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Why March For Faith is America’s wake up call to action

Written By | Oct 9, 2020
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America is under siege by an unrelenting, uncompromising assault on the foundation of our nation’s Judeo-Christian culture engineered by blue state governors and mayors.  Los Angeles is at the epicenter of the open assault on what millions of Americans hold sacred onto as their sacred Constitutional 1st Amendment right that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”   March for Faith president Susan Swift stresses that, “ Liberal officials have deliberately issued,  COVID legislation to restrict bedrock principles of the Constitution itself which are Americans’ Judeo-Christian principles of faith.”

Millions of Americans, including Californians are threatened with arrest if they practice their faith. And it has become time to resist. On October 10th in Los Angeles, Swift has drawn a line in the Biblical and U.S. Constitutional sand, she and her group will March For Faith!

California Governor Gavin Newsom has targeted churches like South Bay United Pentecostal Church.

Los Angeles is at the epicenter of the open assault on what millions of Americans hold onto as their sacred right, their right to worship. South Bay United’s Senior Pastor Arthur Hodges refuses to back down to Gov. Newsom or the legal fight to resume “in-person” worship. The church has been threatened with tens of thousands of dollars in fines for their resistance.

Swift targeted the governor’s executive orders as having “placed arbitrary limits on everything from seating to singing and, prohibiting indoor religious services,” Swift added, “meanwhile, since the Memorial Day weekend, hundreds of rioters openly mock states’ COVID guidelines with ongoing violent destructive protests.”

While Americans of faith are ordered to sit still, watching their computer or television display news of how leftist liberal governors and mayors have willingly and openly marched arm in arm with tens of thousands of unmasked non-social distanced BLM and Antifa protesters in cities all over the nation.

On November 3rd, will Americans vote to surrender faith to socialist anarchy?

Is America a nation built upon surrender or should Christians, Jews, and others of faith like stand up as the Founding Fathers did for you? Demanding that Americans be governed by the U.S. Constitutional and God-given religious rights?  That answer should be clear. Never surrender.  Not now and not ever!

March For Faith is not just a wakeup call to our American spirit and principles. It is a declaration that Freedom of Faith cannot be sacrificed to unconstitutional political hypocrisy. The hypocrisy that has liberal governors allowing abortion clinics to remain active and open for the essential purpose of killing the unborn. Laundromats and liquor stores are open. Thousands can gather in the streets, unmasked and screaming, without recourse. Is this unequal treatment…absolutely.

The marginalization of the rights of those of faith is open and obvious.

People of faith need to stand together on October 10 and send the message that kneeling in prayer is as essential as shopping, or protesting. When, in fact, praying to God, your God, maybe the most essential thing any American can do.

The  U.S. Justice Department found the illogical application of gubernatorial executive orders against churches illegal.

In May the Justice Department sided with Lighthouse Fellowship Church in Chincoteague Island, Virginia, when the church filed a federal lawsuit against Governor Ralph Northam’s executive orders which limited in-person church gatherings in April. The Justice Department’s filings stated in part,

“The United States believes that the church has set forth a strong case that the orders, by exempting other activities permitting similar opportunities for in-person gatherings of more than 10 individuals, while at the same time prohibiting churches from gathering in groups of more than 10 — even with social distancing measures and other precautions — has impermissibly interfered with the church’s free exercise of religion.”

Even President Trump has stood firm in insisting that church doors should be opened when he showed his public support for protecting the freedom of people of faith to exercise their Constitutional right.  He stressed at a May 22, news conference,

“Today, I’m identifying houses of worship — churches, synagogues and mosques — as essential places that provide essential services,” and added, “The governors need to do the right thing and allow these very important, essential places of faith to open right now, for this weekend. If they don’t do it, I will override the governors.”

The founding fathers created a nation under the guidance of an all-knowing God and its foundation was based upon the underpinnings of Judeo-Christian values. God is greater than any public official’s orders to people of faith to follow unconstitutional mandates that place faith and worship of God under house arrest.

March For Faith is more than a one and done Saturday morning march by committed Christians. It is the beginning of a movement that organizer Swift, a devout Catholic, mother of seven, attorney, former actress, author, and podcast talk show co-host, her Christian faith resides deeply in her spirit will galvanize others to Stand For Faith, March For Faith and Vote For Faith.

 “The very spirit and soul of America is under attack and we must not back down or back away from our Constitutional religious right to publicly worship and practice our faith.”

WHEN: OCTOBER 10, 2020

  • Assemble at 9:30 AM PST
  • March 10:00 AM to around 12:00 PM.


  • Start at La Placita on Olvera Street.
  • From there we will march on city sidewalks to the lawn and steps of Los Angeles City Hall between N. Main and N. Spring Streets.
  • Following the speakers’ address, we will march back to La Placita along the same route.


  • Personal water bottles and face coverings.

Join Swift and March For Faith: For more information, registration for the march and march updates.


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