Hollywood pedophile parties: Symptom of a rampant disease feeding on innocent children

Stop child abuse

DALLAS, May 15, 2014 — X-Men director Bryan Singer is accused of being involved in a series of pedophile parties where young boys were molested. Along with Singer, producer Gary Goddard, former Disney exec David Neuman and executive Garth Ancier are alleged to have been involved in the targeting and victimization of young boys.

The accusations against Singer emerged when Michael Egan, a former child actor and model, filed civil suits against Singer, Goddard, Neuman and Ancier. Egan told the New York Post that during the 1990’s, he and other young boys were treated “like pieces of meat at sex parties.” His attorney Jeff Herman has stated that since filing suit, he has been contacted by other victims who have broken their silence in the hopes of saving the next child from suffering as they have.

The New York Post also reports Egan’s mother previously reported the abuse to the LAPD and FBI and no action was taken.

Singer and the others named by Egan have has vehemently denied the accusations against them.

The accusations brought chills of horror to me, reminding me of my own experiences.

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As a young boy of five years old, I became the “property” of a pedophile ring where parties such as the ones Singer is accused of attending were a common destination for drugged and terrified children.

My journey into an abyss of hopeless indignation began at the age of five but found its roots in a much earlier time. My mother was the product of an abusive family that propelled her into an alcoholic haze and she became pregnant at seventeen. My words to describe the ill-fated marriage of my mother and father are that the extreme dichotomy of their personalities could not have survived a cross-country bus ride.

Had it not been for my father’s enlistment in the Army and his deployment overseas their marriage would never have lasted the three years its lifespan consumed. Returning home, my father soon discovered all the money he sent home had been quickly spent and my mother’s abuse of alcohol had worsened beyond repair. Their mutual tempers became a never-ending crescendo that still consumes my earliest childhood memories.

A torrid divorce that rivaled the most horrific of natural disasters ensued, and my mother moved us in with her parents. Thrust from one abusive situation to another, I became a child of chaos desperately clinging to the hope of a life where happiness had no price.

During my time with my grandparents I was subjected to severe physical beatings and constant abuse while my mother disappeared for days at a time inside the depths of a bottle.

Eventually my mother met a man named Neale who shared her love of alcohol. In the beginning, Neale seemed kind and often brought me gifts and the attention I so desperately longed for. My fairy tale would soon take a darker turn, as he began molesting me often several times a day.

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Victims of child sex abuse are slowly and systematically trapped in an inescapable prison of silence using psychological blackmail and threats of violence against the child or their family. Pedophiles use all the above methods in a process known as “grooming” to wrap their victims in a cocoon of fear where many lay trapped until the end of their adult life.

The statistics on child abuse is horrific. The CDC estimates that 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused before the age of 18. Worldwide 550 million children are survivors of child abuse according to the Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare. Research has shown that an average victim of child sex abuse has to tell at least seven adults before being believed. According to the Journal for the American Medical Association, only 1 in 20 cases of child abuse are reported. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children reports that there are currently 617,000 registered sex offenders in the United States, and typically 100,000 of those are unaccounted for. Other pedophiles are not on records or in databases. Pedophiles like Jerry Sandusky walk silently among us, and Sandusky showed us just how well they disguise themselves.

Neale was a well-respected member of the community, wealthy and active in his church and well liked by everyone. Below the surface, however was a seething underbelly of evil that haunts my nightmares to this day. He used my desperate need for affection to weave his trap and then sealed it with death threats against my mother.

Before long he took me to see his friends, members of the pedophile ring that he was a part of. In what became an endless cycle over many years, I was drugged, raped and used for child pornography.

As a diagnosis, pedophilia is often coupled with another major psychiatric disorder. Many pedophiles also demonstrate narcissistic, sociopathic, and antisocial personality traits. They lack remorse and an understanding of the harm their actions cause (Cohen LJ, McGeoch PG, Watras-Gans S, et al. Personality impairment in male pedophiles. J Clin Psychiatry. 2002;63:912-919).

The grooming process was complete and soon I was no more than an object for the twisted sexual appetites of a secret society of pedophiles. Their business and political connections gave them the immunity to do anything they wanted, and the lives of innocent children became their playthings. We were trafficked and sold to whoever would pay the price and the darkest fantasy became our worst nightmare.

The leader of the pedophile ring was a ruthless psychopath named “Duke” who enjoyed choking children until they became unconscious and on several occasions his sick fantasy went too far. I watched one day as a friend of mine named “Steve” suffered the consequences of Duke’s rage. Steve had defied the authority of the lower ranking members and barely escaped with his life and this time he had become the nexus of the unstoppable fury of a psychopath. Duke calmly walked over to Steve placed his hand around his neck and as he lifted him off his feet I heard the last words my friend would ever say “Please no!” he pleaded but once Duke had taken action there was no stopping him. The color drained from Steve’s face and as the last ounce of life drained from him his bowels released their contents spilling all over Duke’s clothing. Steve’s last act had been his final revenge and I will always remember the look in his eyes as he lost his hold on the tortured life we all endured and finally found freedom.

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the average age of a sex-trafficked child is 13-14 years old. Each pimp can make $150,000-$200,000 per child a year, and the average pimp has four to six girls. UNICEF estimates there are nearly two million children in the commercial sex trade. The U.S. Department of Justice estimates close to 300,000 children are at risk of being prostituted in the United States right now. An average victim of sex trafficking may be forced to have sex up to 20-48 times a day (Polaris Project a nonprofit group dedicated to combating human trafficking). In July of 2013 the FBI rescued 105 children who were forced into prostitution in the United States, and arrested 150 pimps in a series of raids in 76 American cities. The campaign, known as “Operation Cross Country,” was the largest of its type and conducted under the FBI’s “Innocence Lost” initiative.  It all took place in just 72 hours. The youngest victim recovered was just 9 years old. (Reuters)

My ordeal as a sex trafficked child would continue for seven years, and during that time I was routinely given drugs and alcohol. These paled in comparison to the one force that constantly consumes the mind and body of every sex trafficked child: fear. It is the one factor that dominates your life even after escaping the control of those who dictate your every move.

In the world of sex trafficking you are placed in the charge one or several people called “handlers” and they run your life. They become your “shadow” and your every move is closely monitored, especially around “high value clients.”

To survive in the world of sex trafficking, most embrace drugs and alcohol as a way to numb the pain of being used as a sex object with no value. Trafficked children are brainwashed into believing that they are worthless and unworthy of love and that the gifts and twisted form of affection they receive are more then they deserve. Less then one percent of sex trafficked children escape and the average lifetime of a trafficked child is seven years.

I thank God every day for saving me from the hell I endured as a victim of child sex trafficking and I fight every day to save as many children as possible from a world that few escape. To learn more about how you can help save the next victim of sex trafficking the following organizations offer training and education, the Polaris Project; Jada Pinkett Smith’s organization, Don’t Sell Bodies; the McCain Institute, named after Senator John McCain of Arizona; Arrow Child and Family Ministries in Texas; and the Joyful Heart Foundation. Victims of sex trafficking are all around us and with just an hour of education everyone can learn the signs before one more child is lost.

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Jerome Elam
Jerome Elam is a survivor of child sex trafficking, child abuse, and child pornography. He is also the child of an alcoholic and a child survivor of domestic violence as well as a child of divorce. Raised in the south, Jerome enlisted in the United States Marine Corps at the age of seventeen to escape the nightmare he had become trapped in. That day, Jerome’s life found a new beginning as he embarked upon a journey that would show him the world and open his eyes to the strength of the human spirit. After his enlistment was finished, Jerome attended college and graduated to work in the Biotechnology sector. Motivated by the painful memory of his past, Jerome began to speak out about his abuse and found the healing force of God’s unconditional love and the joy of starting his own family. He is a fierce advocate for all children deprived of their voices, a speaker, a Staff Writer and Columnist for Communities Digital News and a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. When asked to describe his life Jerome says,” I have struggled against many things in my life and somehow I found a way to survive. Writing is my passion and it keeps me in touch with the wealth everyone holds deep inside their hearts and minds. I share my experiences in the hope that those suffering in silence will find the courage to speak out and share their voices. I have been blessed to have God reveal his purpose for me in saving innocent children from predators.”
  • Claire Hickey

    Wonderful article Jerome. Thank you so much for sharing. It’s an ugly truth but word has to get out and this needs to be stopped.

    • Jerome Elam Author

      Thank you so much for your support! My one hope is that I can save just one child from the hell I endured. I want all victims and survivors to know that they are beautiful both inside and out and that no matter what those who preyed upon you tried to take from you they could never dim the light of hope that shines inside you and never tarnish the beauty of your heart and the strength of your spirit! God Bless you Claire and God Bless everyone who speaks out to protect a child!
      Jerome Elam

      • Twisted1

        I am so sorry for what you have been through. As a survivor of sexual abuse myself by three different people I understand very well the self blame instint of a child. I remember saying why do I keep attracting these people what am I doing wrong. Took me a long time to realize they know exactly what to look for and how to manipulate children who are already damaged. It is almost like we have something written on our foreheads. Most pedos are very smart and very manipulative. They not only fool the kids but often the adults around them too. They are in every facet of life rich or poor.

  • Anna Fisher

    Thank you for your courage, Jerome. I am always ready to share our posts. Thank you, abundant love and blessings to you always! 1 <3

    • Jerome Elam Author

      Thank you so much! Your support means the world to me! I have struggled so long in finding my voice to speak out about being trafficked as a child. It has been the most difficult thing I have done in my life and it was only after twenty years of therapy that I was able to say,”I was trafficked as a child.” In deciding to write about my ordeal I delved into the abyss of emotions that I experienced at that time and I became physically ill. I forced myself to keep writing because I knew I had to speak out for the sake of those suffering in silence. I knew I had to push through and use my voice to help others. As a result I have been contacted by so many people who have said that in reading my story they felt as if they were reading their own and until they read my words they could never tell anyone what they had been through. I still struggle with the memory of what happened to me and the nightmares of waking up still feeling the hands of one of those monsters around my throat continue but as I speak out I reclaim my power and my nightmares subside. As I tell my story with each tap of the keyboard and each word I speak I take back what was stolen from me and these people will never have power over me ever again! God Bless you Anna and to all victims and survivors always remember you are never alone and never forget, alone we may be strong but together we are unbeatable!
      Warmest Regards,
      Jerome Elam

  • dan

    So sorry to hear this horrible tragedy. I do have a problem with the organizations helping children. UNICEF (communist UN) DOJ (criminal agency) FBI was involved in the Franklin Scandal. Reuters is a satanic Rothschild org. Jada Pincket Smith is a Mpnarch mind controlled slave. John McCain is illuminati. Looks like the foxes guarding the hen house.

    • mew

      Very noteworthy and important statements. Many organizations and foundations are the very evil of the claims that they proclaim to be against. I would not be surprised if both Jada and Will at times have prostituted their own children. Anytime a father wants to practically french his own son on TV something is wrong. Where does all of the money actually when it comes to foundations? Many of the mentioned names are people who themselves are brainwashed.

  • Gul

    shock n horror, I am disgusted but very happy you have got out from the underworld and exposing such atrocities are being committed on children, this must stop, children need to be protected and parents needs to be educated and made aware of the abuses children can face from strangers and sometimes from families as well. All the best with your work and hope you will be able to save whole lot of those kids and help to make better future.

  • Dee

    Jerome, your courage to survive and share your experience is amazing! You didn’t share how you got away from this situation. How is your relationship with your mom and grandparents? I’m happy you have a loving family now

  • Jay Vee

    As I read his ordeal, it made me brought into tears. I am so happy that he survived.

    • Guest

      Thank you so much for your kind words! It is my hope that not one more child has to endure what I want through as a victim of human trafficking. As difficult as it has been to write about my ordeal I have been honored to have so many reveal for first time in their lives that they too were victims of the evil that is human trafficking. It is only through education and awareness and empowering the public that we can begin to stop the scourge of human trafficking, We need to stop treating the victims as criminals and go after the traffickers and their money. We also need to support the creation of safe houses for those trying to escape. You are made a prisoner of human trafficking through fear and intimidation with death threats against not only you but your family as well. The fear is what makes it so hard to escape and it follows you long after you have left behind the world that you were trapped in. We are facing a crisis globally and the internet has caused an unwanted increase in the frequency of our children being lured into the clutches of traffickers. We have also now seen a large spike in gangs who were previously involved in the drug trade who have now switched to human trafficking as a source of income. The gangs realized that they could only sell a drug once but a human could be sold many times. Thank you Jay and God Bless you!
      Jerome Elam

    • Jerome Elam Author

      Thank you so much for your kind words! It is my hope that not one more child has to endure what I went through as a victim of human trafficking. As difficult as it has been to write about my ordeal I have been honored to have so many reveal for first time in their lives that they too were victims of the evil that is human trafficking. It is only through education and awareness and empowering the public that we can begin to stop the scourge of human trafficking, We need to stop treating the victims as criminals and go after the traffickers and their money. We also need to support the creation of safe houses for those trying to escape. You are made a prisoner of human trafficking through fear and intimidation with death threats against not only you but your family as well. The fear is what makes it so hard to escape and it follows you long after you have left behind the world that you were trapped in. We are facing a crisis globally and the internet has caused an unwanted increase in the frequency of our children being lured into the clutches of traffickers. We have also now seen a large spike in gangs who were previously involved in the drug trade who have now switched to human trafficking as a source of income. The gangs realized that they could only sell a drug once but a human could be sold many times. Thank you Jay and God Bless you!
      Jerome Elam

  • Michael Sievers

    Didn’t Cory Feldman say this happened to him too?

    • DontLikeWimps

      Yes the same thing happened to Corey….not only movie producers do this, but also Famous Actors, Basketball and Football players and Rock Stars and a lot of the Government Officials do this to children. They are all involved with the Illuminati that run the world.

      • amuncat

        You are absolutely right! I am trying to recall the female child star who was depicted in the original Godfather, the one where the child was dropped off by her mother to visit the producer, and returned later. With power comes corruption! this happened to little girls as well as boys!

  • Arizona

    ALL the police gangs were CALLED,yet nothing was done,DOES THIS SOUND LIKE THEY WORK FOR YOU???….NO THEY DON’T,their all child molesters too,THE church women across the nation have always had to travel in groups,TO KEEP FROM BEING PULLED OVER AND “RAPED” RIGHT ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD,…..BY YOUR POLICE GANGS,keep sucking america ,maybe your child will be their next ..VICTIM…or maybe they;ll come to your house and KILL your DOG,hey you can call the children in the neighborhood and they can watch the police gang kill one of your children or the DOG….either way ,if you don’t REALIZE these criminals are ALL terrorists,your DAY WILL COME…………

  • Arizona

    ALL the homeless people are being rounded up,BUT “NOT ONE PERSON” has said WHAT ABOUT THEIR CHILDREN,well the death camps are full of homeless and everyone in america cheers their roundup,THEIR CHILDREN ARE BEING RAPED AND MURDERED,happy now you know,I bet you wished you could get a job there,you could help rape and murder children,ALL DAY LONG,well you better hurry,THE LORDS BEEN WATCHING,and he ain’t happy,as a matter of fact he’s going to KILL everyone in america,WITH OBOOZO’S FRIEND “PUTIN”..that ol’e russian KGB man is going to turn america to ashes……………..

    • Bruce

      Take it easy there. I think you may have some unresolved childhood issues yourself.

  • DAvid

    God bless you for writing this article and God’s speed ahead.This satanic behaviour seems to go back to Babylon and seems to be vampiric on a psychic basis creating fear and loss and creating adrenalin streams on which they somehow feed.

    As many know, these rings of pedophiles extend into Nato, the Vatican, the Republican Party, supreme court justices and so. It is so perverse and pervasive you need to be diligent 24/7. Many social structures from boy scouts to football camps to day cares are nothing more than mining sites for pedophiles. Study the enemy, their signs, and study your children’s behavior, should it change dramatically

    God’s speed to all


    • RKae

      Your mention of the Vatican and GOP is misleading. Don’t make the mistake of thinking pedophilia is a right-wing phenomenon. It’s spread out equally all over the social and political spectrum.

      • DAvid

        No of course not, at all cost avoid definitions of the political spectrum, labels in general. it runs in the Dems, the left right, the up the down, it’s tied to energies well beyond those of a label.

        • john R

          Energies well beyond label? Say it man. The unholt influence over the powerful. Satan or whatever you may call IT. The same force that called for the sacrifice of thousands on 911. manipulated American forces to slaughter millions of Arabs. But of course we still sleep. Unaware of what goes on in this world until it is too late

  • art7

    Because there are no large scale efforts to STOP this horrible and wide spread abuse, you can be sure very very many high level people are IN on it.

  • Cindy

    Totally disgusting!! My heart breaks for these poor children that become nothing but toys for the perverts of this world.

    • Kevin Spacey is Jerry Sandusty

      Kevin Spacey was deeply involved in this also he was Singer’s BF! His “young Vic Tunnels” was just like Jerry Sandusty’s 2nd Mile program 4 boys! Follow Crazycatblack on twitter to change the statue of limitations in state of NY so ppl like sick pig, Kevin Spacey can’t keep getting away with molesting boys- he took lessons from Singer and protected by Clinton’s Friend, Jeff (convicted molester)Epstein- follow us!

  • Stephen Shellen

    I do not trust any of the organizations sited. Also look into Ritual Abuse and the horror of what that is. About time this is getting attention.The Island of Jersey was recently in the news. Nothing was done, everything covered up. I had a petition to stop Child trafficking and even to my disgust I only received 170 signatures. People just don’t want to believe this horror exists

  • Jocko

    Wow, I can’t believe what you went through Jerome. This is the most deplorable thing a human being can do on the planet (worse than murder in my opinion because it kills the soul of the victim and causes fallout so extended and severe). You have beat the odds. God is great.

  • amuncat

    WOW! Thank you so much for sharing this!!! Back to the gay mafia who has operated with impunity in Gallywood since the year one! I understand that mega powerful/rich Merv Griffin was the gay guy who demanded it all, even from straight guys!!! This is been their playground. Please note how the MSM is treating this…better still, NOT reporting this! Now, on the local gay scene, I live in the state of WA, near Vancover, BC. I personally know a gay guy who makes it a habit/treat to go to BC and be with teen aged boys for the weekend….

  • Tenzin Tengkyong

    Innocent lifes …..Shame !

  • alliek

    Thank you Jerome, your courage is commendable! Why are these men still walking the streets? It disgusts me that we as a society turn a blind eye to this! Please for the Love of God and children do not support these monsters by seeing their movies!! If the police and Hollywood won’t do anything, we need to!

  • Kelly Smith-Master

    Jerome, thank you for your brutal honesty and transparency. Not only is this article well written and riveting, it is full of important information for other organizations and individuals to glean from. I am so sorry for what you endured and so thankful that you not only survived, but are using your platform to help others. Thank you!

  • thomasomalley

    Thank you Jerome for being brave and sharing your story, it is the only way to save others by exposing these monsters. These predators are wrecking balls in peoples lives, something needs to be done to keep children safe. Exposing them also alerts parents to be vigilant when it comes to your kids, so many people are too trusting, if an adult wants to spend time with your children, you better be questioning why. Again, thank you for sharing.

  • Stradart

    Indeed… this is some scary list of helpers if you ask me… Unicef… FBI… John McCain… Reuters???? This doesn’t smell good at all… maybe you forgot The False Memory Syndrome association…

    • HCQ

      The idea that if we just pass more laws or set up another organization this sickness can be stopped but the truth is the politicians are raping the kids too. The celebrities are doing it. You honestly think the politicians in the UN aren’t passing the kiddies around as well? Criminals don’t obey laws and the criminals are running everything; them and Satan.

  • Diya

    Jerome, Thank you for sharing. Unfortunately I know about this ugly truth. Could you share your email id please. My email id is [email protected]

  • I’m sorry for this world

    🙁 <3

  • Lo Wodor

    The 20th century was rife with examples of people voting themselves toward enslavement and thus giving up liberty via democratic processes.

  • Victoria Broussard

    Hello Jerome, your story of the state of affairs this world is in curdled my insides. The descriptions of the sick, sadistic, twisted, and perverted men you described made me sick to my stomach. Reliving the horror you endured through your writing brought tears to my eyes for all the children who are subject to this as I sit in my plush, air conditioned office and type these words. Although, I am doing my part, I will never feel it is enough. As a sister survivor of childhood sexual abuse, I will never stop fighting for the future of our children and of this country. This cancer is eating at the fibers of this great nation and survivors must be on the frontline telling our stories and shouting from the rooftop if anything is ever going to change.
    My first fiction novel, i-Comfortable Victim, is based on my life as a survivor of ten years of sexual abuse at the hands of your usual cast of miscreant characters. I am forming a non-profit organization called, B’yond the Unveiling, which is dedicated to early detection and treatment for survivors, educating the masses as to the insidious nature of the predators and the crime, educating the masses to identify a child who has encountered a sexual deviant, legislative change 1) No Statute of Limitations for Childhood Victims and 2) No 2nd Chances for Convicted Pedophiles & Molesters, guiding survivors who have suffered in silence for years and decades how to find healing, restoration, and their true selves, and providing unconditional love and resources to survivors who have no support system so they can lead productive fulfilling lives.
    God Bless you in your journey and together our voices will be heard!
    Please visit http://www.icomfortablevictim.com for more information and to pre-order your signed copy. You can also visit http://www.facebook.com/icomfortablevictim.com for more information. You will be able to purchase my novel at a Barnes & Noble near you this summer.
    Victoria Elyonda Broussard, Esq.
    The Law Office of Victoria Broussard

  • Greenie Beanie

    Civilization faces grave danger where the angst of responsibility is transformed into hostility toward liberty.

  • Riley Gene Johnson

    Jerome, Thankyou for your bravery and your ability to stand strong in this! An extremely powerful and motivating tool. 2 years ago, my best friend and I started a non-profit 501.c3 that focuses on the holistic rehabilitation of boys 12-18 in America who have been rescued from human trafficking. In reading your story, God provided me with a growingly stronger desire to fight and end human-trafficking. Thank you

  • Allie Way

    The notion that liberty implies “freedom from obstacles” and the “power to do what one wants” is perhaps its most dangerous confusion.

  • Jay Va

    Unlike collectivism’s illusions, the individualist conception recognizes that society is understood through the individuals comprising it.

  • Keith Povall

    Some mutterings that this is a right wing phenomenon… Oddly quite a few Tory politicians in the UK are currently quaking in their boots over being outed for their kiddy fiddling pursuits. Only ones outed so far are deceased. Currently they are closing ranks faster than a camel’s arse in a sandstorm. Worrysome what power and wealth does to someone’s sexual interests ?

  • Jon McCasper

    Since a free nation cannot eliminate discontent due to envy, if we are to preserve liberty, we must not sanction envy with “social justice”.

  • Derrick Rows

    If civilization is to advance, we must have plenty of leeway to adapt & revise our current ideas in response to unknown future conditions.

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  • JA Smith

    Reading your story brought back a distant memory of a young girl, about seven or eight yrs old that I babysat so many years ago. Her father played in a band at a local club and worked late into the night. I would go to their house after school, fix dinner for the daughter and help her with homework while her father slept. One afternoon before leaving he awoke and demanded that the daughter come and crawl into bed with him…she was so frightened and begged me to stay. I had to go home and could not stay but I will never forget her face and the fear in her voice. I never returned to their house as my parents forbid me to go back. I think of her still and hope and pray that she survived…how I wish I could have done something to help her but in the late sixties, this was not talked about like today. Thank you for sharing with us all.

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  • Ismael Peralta

    Everytime i read about these types of cases it enrages me. Im sorry your childhood was stolen from you. People that traffic in misery like this should be executed.

  • Mr. X

    I hope Singer and the others wind up being prosecuted and wind up in prison.

  • qwkinuf

    There is a very simple solution to this problem. It is called execution. There is no rehabilitation for pedophiles so ship them out to the middle of the pacific ocean and drop them overboard. Threat removed, justice served, case closed.

  • Rose

    Disney is the world’s worst pedophile for his work in fostering pedophilia and aiding Satan.
    in Bedknobs and Broomsticks there is the Stanic imagery – evil eyes, the pedophilia about little boys penises, Statue of Baal, Book of Spells by Ashtoroth etc etc… Disney was Satan best champion on Earth.

  • steevo66

    Riveting, brilliant…heartbreaking. Now the Pope stands accused, as well as the British Royal family, who, incidentally, are immune from prosecution. Witnesses intimidated, assaulted, and often murdered. Criminals protected by law enforcement agencies – an unfathomable nightmare.
    Thanks, at least for people like you. I will share this link, and never forget this cause.

  • Scarlett Scar

    Thank you for sharing, sir.