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VELISEK: Rebuttal ‘Bigotry, the Bible and the Lessons of Indiana’

Written By | Apr 9, 2015

WASHINGTON, April 9, 2015 — Frank Bruni posted an article this week in the New York Times, “Bigotry, the Bible and the Lessons of Indiana” earlier this week. In that article, Mr. Bruni lays out his views of homosexuality and Christianity, and also discusses the Indiana Religious Freedom Law.

I am a military veteran, have worked since I was 14, and for the better part of fifty years was agnostic in my beliefs. I talked to Christians, but never thought deeply about Christianity, nor let it affect my life.

About 15 years ago, I married a wonderful, churchgoing woman. I didn’t go to church with her at first, but over time, her attitude and overwhelming happiness with her life caused me to take a look at the situation again. I went once, thought it was okay, and then went again. To cut to the chase, I am now a born again Christian.

According to Mr. Bruni, our Christian beliefs make us bigots, and mire us in the past. We are living in the past, when compared to current day values and ethics. As far as being bigoted, we believe that the Lord gave the opportunity to man to write the gospel. It wasn’t written by men, it was written through men by God.

Lessons learned since the Bible was written, for me, have reinforced what the Bible teaches. We are taught to love the sinner, but hate the sin. Mr. Bruni s attitude is that there should be no compromise and no respect for Christians because what we believe is not “modern.”

The Bible has been a foundation for mankind since Christ walked this earth and was crucified for our sins. We live every day with our God, and follow in the path that leads to salvation.

Are we perfect? Not hardly. But because of Christ dying on the cross, and with God’s grace and mercy, we are fulfilled in the safety of our afterlife. The materialism of this world is but a vapor; our everlasting life is more important to us.

It is not for me to judge others, but my beliefs are, to Mr. Bruni’s consternation, unshakeable, and immutable. Homosexuality is wrong according to the Bible, and that ends the argument for me.

Christianity is not a religion, it is a way of life. Mr. Bruni seems to think we can be reeducated in the modern ways of the world, and everything will be fine. It won’t work that way, not today, not ever. Writing a column bashing Christians will not change anyone’s mind. And it does not matter what the government does; we will still be Christians, with a foundation of beliefs that will not change.

Mr. Bruni enlists the assistance of Mitchell Gold, founder of Faith in America who says, “Church leaders must take homosexuality off the sin list.” Bruni agrees, saying “His commandment is worthy and warranted.”

Who do these people think they are? The ten commandments came from God, not man. Do they think they are gods to command men?

Most Christians do not speak out about homosexuality. Why do gays feel they have the right to tell the church what to believe? And what makes them believe that Christians will change? Will the government give them the right to discriminate against Christians?

A quick question for Mr. Bruni: Why do you feel you have the right to attack Christians for not wanting to bake a cake, but remain silent about Muslims throwing suspected gays off of roofs in the Middle East?

Any attempt to force Christians to change their view or the interpretation of the Bible will fail. It is who we are, and what we will always be. Christians do not change with the wind, nor do we think the ways of Christianity are wrong or need to be modernized. We have no need to look anywhere but our souls and beliefs to enjoy our lives, or to make our lives complete. Do you?



John Velisek

John C. Velisek is a retired Navy Veteran, entrepreneur, write, and lives in Apple Valley California with his wife. Working since he was 14, he has recently retired to write full time, about a terrorism, racial issues, the economy and government on a personal level.