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Jojo’s BBQ: Made from scratch barbecue opens in Northern Colorado

Written By | Sep 5, 2020
Jojo's BBQ, Barbecue, Colorado, Restaurant, Food

Not’ Cho Mac- @RonStern all rights reserved

Fort Collins, Colorado- Jojo’s Colorado BBQ and Sandwiches is one of the newest restaurants to open in Northern Colorado. As the name implies, the eatery is serving up made from scratch barbeque meats and sandwiches. Owned and operated by Sabrina and Craig Henry, this tasty boutique eatery is located inside Munchies Supermarket in the Campus West area of Fort Collins near the CSU Campus.

Jojo's BBQ, Barbecue, Colorado, Restaurant, Food

Sabrina and Craig Henry- Co-owners of Jojo’s. @Ron Stern All rights reserved

Craig is a classically trained chef with more than 28 years of culinary experience having learned from some of the best chefs all over the U.S. and Brazil. After meeting his wife Sabrina, who also worked in hospitality, they married and had a son, Jojo. With barbeque being their secret passion, they took the plunge and opened their restaurant in March 2020 naming it after their 5-year old son. Craig, who also loves woodworking, created all the facades and tables for Jojo’s using reclaimed wood from a 100-year old barn.

But even the best-laid plans can come with problems and shortly after they opened COVID-19 hit them hard. Fortunately, being situated inside a market meant that they were “essential” and were still able to offer food for hungry college students and members of the public who knew they were there.

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Since then, the business has steadily increased as more and more people became fans of this small, mom and pop barbeque. Craig makes everything from scratch including all the sauces, glazes, and individual dishes. Many of his offerings are one-of-a-kind that nobody else offers in Colorado.

Working all over Brazil has given Craig a unique insight into the best way to smoke meats. Colorado, in particular, has some special challenges with higher altitudes that tend to dry out cuts of pork, brisket, and ribs. Using brines and a tri-wood combination of maple, hickory, and cherry, he figured out the ideal way to prepare his meals that have endeared local barbeque lovers.

Jojo's BBQ, Barbecue, Colorado, Restaurant, Food

This Beer Can Chicken is so moist, tender, and flavorful, you
ll think you were in BBQ heaven. @Ron Stern All rights reserved

A Southern treat moves north

Take the Beer Can Chicken, for example. While this is popular in the south, it is relatively unknown here. Craig first uses his proprietary rub and then inserts an open can of beer inside the cavity of the bird. The steam of the beer makes the chicken incredibly moist and tasty while not imparting the actual taste of the alcohol. You can order any number of sides such as Carolina white beans, O.G. Coleslaw, and house-baked honey wheat rolls.

Jojo's BBQ, Barbecue, Colorado, Restaurant, Food

These riblets were made with a glaze from Tommyknocker Root Beer. @Ron Stern All rights reserved

Some of the other popular dishes include tender 12-hour brisket and root beer riblets made with Tommyknocker Root Beer and reaper sauce. Then there is the ultimate late-night such as their Not’Cho Mac (mac and cheese) topped with shredded cheese, spicy pickled peppers, pulled pork, and Colorado Red Hot Sauce.


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On the sandwich side, which they call “Sammies,” the hands-down favorite is their pulled pork grilled cheese with house-smoked pork, sharp cheddar cheese, and chipotle-lime mayo served on sliced Italian bread. Hungry yet?

You may have a hard time deciding what to eat from their unique and tasty menu. @Ron Stern All rights reserved

Some of the best comments have come from those who weren’t expecting such a mouth-watering BBQ experience. There was the lady from Texas who said that Jojo’s brought back some childhood food memories. Another time Craig found two ladies on the patio literally dancing with tears in their eyes that never thought to find such great food in this tiny restaurant.

For Craig and Sabrina, these sentiments are gratifying and make all the effort worth it. “It really reflects that we care about what we do,” said Craig. Sabrina agrees adding, “We make people happy, one belly at a time.”

Jojo’s is open six days a week. You can order take out or dine in (limited) or eat on the patio.

Jojo’s is a Family-Owned and Passionately-Operated From-Scratch BBQ and Sandwich Shop conveniently nestled inside Munchies Market in Rams Village on the westside of CSU campus!

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1501 West Elizabeth Suite #4
Fort Collins, Colorado
(Inside Munchies Super Market)

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