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Freedom’s Kiss: Faith is the answer to fears of terrorism

Written By | May 7, 2017

Missouri May 7, 2017 – Enemies inside and outside of our country want to destroy us, and they want to do it on our soil. They are attacking our most basic way of life and the very freedoms that make America the greatest country on earth.

The only thing protecting us from those who would rule us is our government and the military our government supports.

There are still seniors that remember when our nation was attacked at Pearl Harbor, the surprise military strike by the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service against the United States naval base the morning of December 7, 1941.

We had no armed force to speak of, but we mobilized. At first we did not have tanks, so we used trucks and put signs on the side of them saying, “Tank.” Yes, as we all know we “improvised and won the battle for freedom” not only for our country but also the world.

The horrific events of September 11, 2001 awoke the vast majority of America to the threat of a new terrorism. And Americans are reacting to this terror in many subtle and not so subtle ways: We have second thoughts about flying to a vacation spot. Or, perhaps we would like to take the Amtrak to visit Chicago for a weekend of shopping, staying at a beautiful hotel, enjoying a wonderful breakfast, and then touring to see the sights.

But fears of the unknown keep us at home even as we are trying to live normal lives, making plans for doing things that we enjoy. But in the back of our minds, there is the threat that some terrorist group may randomly attack any public place. Even the local shopping mall or movie theater.  Or seasonal markets.

The threat of random terrorism should not stop us from living our lives because that is what those that hate us want. Terrorism is all about fear. Terrorists want to put fear in our hearts to stop us from living normal lives. And if we don’t live freely because of fearfulness, they have won without having to physically act against.

Despite the fact that staying home, means they – those we fear – wins, the reality is that terrorism can stop us from living normal lives. A colleague traveling through France recently said that there were many voices from Asian and European countries, but few American voices.

A frequent European traveler, he said the lack of American tourists was very notable.

What we might forget is we face little terrors every day, like we get on one of the interstate highways and face that group of drivers that I term as “kamikaze pilots.” They are not at 30,000 feet in the air but at “ground zero.”

How do we overcome crippling fear? Fear is overcome by faith.  We must not allow our lives to be filled with sleepless nights and tormented days, for we know by experience that faith can calm our fears.

Days, particularly for those of us that have lived more days than we have left, are so very precious to all of us, and every morning when we wake up, we must say to ourselves “I choose to be happy and accept the blessings in my life.

Freedom Tower by Ruth D for Unsplash free use images at

We should be thankful for each day and the privilege to participate in life. Remember, the war on terror is not like World War II when we could identify the enemy and we knew where they were. Today, our enemies are not located in one place and they have many faces and are hard to identify.

This being the case, I believe it will take years and years to defeat them and we simply are not guaranteed enough years that we can wait for the perfect time to no longer fear them. We cannot wait for an unidentifiable enemy to be defeated to experience the freedoms, and joys, of our lives.

The United States military leaders know who are enemies are, and they know where they are. They are working to help secure freedom for the masses in the Middle East. At the same time, they are acting in self-defense to protect our own country from these terrorist regimes that are nothing but gangsters hiding among the civilian populations – here and abroad.

In looking back throughout history, my opinion is that most wars were fought for freedom for other countries, however, this current war is about maintaining America’s safety and freedoms. This war will take patience and belief in our leadership that in time we will prevail; that and the knowledge that we are still are the greatest nation in the world.

We are so blessed to have the freedoms we too often take for granted and we must fight in our own way to keep these freedoms alive and well.  We continue to fight the evil who are killing our soldiers so many of whom have died so that we may have freedom to come and go as we please, to worship as we wish and be the kings, and queens, of our castles.

Even the air we breathe is freedom.

The war on terrorism is painful, bloody and terrible, but as long as we the citizens of this wonderful nation fight, we need to remember we are fighting for our freedom that so many of our soldiers have died to defend. However, that’s a place I am from-

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Charles Vandegriff, Sr.

Charles spent a fifty-four-year career in technology, retiring at the director level from three major corporations. Followed by three-plus years as a freelance columnist, he has published three books, made over three hundred speeches to senior organizations, and been involved in numerous radio interviews and one television commercial. He has been married for sixty-five years, and has four children, seven grandchildren and thirteen great-grand children. Charles is also a Navy veteran.