.

        • Being human

          Since when did I ever say that I’ve robbed somebody by threat of violence? The point I’m trying to make is that most of us have done something stupid in the past, and that we shouldn’t have to die just because we did something stupid.

          You’re whole argument is just jumping to conclusions when you don’t even know me.

          • You’re minimizing his actions. No, most of us haven’t robbed people by force or attacked a cop, trying to get his gun. This was not just “something stupid.” This was consecutive major felonies.

          • Being human

            You’re minimizing the cop’s actions by saying that robbing a store justifies murder. First off, we don’t know the whole account of what happened in the store. There was no audio on the tape, so the clerk could have given Brown a hard time. The video lacks credibility. Second, there’s not enough proof that Brown assaulted the officer. The facts are still coming out about this case. Also, why was Brown’s body 35 feet away from the car? The cop used very poor judgment and due to this, someone’s life was taken. One, he should have called backup if there was a robbery suspect. Two, he could have hit Brown’s knees to bring him down if he was assaulting the cop.

            Also, you’re putting words in my mouth. My comment was that some of us have done pretty stupid things in life, and that we don’t deserve to die for those actions. Many people drink and drive, which is far worse than what Brown. Do people who drink and drive deserve to get gunned down by a cop? There’s not enough proof that Brown stole anything.

        • Being human

          I never said that I robbed someone by threat of violence. I’m just trying to point that people do stupid things in their life from time to time. Also, there’s no proof that Brown robbed anyone. “You sound like just as much of a thug as this scum.” And you sound like a racist.

      • Al Waishard

        “Most of us have shoved someone around, stolen something” Really!!??
        I’ve been in enough fights, but have never EVER strong-armed or robbed anyone by threat of violence or otherwise – not not EVER! Surprised?
        Don’t be an apologist for this miscreant that got splashed in Ferguson.

        But by all means – do keep on working at ‘being human’.

        • Being human

          I’m not apologizing for the actions of Michael Brown, nor am I trying to paint him as a saint. All I’m saying is that just because Michael Brown robbed a store, that doesn’t justify six shots to his body. That’s what the reports say in the forensics. Also, if Wilson thought Michael Brown was going to be a problem, he should have called for back up. If he didn’t think he could take on Michael Brown, calling for back up would have been a lot better than shooting someone down. This would have prevented someone from being shot, and this would have prevented Wilson’s character from being torn to shreds.

          The point I was trying to make was most people have done stupid stuff when we’re teenagers. You said that you’ve been in enough fights. Well, did you know that those fights could cause serious physical injury to someone else, and possibly lead to death. If you know how to read grammar correctly, I put my list using commas. Which means that most people have done one of the three things above, and you’ve just proven my point. The point is that just because we’ve done something stupid in our past, that doesn’t mean we deserve to be gunned down like Michael Brown was.

          “Strong armed robbery???” Please, if you saw the video, Brown barely pushed the guy. Plus, since there’s no audio, we don’t really know what went on in that store, which makes the video lack credibility. Maybe the owner confronted Brown about something. We really just don’t know. Also, Wilson didn’t know that Brown was a robbery suspect, even the police chief says that.

          “I never tried to snatch a cop’s gun either!” Well good for you. Maybe you can become a saint now. Since we still don’t know the full facts of the case, maybe you can stop jumping to conclusions before you have all the evidence. Forensics show that Michael Brown was shot six times, and the forensics show that Michael Brown was shot at a distance. Even eye witness testimony says that. Sure, maybe Brown was in the wrong here, but no one deserves to die like that.

          I’ll always keep on working at Being Human, because I know that I’m not a perfect person either. However, the fact that you have to insult my humanity shows that you can’t form a proper argument without using ad hominems. And this proves that you’ve already lost.

          • torrent

            It most definitely was strong arm robbery. Look it up. even threatening violence in a robbery constitutes strong arm robbery. And the robbery had nothing to do with why he was shot. You are right, he made a mistake , a grave mistake, but it was HIS mistake and none else’s.

          • Being human

            One, it wasn’t strong armed robbery. Three things. One, Brown wasn’t even armed. Two, it looked like Brown actually paid for his cigars. Three, the owner actually put his hands on Brown, and only then did Brown shove back. There’s not enough proof yet that Brown stole anything, so your robbery point is moot.

          • torrent

            It really is a shame that this man ended up being shot but it was HIS mistake. If he would have just obeyed the police officer and moved to the sidewalk instead of assaulting the officer, he would be alive today. I can’t imagine how his family must be hurting right now and my prayers go out to them but his family obviously didn’t know him as well as they thought they did.

        • Rob

          The funny thing is you type with such certainty . Like you know exactly what happened and i dont think they strong arme . Anybody

  • dsh_nva

    >> considerable larger than the clerk
    Considerably, not “considerable.”

    >>not confident, and possible not well trained
    Possibly, not “possible.”

    • Russia sucks

      thank god for dudes like this eh ^^^ *eye roll*

  • Gilsharkey

    Actually, after leaving the store with stolen cigars, Brown was possibly facing 5-10 years in Prison for a strong armed robbery- there’s no way he was headed to college.

    As far as the second shot is concerned, we still don’t know any of the circumstances. Did Brown reach for the gun? Did he grab the gun when it went off? Did the police officer have any wounds? Until we know the answers to these questions, we cannot say for sure that Brown didn’t deserve what he got.

    • Michael Brooks

      The police officer suffered facial injuries from Brown’s first attack at his car. Then Brown left the car and the police officer pursued. It was then that Brown turned and rushed the officer again.

      • Being human

        So, it’s alright for someone to shoot another person just for facial injuries? You said that Brown was running away, and the police officer pursued. This is when Wilson should have called for back up, and it would have been case closed. No one would have had to die. Getting punched in the face doesn’t give you the right to shoot someone, especially if they’re running away.

        • Michael Brooks

          Because you are a “believer” you have adopted Dave Chappell’s O.J. Simpson Trail Burden of Proof. You are delusional and will be shown to be foolish by the facts. There is a reason that the media has left Ferguson. They know the facts. The narrative given by the accomplice and the other “witness” – which they both have now changed to try to over come the autopsy evidence, is false and every one knows it except for the “believers” and agitators.

          • Being human

            Being a believer has nothing to do with this. I’m just looking for the facts that I can, while you refuse to cite your broken eye socket evidence. The media hasn’t left Ferguson, they’re still covering it 24/7, along with Fox News. I agree with you that the accomplices’ narrative is one that we shouldn’t trust, but we shouldn’t trust Wilson’s narrative either. Both will be extremely bias because they’re trying to avoid punishment. However, there were several eye witnesses during this shooting, not only two that you seem to keep bringing up. “Believers”, and “agitators”, has nothing to do with this case. You keep trying to make this case democrat vs. republican, when it isn’t. This shooting isn’t about politics, although I agree that some people are trying to make it about politics, which is sad.

            During our debates, you’ve: refused to cite evidence, talked about the Michael Brown video, which isn’t evidence, and proven that Michael Brown didn’t have to be shot. You’ve also made this debate Republican vs. Democrat, which shows your lack of credibility.

            You’ve also said that you’ve won the debate, which both of us don’t have right to decide.

  • janderson2000

    You have this huge guy charge you and then tell me you can’t justify a second shot. He was running toward the cop and the cop had every right to end the threat.

    • Being human

      Yes, but that doesn’t justify getting shot six times which it what the forensic evidence shows. Wilson really should have called for backup, and none of this would have happened. It’s pretty much the same thing with Zimmerman. If Zimmerman wouldn’t have followed Martin, like the dispatcher said, then the whole incident wouldn’t have happened.

      • Michael Brooks

        Brown continued to charge the police officer until the 6th shot hit him in the head. The hit pattern is what to be expected in a rapid fire exchange. The first shot was low on the right arm. Each subsequent shot would rise along the body due to recoil. In the Police Academy we are taught to fire the side arm side ways to avoid the natural tendency of each subsequent shot being higher than the next. Brown, a 300 lbs man, would easily run through the gun shots due to the lack of “Stopping Power” from a 9mm round.

        • Michael Brooks

          6 shots from a glock or other auto-loader takes 2+seconds when you are attempting to stop a violent attack. If Brown didn’t stop his rush at the officer, 6 shots would be expected.

          • Being human

            Like I said before, he could have shot Brown in the knees. That would have stopped Brown easily.

        • Being human

          Yeah, but couldn’t you just hit someone in the knee or something? That would bring someone down no matter how big they are. His body was found 35 feet from the car, so you charging comment doesn’t make sense. We shouldn’t believe Wilson’s side of the story until we have evidence to back it up. We shouldn’t believe Dorion’s story until we have evidence to back it up.

          • Michael Brooks

            Police are not trained to shoot to “wound”. They are trained to shoot to stop. We are trained to fire pointing at the center mass of the target. This is the chest/midsection. In the heat of an exchange, there is no “precision” shooting.

            The officer was dazed and hurt. He is lucky to even have hit brown in the exchange due to his injuries and the stress of the situation. You can see the shot pattern which is consistent of a rapid exchange. First shot hit the hand/lower arm. Each subsequent shot hit higher due to the recoil of the 9mm until the 6th and fatal shot hit the top of the head.

            The autopsy is going to show that you are wrong and I am right. The path of each bullet will show that Brown was leaning over moving towards the officer.

          • Being human

            No, police are trained to use deadly force as a last resort. Shooting Brown in the knees would certainly stop him. Where is your proof of the struggle between Brown and Wilson? There’s no evidence to support it yet. And if there was a struggle, who’s to stay that Wilson wasn’t harassing Brown? Why did Wilson escalate the situation by shooting someone when all Brown was doing was jaywalking? Wilson used very poor judgement, and should have called backup. Brown’s body was found 35 feet away, and was no threat to Wilson.

          • Michael Brooks

            Brown ruptured Wilson’s eye socket and was returning back to do more damage. Witnesses also state that Brown and his accomplice attempted to take Wilson’s gun in the first attack. You my friend are delusional. The evidence/truth is coming forth and you will be greatly disappointed.

          • Being human

            You know, eye witnesses have also said that Wilson was pulling Michael Brown into the car. Your delusional point is moot.

          • Michael Brooks

            The two witnesses you mentioned have already changed their accounts because they were contradicted by the autopsy. And the testimony that Wilson was pulling Brown into the police car (into the front seat) is lunacy. Why would an officer pull a suspect into the front seat with him? lol – No Brown had Wilson pinned down in the front seat and was beating him senseless. You, like most liberals, never let the facts get in the way of your agenda.

          • Being human

            Generalizing and assuming again. Who said I’m a liberal? The fact that you have to insult liberals in this very serious case shows your lack of credibility. This means either one of two things. One, you watch way too much Fox News, which makes you even less credible than you were before. Or two, that you’re just a Republican who’s trying to make this case Republican vs. Democrat. The shooting of Michael Brown shouldn’t be a case of Republican vs. Democrat. All of us should be trying to look at all the facts and gathering the best evidence we can, not because of the party we belong to. I actually consider myself more libertarian/moderate because I think that Republicans and Democrats both have good ideas.

          • Michael Brooks

            Again, you ignore the fact the two “eye witnesses” have already changed their “eye witness account” because the Autopsy contradicted their “story”.

          • Michael Brooks

            Arguing with you is like playing chess against a pigeon. I call out check mate and you proceed to knock all of the pieces off the board, strut around, and declare that you are the winner. Enjoy your hope, change, and kool-aid

          • Being human

            The fact that you have to insult my intelligence with ad-hominems shows that you can’t debate at all. The last time I checked, people decide who wins a debate, not the person debating. Since when did I ever declare myself the winner? It’s a very hot summer, so I will indeed enjoy some kool-aid. It’s very good and refreshing. Sarcasm.

            The fact that you can’t tell me the source about Michael Brown’s ruptured eye socket, also gives you lack of credibility. “Hope, change, and kool-aid?” Sounds like you’ve been listening to too much Fox News.

          • Being human

            Just because two eye witnesses have changed their story, doesn’t mean that all of them have. You contradict your last statement. You just pointed out that eye witnesses aren’t necessarily correct. When I gave eye witness testimony as evidence, you brush it off. Yet, you were willing to give it for Wilson’s side of the story, when those aren’t credible as well. How come your eye witness evidence is good, when mine isn’t? Maybe Wilson didn’t pull Michael Brown in the car, but the evidence shows that Wilson was in the wrong, and that it wasn’t necessary to kill Michael Brown.

      • torrent

        We as Americans now have a right to carry concealed in order protect ourselves and we do not have to put up with being attacked or beat or robbed or assaulted. How about the likes of Trevon and Brown stop acting like savages and that laws do not apply to them and stop victimizing others and the likes of Zimmerman and officer Wilson will stop protecting themselves by putting them down.

        • Being human

          Actually, the second amendment doesn’t say that we have the right to carry concealed firearms. There’s also the part about a well regulated militia that conservatives always seem to forget. All Trayvon Martin was doing was walking out at night. Where’s your proof that Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin were savage? What’s your definition? All Michael Brown was doing was walking in the street. How’s that savage? How’s it savage for Martin to attack Zimmerman who was stalking him in the middle of the night? Wouldn’t you feel threatened if someone was following you?

          Both Zimmerman and Wilson were armed, and shot Brown and Martin to death, and you don’t call that savage? How sad. Zimmerman wasn’t a policeman and had no authority to follow Martin. Not all of the facts are out about the Brown case yet, but there’s no proof that Brown was savage either. We don’t know the whole account of the video in the store. There could be more information, but we can’t just say that Brown was savage because he pushed the clerk. Maybe the clerk said something to Brown, we just don’t know because there’s no audio on the video. Also, it appears that Brown paid for his cigars. I’m just saying that video isn’t enough evidence to point Brown as a thug.

          Maybe Zimmerman and Wilson were racist, but we just don’t have enough proof of that. However, we do have proof that they were extremely stupid and used very poor judgement. It’s sad that people on these threads end up calling Brown and Martin savage when they’re the ones who were shot down. I think we should start calling the cop (Wilson) and wannabe cop (Zimmerman) savages for shooting unarmed men and using poor judgement.

  • The Overman

    Susan, “No excuse for that second shot?” Really? Have you ever seen someone on PCP or meth? Or even a bunch of crack? Or cocaine? Not to mention that the MB was 6’4″, almost 300 lbs. It is reckless to write such things, since it is not true – and it only makes black Americans angrier. You, and others like you, are the real problem. Not racism. Not police brutality. But people like you who claim to know the impossible (re: “No excuse for second shot.”) and speak and write about it as if it were fact, to the detriment of the country.

    • torrent

      Well said.

  • Michael Brooks

    The author demonstrates that she has no understanding as to why the Police carry firearms. They do not carry firearms to “warn” or “wound” those who are a threat to themselves or others. They carry firearms to “STOP” them from committing harm to themselves or others. During my weapons training during the police academy, we are taught to fire until the one who is the threat ceases to be a threat. If Mr. Brown continued his “bum rush” of the police officer, his training would of necessitated the continuing firing of rounds at Mr. Brown until Mr. Brown stopped. With a Glock 21 or any auto-loader side arm, the 15 round clip can be fired in very fast succession. 6 Shots can be sprayed out in 2+ seconds. The police officer was fully justified in firing 6 shots into the 6’4 300lbs man who had beat him earlier in his car and then was rushing at him again.

    • Being human

      Still not enough evidence yet to show that Brown beat Wilson. Forensic evidence and eye witness testimony show that Brown was ready to surrender. You don’t shoot someone even more when they’re surrendering.

      • Sergio

        Are those the same eye witnesses that said Brown was shot in the back… a claim later proven false by the autopsy?

  • Being human

    Also, one of the things that people keep bringing up is the looting and rioting. I for one think it’s wrong for people to loot and riot. However, we shouldn’t generalize that all blacks loot and riot, which is what some of the comments on other threads seem to say. There are people who do terrible things in all races, but we shouldn’t blame each race overall for these things. For example, there are white people who act like trash, but we shouldn’t blame all white people for the actions of a few.

  • torrent

    We all got to get over the whole “whites gunning down blacks” narrative. There are black police officers that have shot whites, Hispanic officers who have shot Asians , Native American officers who have shot Jews etc… And you have never heard Obama speak out about anything else but when it is a black person who he sees as the “victim”. He is the biggest racist of them all if you ask me.. He is making the relations between whites and blacks more strained than ever.. I wonder if a 6’4″ 300lb. man bulrushes him after being assaulted by him already, if he would want one of his security guards put him down? And after, would he demand a federal civil rights investigation? What a freaking joke!!!

  • susan

    I heard from an African American witness that he did not put up his hands to surrender but put them up in an aggressive manner. I am a waitress during graveyard and when you get scared you get scared.

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  • Kseniya Cholock

    Yes I agree with the commentor before me, Dorian Johnson’s story has more holes than a block of swiss cheese! how protestors could fall for Johnson lies, saying how a seated cop is going to pull a 6’4 and 300 lb man through his window is ridiculous! and how can they not comprehend, seeing the convenience store robbery, that Brown was anything but this “Gentle Giant” the family makes him out to be. This was a very good article, bringing up the point on how the officer might have “over” reacted in fear. But when it comes to how the police department reacted “militarily” to the initial riots, I think their personal safety comes first! So I don’t think they overreacted in the least bit. If you look at the images (many have since been removed from the internet!) of the angry faces of protestors (rioters!) acting like “wild” yes! animals!!! screaming and throwing things at the officers. These were violent, NOT peaceful protests in the aftermath of the shootings. The officers needed all the equipment they used. as for the government giving the police departments these heavy artillery weapons, Why Not?! What if one day we would need them? Terrorists or some other situation where people get “out of control.” We have to maintain Law & Order in this country, not Chaos, like Jesse Jackson and al Sharpton like to promote! I am clueless why so many whites have joined the protests, when it appears to me these protestors would prefer to keep it a “race” issue.. But if it is all about blacks getting killed by police, whites get killed by them too! that’s because 9 out of 10 times they are “all” CRIMINaLS!!!

  • jake

    Look at the photos. The menacing scowl,the flashing of gang signs,dressed like a banger,roughing up someone a foot shorter.
    Michael Brown was a punk

  • Wut dude

    He didn do nothin!!!!